This world is home to the six clans of Daratan: Hayvn, Septur Kana, Arcanthul Saravya, Siram, Zalaes, and Lucenoc.
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 Character Sheet

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PostSubject: Character Sheet   Character Sheet EmptySun Feb 06, 2011 8:24 pm

Post here before RPing. Please and thank you.

Clan: Liwanag

Name: Aureila Amphrite

Age: 18

Occupation: Leader of Liwanag, Mistress of Light

Clan Backstory (Needed to Understand Aureila's Birth)/Aureila’s Backstory:For years the Pureblood Royals of Liwanag had been falling ill, for reasons unknown, and only a few still remained. Due to the close natures of Siram and Liwanag, the queen of Siram agreed to mate with the king of Liwanag, to produce a halfblood child that would be fit for ruling of the Liwanag clan. Now, instead of having one child, this arrangement produced two twins; one born with the aspects of water, and one born with the aspects of light. As such, they were separated; the Light child sent to rule Liwanag, and the water child sent to Siram to live.

The child of Light was named Aureila Amphitite. She grew up under the protection of her Father, the King of Liwanag. He raised her to be Queen from the very beginning. Aureila learned all of the levels of Light from her father from the basics of the Visible Light to Gamma Rays. As she grew, she didn’t like sitting around with the rest of the females, lounging out in the sun and gossiping. She wanted to be with the guys, practicing her skills and learning to become a better warrior. This, she did. On a daily basis, she practiced, spared with a few of her friends and quickly became known as a strong woman. Her father smiled proudly with ever one she beat for he knew she would soon be ready to rule Liwanag.

Aureila had finshed the Mastery level and the day was upon her; she would finally be officially initiated into Liwanag. On that day, the unthinkable happened. Prior to the initiation ceremony, her father passed on. To this day Aureila does not know exactly what transpired. Throughout the initiation ceremony, Aureila had a saddened heart, she could not help but to think about her father and his unfortunate fate. She constantly searches for the answer to her father’s death using all of the resources available to her.

Personality: Aureila Amphitite’s name means Heavenly Light. Without a doubt, her personality matches the name she was given. As the Leader of the Light Clan, Aureila maintains a rather friendly personality when in public and around her people. This nature embodies the traditional manner of all people of the Light Clan. Passionate and headstrong are two other words which would correspond well to her personality. Taking care of her people is what she is most passionate about. She looks after everyone as if they were her own kin.

As nice as she is, she also had a deeper, angrier side to her. Ever since events went awry at her initiation, Aureila has never been quite the same. When someone undergoes initiation, the ray of light must hit them in three consecutive spots: the feet, the head, and the heart. On Aureila’s initiation, however, she was hit in the feet first, the heart second, and the head last. This initially proved to be harmless. However, as the moon passed through its phases, Aureila seemed to get angrier. With the full moon, she was fine, happy as she ever had been. Once the new moon it she was not the same. Every month this cycle repeats. Now that she is older she has a better handle on her anger but it still gets the best of her every once in a while.

Appearance: Aureila’s skin is lightly tanned due to the amount of time she spends in the sunlight. The palm trees of the land do provide some shade; however, Aureila prefers the warmth of the sunlight as opposed to the cool temperature of the darkened corridors. She has pure white hair to symbolize the purity the light brings and her status as Master and Elite. She is 5’ 11”, falling taller than the average height range of women in Liwanag. She wears a light yellow, lightweight dress. Her option of clothing does not add any additional weight, allowing her to move easily and quickly throughout her land.

Abilities: Being the Mistress of Light, Aureila has dominion over all of the powers the people of Liwanag can have: Visible light, the five properties of light, UV, and Gamma Rays. Also, because of her initiation, Aureila is able to generate light from her own body and not necessarily obtain it from somewhere else. Aureila also has dominion over three of the clan’s dolphins, one from each species, and two eagles. She can communicate with them, give them messages to send to other places, and use them to aid her in the assistance of battle. She also has the ability to manifest weapons out of the light she creates from her body.

Light gives of itself freely, filling all available space. It does not seek anything in return; it asks not whether you are friend or foe. It gives of itself and is not thereby diminished.

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Anima Illuminata

Anima Illuminata

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PostSubject: Re: Character Sheet   Character Sheet EmptyFri Feb 11, 2011 10:33 pm

Clan: Liwanag

Name: Anima Illuminata

Age: 16

Occupation: Animal trainer who wants to someday be a Keeper of the Eggs. She works with a Heaviside.

Back-story: Born to a loner mother and an inexperienced father, Anima has known nothing but training the dolphins. It was what her mother did until the day that she passed, but she had lost her father far before that. Her father had left while Anima was still at the tender first years of her life; having been unable to support the young mother and child. Though Anima remembers little about it, she does not approach men the way that her mother had. Her mother had gotten pregnant with what she would later call the worst mistake of her life, and with what she would later leave to face the world alone.

At the age of nine, after having lived through her mother and father's absence, Anima began to visit the dolphin trainers and learned their trade. From then on, she had begun to work with the trainers and gain experience before she was even eligible to start working alongside the majestic animals of the sea.

Now at the age of 16 she works with a special Heaviside and a few other of his kind, but one stands out to her. He is a burly male, and had pale colors while the others hold more bold. This dolphin was harder to spot than the others of his type; that was why Anima liked him most of all. She didn't get to work with him all the time because she was not the only trainer, but one could find her staying out late to spend a little more time with her only friend, though she knows not of his name.

Since she is older now and feels that both of her parents are cowards, the soft spoken girl is ready to break out of her shell and expand her knowledge of light and maybe even the opposite. She wants to learn how to defend herself in tough spots, but she must find the perfect trainer to help her achieve this goal.

Appearance: With the white blond hair of her race and with large gray-blue eyes, Anima stands at a height of 5'10" which most would find intimidating. She wears a light gray dresses or may even slip into a thin black one if she feels a little like a rain cloud that day. Her dresses are usually around knee length, but it is hard to get a dress that is long enough to reach to her ankles because of her height. The only one that does, which is light blue in color, hangs in her home's storage area; the closet.

Personality: Anima is normally the only one around who can be so young and bright, mentally speaking of course, but she does have her moments when she falls down into a soft sadness. Her heart is kind and large, making it hard for her to cope with the things around her. She's also naive, which could get her in trouble with people, especially men. Though she is a teenager and does want to rebel against her elders, Anima is a good listener and tries her very best to be respectful to all. She is eager to learn, passionate, compassionate, and likes to have fun, but what she really wants in life; she hasn't found yet.

Abilities: Though some, if not all, people of her age would already have been through the levels, Anima had not learned more than how to let the light surge through her veins and make herself glow. Other than that, she has no idea. She hopes to reach the Master level and become something special within her home clan.
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Akishinome Hikari

Akishinome Hikari

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PostSubject: Akishinome Hikari   Character Sheet EmptySun Feb 13, 2011 9:02 pm

Name: Akishinome Hikari

Age : 17

Occupation : Teacher, Architect, Haos Elemental

Clan : Liwanag

Backstory: Akishinome…..child of Aurora, the first words the young genius was able to hear. Born to a Liwanagian Mother and a Father hailing from Incendia Calx, Aki’s future was hanging on a seesaw, Fire or Light? The doctors from both Incendia and Liwanag waited patiently for little Aki to show his power, the result…was how he got his name. The entire hospital, well the roof per say, was blown off its hinges when little Aki set off a Magnitude 4 explosion of not Fire, or Light, but Aurora, a supercharged blast of it straight upward with his first cry. Everyone present was baffled but his mother, Yue, held on to the little child and named him Akishinome, or Aurora.

Since the blast was mainly light based, he was sent to live in Liwanag. Aki never produced a blast of that magnitude even to this day but that never meant he didn’t stop trying when he found out he could. In his younger years, he spent some of it learning how to harness the power of Light, and he spent some of it learning how to create things with his hands, mainly structures. At the age of 10 he built his first hut by himself, and several weeks later, he managed to capture one of Liwanag’s eagles. From pure luck he was able to tame a male Golden Eagle named Haos for its ability to burn though light to med-heavy objects with pure light form its mouth.

When he was 13, his mother took him on a trip to the floating island of the Tenkuuian people. He learned from a plethora of knowledge. He used this knowledge to further boost his architectural skills and he had invented a crude solar panel with when placed near a massive source of light, would produce energy. Sadly the invention was unable to function because of its inability to harness energy from afar and rests in the inner sanctum of Aki’s home, a place only he has entered into.

When he was 14, he ventured on a very long pilgrimage, with his family, to the planet called…Earth. He had learned so much from this planet you would swear he was the next Einstein. Both his mother and father passed away peacefully on this planet at old age, requesting that Aki leave their bodies there. He did with a heavy heart and he had returned to Liwanag a changed man.

For the next three years he honed his skills down to a fine point. He could create virtually anything with wood and hammer, and he was currently searching for a very unique machine with an artifact his father left him. It was called the Haos Trigger and with it, his father said, “Lay the answer to your powers son”. And ever since he has been looking for the fabled machine, in legend it was supposed to enable the user to bring peace to the galaxy and boost his or her power to the ultimate limit for a time. And, that it was currently at rest somewhere in Liwanag, and he was going to find it.

Personality: Aki wasn’t much of a talker when it came to conversations, more of a worker and artist. But when he did speak, listen well, he was a natural teacher and knew the ways of each element and how it worked. An avid trainer at heart, his fiery heart was a perfect match for his cool mind and spirit. Other than happy or content, he rarely showed any other emotion. From habit, he was very composed and calm. His mind did most of the talking, and his actions supported it.

Appearance: Aki’s appearance was very unique when paired up with other Liwanagians. His height soared up to 6’6” and his body make up was very slender but had tone to it. His skin was milk white; unusual for a Liwanagian, whose skin was usually quite tanned. His eyes were crystal blue and his hair was a pearly white. He usually wore a white robe paired with some white sandals, he occasionally wore white shirts and pants when he was working but other than that, he liked the feeling that his robes gave him. (He does wear undergarments with it). Aki usually carried a pure diamond staff, blue in color that he found in a cave. The location he doesn’t remember, but he kept the staff in hopes of finding it again.

Abilities: Aki’s power was very unique in nature. He had mastered visible light and the Five properties of it. He could also make a bow and arrow out of light as well as a sword. He gave up trying to learn UV and Gamma, as they would always turn into Purple or Red respectively. He had turned to one of the makeup of light, for some time he pondered what actually made light, and one day on Earth, he had found his answer. He had figured out light was ½ Photon (light particle) and ½ Electricity. Now he was able to very broadly separate the two parts by manipulating the Photons away from the Electrons and create a spear of some sort at a target, he named this move Haos Spear. He used this move to cover the fact that he did not know UV or Gamma manipulation. He is now moving closer and closer to his goal of figuring out how he was able to make the Aurora Blast or Star Scream he made 17 years ago.

On the practical side Aki was quite gifted in the skill of Architecture, building some homes and a statue on Liwanag. He was also able to create some inventions using the skills he learned from Tenkuu. All of his inventions could be found in his fabled “Inner Sanctum” which remained on extreme lockdown, his access only.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Sheet   Character Sheet EmptyTue Feb 15, 2011 10:22 pm

Name: Elena

Age: 15

Occupation: Royal Servant

Backstory: Elena has lived as a servant to the Liwanagian royal family as long as she can remember. Born to a servant woman, and a Guardian from Siram, she's lived a quite simple fifteen years. She's never seen most parts of Liwanag, let alone anything outside of it. She works alongside her mother, and is visited by her father on occasion. She earned a decent living working a servant. Her living quarters, meals, water, and basic utilities were all covered by the Royal Family, however, the little cash that she made went into savings. She never had a formal teacher to bestow upon her the art of her people; that is, the art of manipulating light. However, she learned by watching and imitating those to whom she had dedicated her services to. And in doing so, she managed to stay on par with others her age in terms of ability. Not only that, but she far exceeded them in general knowledge. Her dreams, however, reached far beyond that of a servant with extensive knowledge of Light. She wanted to see the world, and attain knowledge of all the elements. She wanted to tell students of her travels, and adventures in Incendia, and Hayvn. She wanted many things, but for the time being, her security was secured where she was.

Appearance: Elena is identified by a number of physical qualities. Blonde-Orange hair that reached the midpoint of her back. Brightly glowing eyes that seemed to change colors, adjusting to her mood and surroundings. The tanned skin that accompanies those of the area in which she lived. A slim waist, well toned legs, and highly developed upper body. She is never seen without a green charm around her neck, a gift given to her by her father.

Abilities: Elena would be classified as an Intermediate Light user. Though she's had no formal elemental training, she's gained both knowledge and skill though watching and imitating the Royal Family, whom she has daily contact with. Through this she's learned the most basic forms of light manipulation. Color and Intensity are easy for Elena at her current stage, however, she is still unable to create more than a flicker of light on her own.

Personality: Silence is Golden. One who knows Elena knows her to find truth in this statement. Elena rarely speaks outside of when it's necessary. She prefers to watch, and observe, taking in as much information as she can silently. She's very intelligent and soft spoken. Due to this fact, one would have no idea that she has such huge dreams and aspirations. Her silence is often confused for acceptance, or complacency, and for that reason, she, more often than not, feels herself to be alone in the world.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Sheet   Character Sheet EmptyTue Jan 17, 2012 2:58 pm

Name: Appolo

Ago: 18

Occupation: Dolphin Trainer

Backstory: A virtual unknown within the clan, Apollo came from a middle-class family with no real clout. They made their living through various jobs, architects, groomswomen, etc. Apollo had a strong connection with the ocean from a young age, so it was only natural that he become a Dolphin trainer. He felt a natural magnetic drawing towards creatures of the sea, not only dolphins, but fish, whales, even sharks, and found that they could easily be trained using specific light techniques. Though he lives this middle class life, with little drama or excitement, he's always wished for more out of life. Adventure, recognition, perhaps even fame and glory. Whatever it was, Apollo knew much more awaited him in life.
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