This world is home to the six clans of Daratan: Hayvn, Septur Kana, Arcanthul Saravya, Siram, Zalaes, and Lucenoc.
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 Character Sheet (Post here before anywhere else)

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Character Sheet (Post here before anywhere else) Empty
PostSubject: Character Sheet (Post here before anywhere else)   Character Sheet (Post here before anywhere else) EmptyFri Dec 10, 2010 7:32 pm

This is where you are to post your character, before you RP in these lands.

You will need:

Characters name
Physical appearance

There will be a list of jobs that are available, a few of these you will need my okay to keep. You may ask me before hand, or I can decide after you have posted. Either way is acceptable.

May the flames burn away at everything false in life, leaving only the truth in its wake.
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PostSubject: Re: Character Sheet (Post here before anywhere else)   Character Sheet (Post here before anywhere else) EmptyFri Dec 10, 2010 8:40 pm

Characters name: Rajak Canicus

Occupation: Clan Leader of Incendia Calx

Physical appearance: Rajak is a shorter man, the top of his head just passing the 5'5 mark. More often then not, his torso is bare, showing off the lean muscles of his arms, chest, and stomach. The only time he has clothing covering his chest, are when he ventures out side of his clans' volcanic home. On his legs he wears thick shorts, made from the scales of one of the dragon that have passed away over time, aside from this he wears no other clothing, unless venturing out of the homeland of his clan. His eyes burn a bright red, resembling the flames that he so easily bends to his will. Short spiked black hair adorns the top of his head, the tips of the spikes dyed red.

Background: Rajak had been born the original heir to the throne of Incendia Calx, however still at a very young age, his parents decided they wanted him to have a life of simplicity, a normal life. They agreed to trade sons with a family, the father of which had long ago been a general in the Clan leaders army, until a fight against a wild dragon caused him to loose his left arm. Thus Rajak took Lux's place within the family. For the first few years of his childhood, were that of a normal child. He played with the other kids, developing many friendships due to his natural charisma. However, when he reached the age of eight, his father began teaching Rajak the ways of a Fire clan warrior, how to wield and bend the fire to his best advantage, hardly using his powers over air aside from keeping his body at a decent temperature in the extreme heat of the Volcano. Over the next five years, he hardly left his house, aside from going into the yard to train. His skill with both the spear, and staff quickly became apparent, as with both weapons he could spin around his body and strike with deadly precision. Despite his talent with these two weapons, he was still trained with the sword, and slightly with the bow, although he did not do well with the last weapon, his shots always missing the target.

Following his 13th birthday, Rajak was inducted into the training academy, where he spent his next five years. During the his time at the Academy, he continued to practice with the staff, spear, and the sword. Despite his short statue, he became a excellent soldier, his weapons smashing against his opponents legs or midsections, his spear jabbing first into their lower legs, then shoulder, and just slashing anywhere he can reach with his sword. Throughout all of this training, he managed to keep his easy going attitude, never being a sore winner, and making many friends amongst his class, and even his teachers.

Upon reaching the age of 18 Rajak was entered into the army, whose main purpose is to defend the city, from the beasts that make their homes in the same Volcano as the clan. Within two years, partially due to his charisma, Rajak found himself a General. This did not last long however, as shortly after he reached this status, Rajak learned the truth of his birth, due to the death of the previous ruler Lux, the original child of the people that had raised Rajak. Within a day of this news reaching the Clan's elders, Rajak was brought in as the new leader, a move that was well liked by the people, as they all knew him well, and knew of his kindness.

Abilities: He is very skilled with both the Staff, and the Spear, and is decent with a sword. His power over fire is incredible, and he is able to maintain it for a decent amount of time, due to his training both during the Academy, and before.

Weaknesses: He has no skill what so ever when it comes to using a bow, hitting his target once out of thirty shots on average. While his skill with fire is phenomenal, he does not have much training in using wind, only using it for mundane tasks.

May the flames burn away at everything false in life, leaving only the truth in its wake.
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Shurik Sidorov

Shurik Sidorov

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PostSubject: The Forgotten Dragoon.   Character Sheet (Post here before anywhere else) EmptyMon Dec 13, 2010 8:06 am

Name: Shurik Infernia Sidorov

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Clan: Incendia Calx

Occupation: Dragoon Guard, Dragon Tamer

Appearance: Shurik Sidorov was a sight to behold. A man blessed with looks. His short blond hair is normally spiked up and his facial features seem flawless. His smile is both dazzling and frightening, as his four fangs seem slightly larger than most of his clan. His eyes where an off shade of violet and when the light caught them just right they seemed to turn a deep blue or a bright purple. His head stood at a decent 5' 10". He was skinny, like most, but built from battle and training until he collapsed. The man had prided himself on how well he looked and sometimes wandered the clan grounds flaunting what he called himself. This was the appearance of Shurik. Now his looks where scarred. Though many of his features remained similar to his past, the man could never look upon himself the same. Foolish pride was his downfall. The main change to his appearance was not that he lost muscle mass or hair or anything, but he was horribly scarred all over his torso, arms, and had three close scars that began an inch above his left brow and ended an inch below his left eye.

Everyday: Shurik Dresses casually when not training or preparing, which is rare. His blond hair is normally kept up in short spikes and his clothing consist of a medieval Tunic, loose fitting with gold and onyx clasps for the Cuffs, and a tight fitting Dragon Scale Vest over top of it. There are also two dragon scale bracers on his arms, covering the fore most of that limb. A pair of loose black cloth pants adorns his legs and drape over his leather boots. A matching set of dragon scale guards is tied around his shins. When he is casually dressed he only carries with him one weapon, a quiver and a bow. He always keeps himself covered and doesn’t like to take anything off in public.

Battle: In battle and in training he wears his custom armor, made for him in the forges where he had grown up. The armor was dinged, scratched, dented, and old but he wouldn’t trade it for the world. The armor itself was black with red and deep purple trimmings. His helm held the same colors and two horns protruded from the top. On some days he even wore this suit as his casual wear, just one more layer to cover up.

Weapons: One Recurve bow with adjustable tension – Proficient Skill, Two Spears – Nothing special, just two spears with basic heads. One is used for throwing and the other is used for Melee. – Expert Skill, and one short sword – Average Skill.

Personality: Shurik is friendly, to a point. He is a flirt, despite of what his thoughts are of himself. He’s also a hopeless romantic when the mood strikes him. He loves to laugh and spend time in the taverns with people and his soldier buddies, but he can only take so much. He has times when he likes to leave and be alone for a day or so, so he lock himself in his quarters and will not come out unless the calls of battle sound, the promise of a challenging training session comes along, His superiors request him, or a woman comes looking for him. It is rare to see him out and about some months and then there are some months when he is never closed in.

Strengths: Nimble, cunning, and a great warrior all around. He is quick minded and sees patterns in his opponent’s attacks, making it very easy for him to counter their next moves with ease. He’s quick on his feet and easily moves in his armor despite the weight. Bred and trained to be a great soldier and a good man.

Weaknesses: White Knight Complex: Known to fight for women who are being treated wrongly. Once was thrown out of the local bar for nearly beating a man to death for grabbing a waitress who didn’t like it. Would choose to save people than himself or catch the culprit.
Easily Provoked: Though calm most of the time, he can be provoked into a fight, whither he knows he can win or not. He’s trying to remedy this flaw.

Abilities: The normal fire creation and wind. His Fire is only slightly stronger than his wind allowing him to better control the path and shape of his flames. He’s known to augment his weapons with his own fire for medium periods of time and attack with it.
Jump: Powerful legs allow him to jump higher and father than normal. This is used for gaining altitude to come down upon his opponents from above and attack with his spear.
Fire Arrows: One technique he has been working on for years. It is nowhere near complete. He has come up with the theory that, with training, he could create arrows with his own flames and fire them from his bow. His theory is written and ready for submittal. It states it would take two to do this Tech, but he believes he can do it himself.

Back story: Shurik Sidorov was born into the warrior class. He was a fourth generation Dragoon whose blood could be traced back to the time of the old clan. His father and grandfather served proudly, and he would follow in their footsteps to make them proud. His training started when he was just a small lad. The basic jump was taught to him first and as he gained years in age, his training grew more challenging. Days spent dodging the spears of his father and grandfather where not uncommon for his eight-year-old self. The years continued to progress, training consisted of blocking and dodging both thrown and wielded spears, carrying weights up the steepest inclines, nimbly crossing burning flames. He was pushed harder and farther than anyone else, and in the end his mind was set on his accomplishments. When he hit the age of passage, sixteen, women swooned over him, boys admired him, and he couldn’t have been more proud.

The right of passage for a young dragoon was dangerous. It was the last training the father could do with his son before they must part ways and the son continue his life long lesson. Out into the wilds they went, into the mountains and towards a small cavern known as the Drakish Lair. A cousin of the dragon, Drakes where small corrupt creatures who took pride in killing anything they could reach. Dragons where large and magnificent creatures that the dragoons respected full heartedly, these abominations were small and hearty, still powerful and as deadly as any large creature, but weaker than a true dragon of the same size. This was the final challenge. If completed he would be a true man, a true dragoon. He had to take the life of a drake. With his spear in hand, he accepted the challenge and entered the cave. After only ten minutes of slinking through the dank darkness, he came upon his target and that’s when everything went terribly wrong. He barely has any memory of what happened that day. All he can remember is the feeling of claws digging into his flesh, his own screaming in anguish, and the calls of the drakes.

When he awoke, he was not in the ground. He wasn’t anywhere familiar. His body screamed once more with pain and anguish and slowly it all came back to him. The drakes had been scared away by something and before he blacked out, he remembered a hand at his arm, dragging him from the cavern. His head hurt, his left eye was covered with something, and he could barely move a muscle or muster up the strength to speak. His movements had alerted the nurse who came over with some sort of herb and a soothing voice. “Be still… Your okay now.” He spoke two words and that was it. “What Happened…” he knew the answer to that, but he didn’t know all of it. The nurse obliged him and told him the story. Some sort of wild animal had attacked him and a hunting party had found him huddling in a small alcove in the rocks. ‘I should be dead’ was his only thought before he slipped into unconsciousness.

He grew better, and stronger, from his encounter but it truly was never the same. His father and family now shunned him for his failure. He was placed in an orphanage for two years before he had enough and enlisted into the Clan guard. He may have not had the armor of the dragoon, but in his eyes he was born of the same ilk. He has fought for the clan and lived through battles. His undying allegiance was to his leader. With proper time he put in for a promotion. He wanted to become a Rider, a Tamer of dragons and be part of the Clan Guard. He would never give in until his goal was reached, though his past still haunted him.

Answer our call in desperate hours, Shelter our fall from earthly powers. Temper our souls with flame and furnace, Bear us toward a noble purpose. Heaven hides nothing in its measure, Mortal men blinded by false treasure. Formless and vanquished we shall travel, Shield and sword will guide our battle!
Character Sheet (Post here before anywhere else) New_signature_by_kaoskreations-d38yn51

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Icimdeki Ates

Icimdeki Ates

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Character Sheet (Post here before anywhere else) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Sheet (Post here before anywhere else)   Character Sheet (Post here before anywhere else) EmptyFri Dec 24, 2010 1:20 am

Characters name: Icimdeki Ates

Occupation: Diplomat

Physical appearance: Long red hair that flows down past the waist, large blue eyes. Her teeth are straight across except for the four fangs that are known to her heritage. She wears little for she only finds it necessary to cover vital parts of her, but she does not agree that a woman should hide what she has. Her skin is pale, pale enough to see the veins that pump blood to and from her heart, and she does not get out much and even when she does, she does not like to be seen by others.

Background: As a babe she was abandoned by her mother and father for they knew that she could take care of herself. She was born to a caring mother and a war crazy father whom loved the thrill of the fight, so she had always had a good head on her shoulders when it came to taking care of herself. She lost her father to a battle at the tender age of nine and her mother had fallen into the depths of something uncomprehendable at the moment for the young girl, and then one day, her mother did not come home.

Icimdeki had learned to take care of herself since that day, but she still had a small sliver of hope that her mother would return to her one day. Since she had had to learn all of the things for herself, Icimdeki spent most of her time in solitude and had little to no outside contact with others, so she tends to blend in with the crowd instead of stand out, even when surrounded by the opposite sex.

Abilities: Because of her rebellion against being her father, Icimdeki has not dipped down into the depths of her abilities, so she is not aware that she can do many fasinating things. The only thing that she knows is that she is never too warm and never too cold.

Weaknesses: Icimdeki has a hard time controlling her emotions, especially her rage, which can cause her to say the wrong things at the wrong times. She has the fuse that most red heads do, but over the years has forced herself to be more patient with others and actually listen to what they have to say, but she could still sit there fuming; no one else would know by looking at her. She is also anti-social until she gets to know someone better than her own self.
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Caelia Inferna

Caelia Inferna

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Character Sheet (Post here before anywhere else) Empty
PostSubject: Caelia's CS - updated   Character Sheet (Post here before anywhere else) EmptySat Jan 15, 2011 3:20 pm

Basic Info
Name: Caelia Inferna (Sky Fire)
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Pet: Wolf
Position wanted: Healer or Animal trainer (or whatever is deemed fit)

Caelia's hair is jet black with fire-red streaks through it, and it is cut at her shoulder blades and feathers out behind her. The black color comes from her mother's side, while the red comes from her father's side. Her outfit usually consists of dark, baggy pants and a light tshirt and she wears no shoes as her feet are accustomed to the heat. Rarely is she ever seen with more than her face, feet and arms exposed, due to her extreme modesty and fear of men. She also wears a pendant necklace formed from iron in the shape of the sacred Dragon. Her skin is a very porcelain color, odd for the climate she lives in (an attribute from her father's people), and her eyes are a very sky blue that sometimes have yellow streaks in them.

Caelia comes from a race unknown to her. All Caelia remembers is her mother's face, and she never knew her father at all. She was abandoned when she was 7 and was taken by an elderly woman who found her. The woman raised Caelia until she turned 14. It was then that the woman realized that Caelia possessed some unnatural powers. Unable to deal with this, the woman kicked Caelia out into the desert where she would wander for some years before being found by any other human.
When she was wandering, she found a black, lone wolf pup (Caelia calls him Kiba) and took him in and raised him, and as he grew he became an excellent hunter. Caelia's first encounter with other humans proved to be a bad one.
While out hunting, Caelia happened upon a group of travellers, all men, who had stopped for a rest from the heat. When the travellers spotted her, they seized her and took her into their camp. Caelia was terrified, and their tongue was unknown to her which made her even more afraid. Later that evening, one of the men came into the tent where she was being kept, talking in a low voice. He tried to hurt her, but before he could, Kiba attacked and scared the men off.
Now totally afraid of men, Caelia knew she had to have some means of protecting herself. Soon she became efficient with the bow-and-arrow and could hunt and defend for herself. As she trained, she began to realize her abilities, like how she could stir up little winds during the day to keep her cool, or how she could control how high her fire burned at night. Soon she began to wonder where she really came from and started searching the nearby lands for any sign of her origins.
Eventually she came upon a nomadic woman who had known her mother. The woman told Caelia that her mother had been from the nomadic clan of Septur Kana and had fallen in love with an ironsmith from Incendia Calx. The woman told Caelia that her name meant "sky fire" as her eyes were the color of the desert sky and her father was from the land of fire, and her abilities to control fire were not uncommon in her father's land. The woman also said that it was quite the coincident that Caelia was travelling with a black wolf, as that is the symbol for her mother's clan.
Hearing all of this, Caelia began to wonder more about where she came from. The woman seemed to have a lot to say about her mother's clan, but Caelia wanted to know more about this Incendia. After all her name meant the same thing, so she set off with Kiba to find her father's clan lands. Along the way she trained even more with her fire skills and with her bow, knowing she would need these skills to be accepted in this clan.

Caelia is very fast, and she is very good with a bow-and-arrow (she has a hunting knife as well that she keeps concealed). Caelia can also adjust to extreme temperatures very quickly as she can summon up a breeze to keep herself cool or a fire to warm her. She is very artistic and has a way with animals, especially wolves, as her mother was a nomad from Septur Kana, but most of her abilities come from her father's side. Caelia's eyes often change color, and when she's really upset/angry, yellow streaks shoot through them like lightning. She also has some experience with healing and does not hesitate to help another person, even if she is mistrustful.

Caelia is very afraid of men. She has learned that not all men are bad, like her captors were, but she still has a hard time interacting with them. She is also extremely quiet and sometimes that leads to people not being able to understand her well. Sometimes Caelia has trouble interacting with others, and this often makes others think she is stuck up, when really she is a very friendly and caring person.

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Character Sheet (Post here before anywhere else) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Sheet (Post here before anywhere else)   Character Sheet (Post here before anywhere else) EmptyMon Jan 31, 2011 5:05 pm

Ignis Dominio

Occupation Wanted: Any available. Preferably one related to his back-story and nomadic nature.

Physical appearance:
Ignis stands a lanky six feet, two inches tall; wider at the shoulders and chest, while thinner at the waist and hips. He maintains a muscular and toned build; though taller than some, and his skin is even paler than most of his kind. He is covered in long, burnt scars; reminiscent of blade wounds, but of a far more natural cause. His eyes are of two different colors; the right one a dark blue, and the left a pale green, while his left index finger is completely missing. He wears a patchwork cloak of black dragon scales while out of his volcanic abode, and his armor underneath is of an intricate assortment of varied scales and hides. He conceals both forearms in bracers of flint and scale; a small strip of patched cloth wrapping between his middle and ring finger, over his palm, and across to the gauntlets top.

Ignis; born to Caeris Dominio, and Aphris Dominio, raised as their son and only family within the confines of a vast volcanic network of tunnels, was but a young boy when his father died. When he too was suspected of death.

While his father was away; in an attempt to rally his own control over the flame within, and tame a large black dragon near their home, Ignis followed suit, and was never heard from again. His father was never found; his body burnt to a crisp by the very fires he loved, as he slipped between the cracks in the large dragons lair, and fell to the molten earth below. Ignis however, survived the trek to the dragons keep; his own curiosity the very reason for his survival, and as he witnessed his fathers demise, he was suddenly found by the dragon his parent sought. A large black dragon with massive wings, and a single ruby colored gem upon its forehead. The massive creature saw Ignis as what he was; a child, and instead of leaving him to die, or barring his way out, the flame-bound beast slowly made way back to its hidden lair, and patiently waited for Ignis to follow.

As the years passed; Ignis learning as any young man would about the dangers of his power, and the world he lived in, the dragon of sable taught him without so much as a word. He learned of the flames forceful nature; its unforgiving power, and its unrelenting consumption of what it could feed upon. He learned as the dragon flew; as it breathed its molten essence into the air, and with each passing day he came to understand it. He never tired of the dragons presence; never tried to tame his 'master', and in every waking hour of his life, he was tested.

He was challenged by the dragon daily; fought for life against claw and tooth, and as he learned to press his physical limits forward, he too learned of what he could do with the flames nearby. At first; though beginning at a much later time than most of his kind, Ignis was able to pull a flame from nearby and increase its size but a fraction of an inch. He could barely sustain the flames life; trying with all his might to secure its perfect fuel source, and yet he would fail. Many many times. Before long though; watching and witnessing the grace of the dragon, He began to understand truly what it was to wield the flame, and manipulate it. He learned of its beauty in the night; of its dominance in the bowels of the planet, and as he grew physically, so too did his ability to hold the fire within him.

He was scarred by the dragons talons; tears across his back and face leaving him disfigured, but he did not care. He knew that with each wound; each brush with death in the womb of fire, he grew closer to understanding. To knowing what it was to truly be strong. What it was to be alive, and feel the very pulse of his home within him. He fought through the struggles; breaking off scales from the dragons foreleg; freeing a talon from its clawed hand, and eventually giving the dragon no reason to challenge him, as the days passed over and over him. He could wield the fire fluidly; draw it from the grip of the earth nearby, and fuel it with the spinning winds ever-present there. He could pull a flame inward; focus its burn and increase its heat, while allowing it to feed more viciously on what ever fuel there was. He truly learned how to be as the flame; move with its grace and ferocity, as the dragon kept him on guard, and when the day came that he was awakened without the sound of growls and approaching fire, he knew he had been accepted. He had been tought. He had been made into a man.

Years passed into decades; the boy no longer fearing the dragons attacks, and upon his twenty seventh birthday: Deep in the bowels of the dragons volcanic home, Ignis was given a simple gift. A gift long since forgotten and never thought to exist. His fathers helm of dragon scale, and his armor of black. The small representation of what had been; the knowledge of what growth had occurred, pushed Ignis from the depths of his secret home, and once more into the open airs beyond. He wore the armor with pride; the helm with dignity, and crafted his own cloak to match the heritage he had thought forgotten, as he stepped from the dragons den. He had learned many things over the years; collecting knowledge of the internal pressure of the earth; the searing heat of the magma, and the very air that the flames did feed upon. He had been shown over time just what was needed to master and control the flaring essence of fire, and even before he set foot out into the world beyond, he knew he was ready.

He had been given what no others had before him; a true knowledge of the flame, from the perspective of one who lived within it, and walked upon it effortlessly. His skin had hardened to its heat; welcoming its caress, and his muscles had been filled with the very tension of the blaze beneath the ground. His eyes always gave his inner fire away; seeming to dance and sway as he looked upon the lands, and below his garments, the heart of a dragon pounded out every second he was alive.

Ignis is a master of the unconventional flames. He knows how to pull a flame forth from a source of heat; neither on fire nor smoking, by creating such pressure under and around the possible fire, that it creates a single ember of red hot material. From there he expands the heat outward; pulling it to him, and igniting the fuel in the air. He can throw fireballs; though inaccurately, and without much power behind them. He has a high tolerance to pain and flame; having lived in the very belly of the earth for so long, and having been scarred so many times. His control over the air is much more dominant than most others of his kind; due to the knowledge and understanding of how the tunnels of magma work, and how his dragon 'master' could create such gouts of flame. Though not impressive in appearance, Ignis can create some of the most threatening flames; bordering on the creation of blue and green fire when the fuel is available enough, and he can harness the flames to such an extent as to decrease their spread, but increase their fuel consumption. Actually burning out other fires nearby, by drawing away the air they need to sustain their spread.

Never having mastered hand to hand combat; never having fought another of his kind, Ignis holds little understanding of how to defend against blade, bow, staff or spear. He fights with but a simple stick; wrapped in hide and soaked in a dragons pre-flame liquid. He can barely see in the best of times outside; night being the only time he can truly venture forth without being blinded by the light of day, and his connection to fire has quite literally made him unaware of the water element. He wears much thinner armor than many of his kind: While outside of his home, and due to his lack of trade and commune with others, he has never seen, nor heard of, anything outside of Incendia.
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Icarus Ducree

Icarus Ducree

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Character Sheet (Post here before anywhere else) Empty
PostSubject: Re: Character Sheet (Post here before anywhere else)   Character Sheet (Post here before anywhere else) EmptyMon Jan 31, 2011 7:50 pm

Icarus Ducree

Incendia Calx

Occupation: Don’t have one, but can learn. He is best suited for a warrior or diplomat of war.

Icarus is about 5’11, and weights about 354 pounds. This does not show in his form though, as he is of a medium build. He had almost no fat on his body, and his bones are more dense than most. He usually wears a red and black trench coat. he had white hair, and pale skin. He is mentally unstable in times of fighting, and likes torture people before he kills them if time allows it. If not he just kills them in a painful way. Otherwise he is quite normal, but will generally lean towards violence before he decides to settle things diplomatically. Originally Icarus came from a small village within the nation in which he sat on a council of 8. There was not much to direct in this village, so he spent most of his time training in combat. He was a very aggressive person, and solved most problems through strength and willpower. As a result he has become strong for his size. Some people believe his solitude is what led to his slight insanity. The village was humble, and had few people of power. They had no real export, and the vast majority traveled to find work. They eventually disbanded, and he went on his way to one of the larger city.

Abilities: Icarus is very good with melee fighting, and his use of both fire and wind with his melee style proves for a great combination. He is very agile and combat savy. He can use his ability of fire to form into spheres, and throw at the enemy. When they hit they do not explode, but rather just spread the condensed fire over their target. He can attach these to his sword and spear and sling them at people. Other than that he uses his fire over his body and maybe to flare in front of him and around him to burn his enemy. He can also make the fire engulf his weapons, and himself. It has the abilty to jump off of his body or weapons to attack, but only a short distance.

His wind ability is not quite as leathal, but still potent. He is able to make the wind come off of his weapons about a foot away. This way even if he misses his target by a little, the wind blade will still cut and slice. This often confuses his opponents because they do not know how they are getting hurt. Icarus can use the wind to extend the total reach of his fire when it flares out towards an enemy, and can redirect it at the last second for a short distance if his enemy makes a sudden move to dodge.

I really don’t know what positions there are so just stick me where you need me. I have enough experience to handle any situation. Icarus is best suited as a fighter, or a diplomat of war.

Weakness: He is terrible with a bow, and not always the best social person depending on the situation.
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Hotaru Shizuka na

Hotaru Shizuka na

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PostSubject: Re: Character Sheet (Post here before anywhere else)   Character Sheet (Post here before anywhere else) EmptyThu Feb 17, 2011 5:17 pm

Character Name : Hotaru Shizuka na

Age :29

Occupation : Body Guard of Shurik Inferna

Backstory :
Born into a family where the mother was nothing more than a simple housewife, and the father a mere guard of the army he was brought up to be strict and follow orders, yet as he ages more, his father explained that he too were to be a guard, that his life was to be given for the army, his mother approved of this, and would do anything see her son become like his father.
At the age of eight he was forced to start his training with his father, he was taught first on how to follow basic orders, to learn discipline and self control, and until he had learnt these three things his father would not call him his son, or by his name. This alone made him hate and respect his father, and because of these two things, he forced himself to learn fast, and by the age of 10 he was training on the field with rookie guards twice his age, he wouldn't lose to anyone he knew, and he aimed to be higher than his father,

At the age of 14 he was competent with a blade and shield, along with a javelin, yet still he saw his father die on the field where he could do nothing, a moment of great pleasure and sadness for him, the man who had trained him like a dog, torn apart in combat, yet at the same time, a man who had loved him and held him as a child, and as he stood there a week after, his mother in tears beside him, he vowed by his father's grave that he would not die the same death, that he would not just run into battle because a simple order to die was placed after his name.
By the age of 16 he left his mother and his home to see some of the world, and for 6 months he traveled slowly, learning new things from people he met on his way, simple ways of medication, a new way to look upon life, and a way to fall in love, but nothing was supposed to last for ever and he left everything and headed home, he held the woman he loved softly, bid her farewell, and walked away to take his place in the guards.

Simple duty's were given to him when he returned, yet his first order shocked and confused him, he wasn't to patrol or go out to war, but to go home and rest, to spend time with his mother, an order most other guards snickered at, but he held the order close to his heart, he wasn't angry or upset, but thankful that even to a guard, people could understand the feelings of a person and the importance of family, and for one week, he stayed in the house looking after things, cooking, cleaning… repairing tiles on the roof, yet he couldn't continue this for ever, he wanted out and back onto the field.

As he returned he was given small duty's, simple and pathetic ones yet with every order he had, he dealt with it his own way. To collect weapons from a small city out side of the wall's of Incendia, instead of simply walking with the caravan, he ran ahead, collected the item's in a box, and began making his way back, When sent into the city of Siram as an escort, he didn't only take the person, but he carried them, provided for them, and saw that they were happy before he left. He didn't do anything half arced, and he insisted on doing any job that needed to be done, no questions asked and no job too trivial, he wanted to be the best and work his way up.

one month and 14 days ago, a note was delivered to his home, a new job for him to do, yet this was not one he would finish in a day or two, he would do this job till he died, his work had been noticed, his passion and skill enjoyed and the name of his family respected, he was to guard the new hero of Incendia, to give his life to fulfil any wish of the man known as Shurik Inferna, and because of this he left his home to receive a new room, a new place of living, his mother moved into a more protected area, and his dream's partially achieved, yet as he now stands with his job in his grasp, his fellow guards looking up to him, and his mother proud, he still looks back to his father's grave, looks into the sky, and dreams to become a better man than he was.

Weapons/Gear :
Small canister's held to his waist using a holster like belt, 2 containing gas while the other two flammable liquids, on his back a small sword, bandages around the hilt and a small grove running down the centre of the blade.

Appearance :
His body toned and his eye's dull, his white hair wrapping closer to the frame of his head while a red torn cloak drapes around his body, his hands in tanned leather gloves, metal plates covering the back of his hand and wrist while his forearms are bandages.

Personality :
He cares for nothing more than to serve his clan, and to fight all who would try to harm it. He seeks perfection and greatness, and with his chance to protect his clan's hero… his idol, he insists on making sure everything goes perfectly.

Abilities : "Why would i reveal these to you… I am a solider and a guard, i am not a party trick machine, go find another way to entertain yourself!"[i]
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Character Sheet (Post here before anywhere else)
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