This world is home to the six clans of Daratan: Hayvn, Septur Kana, Arcanthul Saravya, Siram, Zalaes, and Lucenoc.
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 Siram Character Sheet

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PostSubject: Siram Character Sheet   Thu Dec 09, 2010 7:05 pm

Here you will post the following as a character sheet, if you intend for your character to be a member of Siram Clan.

Name: Your character name will go here.

Occupation: What your character does for a living (or what you want them to do. you may not get the job.)

Back story: Try to make sense here. Not every person can come from a royal or be a bastard child of the ruler of the clan. Most of you will be normal every day people. Regular jo's. Those of you that get something else will be the few. What you write here will decide your job and rank. Remember though. born low doesn't mean you cant make it high.

Each clan uses different weapons. Or no weapons. If you are confused as to what you will be using as gear PM your clan leader. You can find them in the Clan leader group, or through the members list.

Looks: Every character will look different despite the fact members of a clan will have things alike. To make the restrictions set part of your character and make the character even more yours will also improve your chances at being a higher rank. Each clan uses different weapons. Or no weapons. If you are confused as to what you will be using as gear PM your clan leader. You can find them in the Clan leader group, or through the members list.

Abilities: You know your abilities based on your clan. But you will not be a all powerful god of that ability off the bat. You have to work for it. Person A may be able to use their ability more powerfully but Person B may be able to use it longer or have more control over it. Keep these things in mind.

As an addition, you can add on a summary of your character's personality. Not needed, though.
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PostSubject: Re: Siram Character Sheet   Thu Dec 09, 2010 8:34 pm

Character Name: Sachiel
Age: 21
Occupation:Guardians Commander.
Backstory (Partial): Naturally talented with skills of water, He taught himself basic techniques at an early age. Too poor to afford a professional teacher, he made it his ambition to become an instructor for young ones who came up as he did. A traumatic event that took place in his early teenage years lead him to view peace and violence different than others in Siram. As a result, he spent his teenage years training and studying to make something better of his life. Recognized for his skills by clan officials as a young adult, he was hired by the royal family as an instructor for upcoming Guardians. Under limited supervision, he was entrusted with their training, and is often considered when situations come up, however, his first priority is his students. The position allowed him some priveledge to battle training, as he felt was necessary, however, limitations forced him to do much of his training under the radar of the Siram council, who would surely disapprove. It wasn't that Sachiel was a war-loving man. It was simply that he cared for his people, and felt that unwaving pacifism was foolish, and would lead only to destruction. Of course, carrying the position he held, often made him the subject of ridicule among his peace-loving clan members, but for the sake of their protection, he accepted his ridicule, and sometimes even presented himself to the public, as to let the public know that he was not hiding. Though he knows his clansmen wouldn’t like it, Sachiel has a sword hidden deep within his house, though it has only seen blood once. He's never told anyone of the sword, or it's origins, but it holds a strong place in his heart, and stands as the strongest symbol of his beliefs concerning war and peace.

Since joining the Royal Family in the palace, Sachiel has grown quite attached to them. Though he sees it as his personal responsibility to serve and protect Micah under all circumstances, He has grown to respect and appreciate her as a friend. He has also grown attached to the fun loving A'Nailiah. He's even developed a silent crush on her. He quietly wishes to develop closer relationships with them, though his personal feelings are often hidden behind his professional shield, which A'Nailiah has affectionately labeled as his "Stone Face." Due to this facade, people on the outside often see Sachiel as unapproachable, even void of feelings and a personality. There are few that understand Sachiel or his nature, but there are even less that he cares to give the opportunity. But those who give him that opportunity, would find tht he has a quite artistic side, which he only truly shares with the two people closest to him.

Sachiels clout quickly rose within Siram. Along with Micah, and A'Nailiah, he holds one of the strongest voices within Sirams council. He's working to make a number of changes within the organization of the Guardians, and has grown to love and trust A'Nailiah and Micah with all of his heart. For Siram, he would gladly give his life, but he has grown to find these two even more important to him, especially since he confessed his love to Naili.

Character Description
A. Physical: Sachiel is a man of strong stature. He stands an even six foot, and has long brown hair, and grey, almost white colored eyes. His most notable feature is a scar across his left eye, though its origin is a mystery to all those within the clan, but one.

B. Personality: Sachiel is a wise man, who knows when to speak out, and when to remain quiet. For that reason, He rarely speaks his objections to the bylaws of the Siram clan, and rather finds his own ways around them. He carries a calm demeanor, and displays excellence in etiquette and chivalry, despite his origins.
Abilities: Sachiels advantage in battle (should it come to that) is not raw power. It is a masterful understanding of how to use water in all of its three forms. His ability to change the form of any mass of water while manipulating its motion and shape makes him quite the powerful opponent. This ability has given way to the invention of many different attacks and techniques while not under the eye of the clan. In times of great desperacy, or under the light of the full moon, his grey eyes glow a brilliant white, and he is capable of executing techniques that even he is normally incapable of performing. As the rest of his clan members, he possesses some healing ability, however, compared to many, it is quite limited

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Micah Masi

Micah Masi

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PostSubject: Re: Siram Character Sheet   Sun Dec 12, 2010 5:00 pm

Clan; Siram

Name; Micah-Masi

Occupation; Menelaus Aquae, The Princess of Tides, Halsey Incarnate, and the leader of Siram.

Clan Background (Required in order to understand her background); Since the birth of The Five, the people of Siram have given themselves wholeheartedly to the belief and worship of Halsey (♪ Pronounced; Hail-sai), the one true goddess of Siram, Water Incarnate. It had been told that the great Halsey used to reside in the islands of Siram as none other than an every day person, whom for the sake of her clan, gave herself to the dark overlord Abjit, who threatened to plague to crystalline waters of Siram, and end all life for the people. Legend told that she traveled to the smaller chain of islands just outside of Siram, stepped foot on the forbidden island, and climbed the unclimbable mountain; a mountain said to vaporize anyone instantly upon impact, and turn them into the light, refreshing mist that encircled the islands. After reaching the top of the mountain, she met with the one they called Abjit; ready to give her life to save the people. The fact that she had answered the nightmares of Abjit that everyone in the clan dreamed at night, knowing where her fate would end, baffled him. "Why sacrifice your precious life, when the people you are trying to save are too selfish to offer themselves to save you?" She simply replied "Water is peace, serenity, it is healing. I know that each one of us is born of water, are made of water, and hold water in our hearts and souls, as we are one; even myself. So, is it not my duty to do like water would, and create peace?" Irritated by her answer, he cut conversations quickly, and stole the life of the only one willing to give herself purely. And on that mountain top, on that night, Abjit had been destroyed by the purity of the life he had taken. And in the memory of Halsey, their great savior, the life of Siram thrived. Texts known as the Codes of Halsey came into existence after her death, shaping the very existence of the clan of Siram.

Character Background; At birth, Micah had been marked as the heir to the Siram throne; having been the only pure blooded birth by her parents to meet the requirements of leader. In the Codes of Halsey it had been written than any true leader of Siram would take the form of a girl; her spirit as pure, healing, and peaceful as Halsey's had been. Each new leader was said to be an incarnate of Halsey, and if any outside of the true leader were to take control of Siram, it was said that Abjit would come back to claim Siram and the many lives that inhabited those sacred islands. Many children were born of the Queen and her husband before Micah; a boy named Haydn, another boy named Connor, and in secret, a girl named A'Nailiah, whom was born as an affair on her mother's part. However, none of these children fit the key; none of them were girls, besides A'Nailiah, and as she was not of pure blood, her relation to the royal family was kept as a secret to everyone, save the queen herself. However, it was clear at Micah's birth, she would become the new Princess of Siram, until she found a husband, and would become queen. Growing up, she was under the sheltered eye of the Royal Family, something she didn't very much care for. Nothing was to happen to the Little Princess of Tides, or it'd be at the clan's expense. Though she was treated like an adult in status, her thoughts, opinions, and voice in general was shrugged off as child play. Used nothing more than a figure head, and otherwise left alone, she was a very lonely child; save the company of her sisterly figure, Naili, her older brothers, Hadyn And Connor, and her best friend since childhood, Alainn.

However, matters changed upon the death of both her parents. A night out on the town had been planned between both Micah's family, and Alainn's; having always been close to each other in every connection possible. The plan was for Micah's family to go up to the island and meet with Alainn and her parents, which would lead to a lovely dinner at the Main island's most famous diner; and in deed, the meal was beyond a proper description. It was a lovely dinner out for the two families, that had been so close there were like one complete family. There was plenty of smiles and laughter, and a bright, cheery memory at the end of the night. Of course, after dinner was another matter entirely. On the walk about to Alainn's home, both of their parents, as well as Micah's older brothers, could tell something was wrong; there was just that feeling of discomfort in the air. Of course, Micah and Alainn were oblivious to the coming danger, and so they were both confused when the urgent demands of their parents, telling them to hide, came into question. There was no time for proper explanation, however, as within the next few moments an ambush of Rouges had appeared and started to attack. In the chaos and confusion of the brawl, both mothers turned to their small, infantile children and told them to run... and so they did. They were small enough then, that they could slip out of sight without being noticed, and hide in the dense shrubbery. And from there they watched, as the only family they had were murdered; the cobblestone streets painted red with the blood of their loved ones. That single night of supposed-to-be happiness changed the entire nation of Siram, all in less than 5 minutes.

In the frantic panic of the loss of their rulers, the people of Siram quickly shifted their attention to the Little Princess. The only one to really shelter and care for her then, was her sister-like figure, A'Nailiah. Of course, she very much enjoyed the loving care and attention from A'Nailiah, was grateful for her presence. Especially because she knew A'Nailiah had faith in her, whereas everyone else expected to be doomed, as she was just a child. However, she had been listening at all of those meetings she was forced to attend. She held great knowledge from her studies and observations, contrary to popular belief. And so, when she was appointed the official leader of the clan, matters quickly changed. Where there had been fighting and unease between Siram, peace had then been replaced. Things were running quite smoothly after the death of her parents, Micah had come to be seen as a great savior, much like Halsey herself. The sad thing was, that the responsibility of an entire clan was blindly settled on the shoulders, of a mere 10 year old. What was even more sad, was the fact that she was more of an adult than most of the clan officials. She never really got to experience life as a child, but even then, both her adult and child like sides have become prominent parts of her life, and her personality.

Personality; Micah can be seen as either a sad, charity case, or a brilliant savior. She is often quiet, though she is not afraid to speak up and offer her points when need be. If it not for her position as leader, she would more than likely go unnoticed; as her quiet, observatory nature could easily be miss-read. She leads by example, not by word. Her looks are that of a doll, being that her age presently is only a mere 15. When around clan officials, her attitude is more of an adult like guidance; wise and helpful words coming from her lips, which seem to hold a faint smile on them. She is quiet in meetings, letting the others speak of things they both do and do not know of. However, it is only at the end of each meeting she presents her wisdom, allowing the peace that normally slips into absence by their heated debate, to once more be restored. When she takes leave to the island to pay her people visits, she takes the personality of a great, loving mother, or guardian. She holds her people in good graces, and with one of her calm, peaceful, healing smiles, is able to warm their hearts and reassure any doubts they may have. It is only when she is around the few people she knowns truly well, and holds dearest in her heart; like A'Nailiah, a good friend of hers named Alainn, and the man no one knows she is slowly starting to fall in love with, that a great change can be seen. Around these few people, her child-like, innocent, and adventurous nature can be seen and accepted. During these times, almost always does a smile curve her lips; great enough to turn her naturally downward tilted lips into a bright, cheek dimpling beauty and grace.

Appearance; Unlike the other clan leaders, as well as the people in her own clan, Micah has a very different appearance. Because of her age, she stands at a mere 5 feet, 4 inches tall; her figure childishly small and delicate, though accompanied by smooth curvatures not normal of her age. Her hair is that of finely spun strands of light, the purity of her spirit showing easily in this abnormality. However, though it is very light and colorless, it has been said to adapts to the atmosphere around her at the time. While on the island, it takes on the golden glow of the sun; while in the underwater kingdom, like strands of glimmering light. While swimming, or traveling through the underwater capsules, a glimmering blue glow is taken, and so, it is seen that with every different atmosphere, a new hair color can be seen. Much like her hair, her skin tone also seems to alter with the atmosphere. Below the water, it takes a soft, silver or baby blue tint. While on the island, a healthy, yet equally light tan graces her skin, and when in warm, fiery atmospheres, like in the flickers of a candle-lit room, a soft rose tint is taken. Her eyes are a wonder among the water clan, said to hold the darkness of the sea, and the glimmering light of a crystalline water droplet, in endless swirls and ever-changing shades. Everything about Micah, in fact, seems to be ever changing; her personality, her hair, her skin, her eyes; even her smile.

Abilities; Being a part of the water clan, the obvious flex and manipulation over water is a given, as well as the ease of healing abilities. However, she holds an exceptionally great amount of power over her elements, more so than most in her clan. This is due to the fact that she is none other than Halsey's incarnate, The Princess of Tides, Menelaus Aquae, and many other names she has been known to have. She is considered to be the purest of Siram, holding the very existence of water in her heart, mind, and soul. This given, it is easy to toy with the elements of water, as well as healing; first nature to her. Even without meaning to, the flex that happens at even the slightest twinkle of her fingers has said to be great enough to cause the tides. Of course, most of this is really great talk; people seeing her not as herself, but as the great and noble Halsey. Her true abilities are rarely seen by the public, in reality, so even if the legends are true, most people would not hold the knowledge of proving or observing such a thing. Micah not only has the ability to flex, bend, and even manifest water to her will; she is also able to heal most wounds or illnesses. This is due not only to her birthrights as Halsey incarnate, but also, as a 'sibling' to the three true guardians of Siram; Ptitsa, Caladrius and Zshar. These are the guardian birds, two of which are called upon in times of need when a new injured arrival comes about that the clan healers cannot help, and the third being the keeper of souls. They are seen as the heavenly connections, able to spare a person death itself. The strong connection Micah has with each of the three Gaurdian Birds allows their strengths to flow into her and make her stronger. Another commonly seen attribute in the water clan, is the ability to understand the minds of humans and creatures alike far better and easier than most others. However, being of the origins they are, the people of Siram that possess this ability use it only at the discretion of the person, or creature, they are attempting to look into. This is an ability that takes great practice, something Micah has been learning and getting better at since birth. It is very uncommon for people to shy away from her curious mind, during the times in which she wishes to hear their thoughts; being who she is. However, she rarely does so, and so its very uncommon to wander across her when she is in the mood to truly know what others are thinking. The last ability she possess, though very few know of, is the very rare ability to cool the temperature of water to ice on will. This is only seen in 1-2 people every 10 or so years, and so having this ability is a great honor. This allows for aid in healing, if nothing else. The last ability Micah possesses, is the rare proneness to blood bending. This is an ability known only to those of the Pure Line, themselves; adapted only through the pure blood of Halsey that had been passed down over the years. Such great ability, however, is never used; Micah, herself, considering it but a taboo of sorts, to manipulate a person so unfairly.
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PostSubject: Re: Siram Character Sheet   Sun Dec 12, 2010 6:55 pm

Name -- A'Nailiah "Naili" For short

Age -- 18

Clan -- Siram

Job/Title -- Entertainer and secret protector of Micah. Also Micah's sister, yet that is unknown to all but the people responsible.

Features -- Unlike most Siram's, A'Nailiah's unique mixing of bloodlines creates distinct features. Wielding the same retractable gills and partially webbed fingers and toes, she has features that would cause her to stand out in the crowd. Her blue hair, as blue as the waters she call home. Instead of the usual tan skin, her flesh was a deep olive. Along with Royal blue eyes, only seen in the royal family. Her body us very well developed; standing at 5'8" and boasting toned legs and torso. She is built for fighting and is also a very capable singer and dancer. She is very proud of her body and works hard to maintain it's splendor. Along with the various markings of light cyan that mark her arms and ankles, she could be spotted and noticed from a distance. She always wears a butterfly ring. Given to her by the one she called 'mother' when she was just a child.

Personality -- A'Nailiah is the very calm yet energetic. She is passionate about her work as a guardian, but would rather spend her time in peace. She has adapted quite well to the royal life, and even to the odd stares of royal and commoners alike. Her best friend, the younger, Micah, is her rock when things get hard. They have each other's back and knows more about each other than anyone else. Even A'Naililah's questionable sexuality that she keeps secret. She loves to sing and dance. Some say she has the most beautiful and powerful voice in all of Siram. She isn't shy at all and is pretty outgoing; making sure to speak her mind to who ever she comes across, even the ones offering foul glares because of her distinct visage; though it has secretly destroyed her self esteem. She's known for her elaborate looks, clothing, and personality. She is slightly flirty and vein, but when you look like her, who wouldn't be?

Background -- The Queen has an affair with a guardian and turns out becoming pregnant. She finds out of her pregnancy at an early stage, before any difference shows, and tells everyone she is taking a year away to better develop her abilities. When the child is born and her body is relatively back to normal, she brings the child back to the kingdom, and tells everyone she found this child alone. The King, Nosh, doesn't like the idea of making the child part of the royal family, but she convinces him to at least allow her the status of Guardian, and so she grows up living the life of one of the royals. Though she is sometimes seen as an outsider by some of the royal family, it doesn't bother her that much. She grows up to be that of a sisterly figure toward Micah, even though the fact that they really are sisters is not known. A'Nailaih was trained since a child to be a guard, specifically for Micah's support. In her free time, she would sing and dance, making light of her duties as a guard and training, in order to make the hard work fun and pursue her passion for song and dance.

Abilities -- She is well versed in water manipulation and healing. Her strengths are in fighting, but she would rather not fight at all. She would rather see the laughter upon the faces of others and heal the wounded. She would only use her forcefulness when needed for defense of the young Micah during her travels. Her weapons, are usually never seen, for she would rather not be seen as a threat and have an attack brought upon her. She has ways of gaining weapons, through water manipulation. She has also been known to use her dancing skills in battle as well, being able to move flawlessly as if a swan.

Weakness -- A'Nailiah is very vain and that could be something easily taken advantage of. It stemmed from her once having low self esteem. Ice is something she dreads. The cold chill causes her to cringe at the thought. She would prefer to stay away from anything below freezing. It's not really a fear, more of something that she would rather not deal with. Though, she is quickly getting over that. She tends to be too caring at times. Her looks are very distinguished, thus making her hard to blend into a crowd. Heights is her worst fear. She would get petrified with fear if she was ever on something too high for her liking.


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PostSubject: Re: Siram Character Sheet   Sun Dec 12, 2010 10:06 pm

Clan: Siram
Name: AshlingAge: 25
Occupation: Healer
Back story: Ashling was a decendent of The Siram clan. Born to a small tribe of nomadic people. She has no idea of the people she comes from. She only returns to her roots by accident when her tribe is destroyed. Ashling has no idea how she ended up in the Siram territory but she feels that she has a connection to the place so she stays
Looks: 5'8" tall, Strawberry blonde hair ice blue eyes and tanned skin. A thin interacate patten of turquoise wound around her upper right arm and up her shoulder to her gill spots.
Abilities: Quick wit, honest, and helpful with a hint of sarcasm thrown in for good measure.

(I know this isnt long but I really just want to develop the character through roleplay)
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Alainn Ceol

Alainn Ceol

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PostSubject: Re: Siram Character Sheet   Thu Dec 16, 2010 6:59 am

Name: Alainn (Ali) Ceol
Occupation: Entertainer
Back story: *will be worded wierdly and kinda badly for now* Alainn grew up close to the Masi (did I spell that right?) family. Long before she was even born, her parents had been close friends with them, almost as close as her and Micah are now. They were all like one big family. Micah's parent's treated Ali like their own, and Ali's parent's treated Micah like thier own. They even had shared brothers, Conner and Haydn, even though both were on Micah's side of the family. Unfortunatly, Aliann had a tough time making friends. She was always the youngest, the baby no one wanted to hang out with, or she was to shy and quiet to be noticed. Which is why Micah was the only one she had left when both their families died in a tramutizing murder.
The plan was to have a nice family dinner on the main island, at the most famous diner of course; nothing was ever to fancy for a royal family and their friends. And it did go perfect. Well, other than the argument between her and Conner over who got the last breadstick, but that was quickly solved as the waiter brought out another basket. There were smiles, laughs, and one last happy family memory.
The change came when they were on their way home. Something was wrong, the parents and brothers could tell, so they told Aliann and Micah to run and hide. Both girls were to small to know what was going on, so the didn't move in time, and the whole group got attacked by rouges within the moment. Both mothers turned to their small children and more urgently told them to run, and now comprehending the danger, they did. Both were small enough to slip by unnoticed, and they hid in the nearby shrubbery, watching the deaths of their only family.
Of course all the focus turned to Micah, as she was the hier of the Siram throne, and feeling confused and lost, Alainn moved to the slightly abandoned side of the islands, with just her viola (her treasured first learned instrument), and her violin, which she kept more to say she played it than anything. She did grow up with social skills, though, because occasionally she would slip by to visit Micah, and more often, Micah would visit her.
Now feeling the lonliness of little to no civilization, Ali has moved right in the middle of the closest village to the palace, hoping to start fresh.
Looks: Elbow length, wavy, dark brown hair that glints dark red in the sunlight, observant, piercing blue eyes that hide emotions and thoughts unless the person making eye contact knows her really well, tan southern complexion, Petite build: about 5'2", slightly broader shouldered and muscular legged than most her age, thin at the waist and gently curves out at the hips, dresses in alot of skirts and dresses, hates wearing shoes and will wear sandals when possible, and always has designs inked in the back of her hand with blue pen
Age: roughly 14 or 15
Personality: Shy at first, Ali may seem quiet, sweet, and really gentle and vulnerable, but a person who really knows her knows that she has a very outspoken personality, she makes her opinion known when necesary, is very talkative, knows just what to say to make people feel better, is very mature at times, but knows how to let her inner child come out to play, focuses on emotions possibly too much
Abilities. Hightened empathic abilities, giving her a reasonably greater dexterity to pick up on the sensations that run through the hearts and minds of others. The normal Siram members can usually control what things they pick up on concerning other people; whereas Ali may find it extremely hard at times to stay out of other people's emotions. However, this also provides her with a decent judge of character, helping her to separate and keep away from people with ill intentions, and sparing her a plethora of problems.
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PostSubject: Re: Siram Character Sheet   Mon Dec 20, 2010 10:29 pm

Name-Zaria Rae
Born in a middle class home with just her mother, Zaria dreamed of living a better life. She had no formal training in battle, so while she was particularly talented in water manipulation, she had little chance of making it as a Guardian. She instead took up cooking under her mother. By the time she was twelve, she had surpassed her mothers cooking abilities, by using her natural skills in water. Able to bring water to a boil in an instant, she can use it to cook in a plethora of different ways. After a cooking demonstration in town, she caught the attention of a particular royal, who offered her a job as a Royal Chef. She now prepares meals for the royal family, however she has a secret desire to learn to further her skills so that she may one day pursue other professions.

(Sorry it's short, but I'll update it later.)
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Hotaru Shizuka na

Hotaru Shizuka na

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PostSubject: Re: Siram Character Sheet   Mon Dec 27, 2010 3:37 pm

Character Name : Shin Hyouzan

Age : 23

Occupation : Training to become a Guardian

Backstory :
Was born in the slum's of Siram as the only child of a single mother, a whore to the rest of the city who had no clue who the father could be, yet still she kept the child, a woman with pride who wouldn't let her flesh all be it a mistake die on it's own in the filth that they lived.
Diagnosed with a strange curse that was rumoured to be the death of all great men within the slum's, his skin was pale and his eye's like crystals that reflected all light, he was bullied in the street's by the other children his age and was forbidden to see the light of the true sun above their heads, he grew up with a hood covering his face as a sign he was a disgrace, the markings on his gown to prove he was unneeded and unwanted, a gift from their priest, a man filled with sick desires within the slums.
At the age of 9 his mother was found dead in a back alley, two men caught and held in trial for the death of the woman but as the case continued the truth of her filthy ways broke free into the streets and the men were let off as have doing the world of Daratan a good deed, and with this the young beaten child refused to turn his back and run, he refused to be beaten and wanted to fix the wrong's that happened in this so called fair city where he was born, and from that day he went missing, his gown hanging from the top of the tainted church where the sick priest resided with his most loved and treasured toys, his children, the children of the unholy lord.
While in hiding he looked for answer's to his curse and way's on how to get revenge for his mothers death yet nothing would show him the way, any soul that still breathed would beat him to the ground and finding his way out of the slums was something that would never happen, but still he climbed back to his feet and walked around like a ghost, training his body for all sorts in the dead of the night and sprinting for his own life in the day when caught, he turned from the fragile weak boy into a tall well built man in 5 years and stood up for his life when people approached him with heat in their eyes, slowly he learnt to fight well, bar room brawls became a past time hobby and any money he could pick off the floor went to the other whores in the slums, not for their body, but for their well being, he brought them food or clothes, he would do his best to see their lives didn't end like his mothers. Not because he felt compassion, but because in all their eye's, in all their smiles and the way they walked, he saw a piece of his mother and something made him pity them, for soon they would all end up dead in an alley with the man that paid the most for them saying it was for the best.
At the age of 15 he found himself left alone, few bar room brawls would occur if there was even a murmur he was around, little whores had trouble with people as he had been caught looking after them, and the one's that did would usually seek him out quickly, and so he spent his day's looking up at the sky from the shack roofs that made the slums, yet as time passed and people grew old and died around him something seemed to be stranger than normal, his hair was slowly turning from black to a midnight blue shade as the days ticked by, his eye's clearer than ever before and for some strange reason he felt as if he could see the water in the clouds, he would relax when the rain came and would panic during the dry spell's of the year, he told many of the young whores he had become friends with and all told him it was because he was cursed but the entire time he thought differently, it couldn't be because of his curse, there had to be something else that was driving him mad.
As he laid upon the roof of a shack with his oldest friend, a young brunette named Saya who had listened to every tale of strange feelings he had ever head, they laughed, joked and she asked him a question he would always wonder about… had he ever felt like he could grab the clouds… a thought that he had never even imagined would make sense but as she said it, explained that at times… the sky feels so close to her, the way she held out her hand and clenched her fist, he smiled softly, wanting to feel that way, yet as he copied her, unknowing to himself, he did grab to the could, and as they both dropped their hands, both laughing softly, one small patch of moisture, a droplet of water came down fast to where they laid, frozen by the altitude and pushed of course by the wind he feel clean through the roof stopping the laughter, a soft gurgle as his friend clenched her chest in pain, the small piece of ice pierced her lung, clean through the roof and left her dead, he couldn't move, couldn't scream, all he could hear was the thick trickle of the blood falling through the fresh hole in the roof, at that moment, his life changed forever.
He never understood what had become of him, and he never could forgive himself for such a crime against his friend but still he continued to breath, hating his existence, hating the curse, the other whores afraid of the sky, people within the slums adding wood to their roof's so not to be killed by the same thing as it it were a freak accident but deep down inside he felt like he had caused it, and so without a whisper he left the slums and headed for the boundaries of the city.
It took him a few day's to find his way, but along his way he continued to test what he believed was a demonic power within his body, reaching out to the moisture he could see and pulling his arm fast only to see a thick spray of water emerge in front of him and soak fences and people around him, and with every day he loved what he could do, and hated what he had done, but as the city wall's came into view he looked upon the view and watched the guards walk up and down making sure all was safe, he watched the way their eyes held trauma and secrets that no being should ever have to bare, he watched the way their walk, posture, smiles showed how they were proud to now be protecting their birth place and for some strange reason, he turned his back and headed back to where she died.
8 years have passed since that day and he has trained more than ever, stood in pubs and allowed people to throw hits at him for being cursed, fought back with people when they commit crimes and practiced all night to learn how to control his cursed powers only so he could help those around him, but now he has walked from the slums, leaving his past to head for the centre of the village, to become a guardian, to be proud of his past and to protect the place he was born, to protect the name of his mother and to one day understand what he is.

Weapons/Gear :
Never trained himself with weapons, he was confident in his own abilities with his hands and feet

Appearance :
Tall and poised as if he were nothing more than a ruffian, his eye's a deep and clear crystal blue, his hair a deep and confused shade of blue, some sections almost black where as other's almost the colour of the sky.
A long thick jacket worn at all times, it's reason unknown but on the back is the blood red stain, almost like a symbol from being cursed that looks to have been poorly sewn on, possibly a reminder of the gown he was forced to wear.
Under the jacket no shirt worn, yet his trousers thick and padded, his feet wrapped in bandages with no real shoes, he never could afford anything of luxury as his money went to help keep the whores he cared for as sisters alive.

Personality :
To the one's who knew him grow up, he is cold hearted yet caring, to the people who meet him, he is hateful, waiting to be classed as being cursed once more.

Abilities : None he is willing to reveal as of yet, but as the time comes, he will reveal all and show those before him what he has taught himself
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PostSubject: Raina Character Sheet   Mon Jan 24, 2011 9:21 am

Name: Raina

Clan: Siram

Occupation: Siram Council member; Aureila's twin.


Raina's name holds a meaning that reflects her race - water. As with this element, her personality is unpredictable; one moment being as sweet as you like, the next quiet, or angered; often resulting in broken furnature, or even bones on herself and others. Preferring to keep herself to herself, Raina spends most of her time alone, so lacks the apropriate social skills necessary for her to maintain friendships - even with her own twin sister. Raina generally prefers to remain silent, only adding in her input when it's demanded of her. Behind this tempermental creature is alot more complicated than most assume. The outside exterior is one that is brash, and seems to follow her heart rather than her head, but for people who know her, they know that she scheming something. Everything she does, is usually to benefit herself, in order to gain either fame or infamy.

Jealousy is the only motivation she indulges in, the one feeling that doesn't budge - regardless of whoever tries. Raina can't seem to understand how Aurelia was chosen to be the ruler of the Liwanag clan, and this, despite her blood ties to her twin, seem to fuel the determined gleam in her eye. but, like a doll, these feelings are never portrayed, only held inside, where they will continue to build until her mind breaks. But, as with most power hungry individuals, she had one hell of a god complex.


Unlike many of the Siram nation; Raina prides herself upon the difference in appearance; the exact opposite of her twin sister. Her hair is dark, with an iridescent gleam when hit by sunlight; usualy thrown upwards into a scruffy ponytail, or dyed a brilliant white depending on her mood when she wakes up; this is rarely worn down, but is often cmplimented when it is. Dark circles underline the pale flesh below her eyes, mainly from exhaustion and stressed, and the whites of her eyes are bloodshot from pressing her knuckles into them when she's stressed.

Unlike most Siram women, those blue eyes have been replaced with pale silver iris', dark lashes and eyebrows. Numbers small peircing holes marr her otherwise flawless skin, but when in disguise her hair is dyed a red and black combination, and red sea-glass eyepeices are worn over her eyes to tint the colour to a bright pink.


Water Manipulation - Basic.

Scimitars - Mastered... Just.

Sewing - Expert.

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PostSubject: Re: Siram Character Sheet   Thu Feb 03, 2011 3:01 pm

Name: Bera Yomatay

Age: 18

Clan: Siram

Occupation: Guardian Pending.

Appearance: Tall slim figure, black baggy jeans of sorts with chains covering them, Flawless skin, His right eye is red and his left is purple. His hair goes down to his lower back, It's A dark shade of purple. he wears a black constricting tank top to show the perfect formulated muscle, and over that he has an open black hoodie of sorts with an ice like pattern. And at his left side he has a Large Purple bladed demonic Broadsword.

Abilities: Controls black ice. Every aspect of the element of ice including water, snow.

Strengths: Any field mainly Ice, water or snow.

Weaknesses: Fire.

Background: As a child His father tied to kill both him, and his mother. But One day Bera's Uncle had killed the father. After this he had disappeared leaving The mother with a demonic child not knowing what to do she had decided to take him to an icy land and throw him into an ocean. Any human child would have frozen to death before he had drowned. But this boys eyes had opened as he was in the water and as this happened an ice spear shot up impaling his mother. He has than made it out of the water. Once this happened he grew up all alone in an acy land not having anyone around. making both his skin and his personality very cold. He learned to master the element at which he was best with. Ice.
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PostSubject: Re: Siram Character Sheet   Mon Feb 07, 2011 2:52 am

Name- Faye Utora

Age- 20

Clan- Siram

Occupation- Travelling bard and poet

Appearance- The tall man is quite slender, with red hair and nice green eyes. His face a gentle one, a smile is always upon it. His skin is normally paler than most despite his frequent exposure to sunlight. His figure is quite scrawny, and doesn't seem to posses much strength; though his body is truly toned, appearance wise. His amount of muscle, however, lacks more than most.

Abilities- Faye is a heavy music player, along with a powerfully deep poet. He carries with him a crafted blade; one he wouldn't be bested with easily, having focused more upon this than anything. He mostly allows himself martial arts during times of defense or battle; his water manipulation used almost solely for cinematic purposes during one of his displays or shows. On occasion, however, he uses it in its most unstable form: gas. The icy chills of his mist would eventually be known, as nicknames come to be placed, and become more and more apparent.

Strengths- He is powerful in the fields of artistry, philosophy, and the ability to life a rather calm and peaceful life. His wisdom is said to extend far, though not so much he is labeled cocky.

Weaknesses- His lack of physical strength is definitely one of his biggest weaknesses. Along with that, however, is the weakness in emotions he contains; hurt rather easily. He takes on a more 'feminine' side, it seems, though by his own choosing.

Personality- By nature he is a calm man. He much enjoys the art of observing other's habits from the sidelines. Feeling out plans, and learning as he goes. He is quiet clam, but if angered he will place you where you belong; either dependably by blade to throat, or with a logical analysis that one may not find easy to argue. He is easy to get along with and enjoys every aspect of humanity.

Background- "Listen to the words of a travelling bard, singing his songs he shall sing them hard. Play for the people, and yearn the cheer of the crowd; though only by the chosen, his secrets be found. Listen close, wisdom prey tell. He sings his songs with much intell. Blind may gaze upon lyric he writes, though eyes of the face will not find it right. Listed dear people, to the stories he brings. Perhaps, listen hard enough, your answer he brings. If fool hear song, he hear it in jest. This man's past is exposed to but the best."
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PostSubject: Re: Siram Character Sheet   

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Siram Character Sheet
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