This world is home to the six clans of Daratan: Hayvn, Septur Kana, Arcanthul Saravya, Siram, Zalaes, and Lucenoc.
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 Character sheet

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PostSubject: Character sheet   Fri Nov 26, 2010 2:10 pm

Here you will post the following as a character sheet.

Clan: You will read through each clan first and pick what is best for you. Each clan is different from the last, while there are similarities the differences will outweigh the similar every time.
Name: Your character name will go here.
Occupation: What your character does for a living (or what you want them to do. you may not get the job.)
Back story: Try to make sense here. Not every person can come from a royal or be a bastard child of the ruler of the clan. Most of you will be normal every day people. Regular jo's. Those of you that get something else will be the few. What you write here will decide your job and rank. Remember though. born low doesn't mean you cant make it high.
Each clan uses different weapons. Or no weapons. If you are confused as to what you will be using as gear PM your clan leader. You can find them in the Clan leader group, or through the members list.

Looks: Every character will look different despite the fact members of a clan will have things alike. To make the restrictions set part of your character and make the character even more yours will also improve your chances at being a higher rank.

Abilities. You know your abilities based on your clan. But you will not be a all powerful god of that ability off the bat. You have to work for it. Person A may be able to use their ability more powerfully but Person B may be able to use it longer or have more control over it. Keep these things in mind.


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PostSubject: lux Lucis Vox   Fri Nov 26, 2010 3:53 pm

Clan: Incendia Calx

Name: Lux Lucis Vox

Job: Leader of Incendia Calx

Backstory: Bred and built to be the leader of Incendia Calx taking control how and when he did Lux was ready. He was always a smart child, his abilities in the class room and in the training field were on par with his great grandfather (the last man to tame a wild adult dragon) and was therefore held to high standards. As he grew Lux strayed away from the normal rights of passage such as sex to become more like one of the people. At age 16 he was working as an animal tamer, by his 18th birthday he had already tamed a griffin and multiple other beasts of legend. While now fully in control of his lands he has abolished the counsel of his fathers old friends, and has reestablished peaceful ties with the other clans of Daratan as well as improved the quality of life of his people. At age 21 Lux tamed the first dragon in two generations of Incendia Calx. The dragon was a young male dragon now called Iactantia Cineris or Boasting Embers due to the fact he was a loud brutish dragon that enjoyed burning things to embers. Now 24 Lux and his dragon can be seen traveling across Daratan for meetings with other rulers, working as a tamer in the wilds, creating spears, arrows, and other weapons for trade or use in hunting, and teaching younger members of Incendia Calx to fight as well as members of other clans that come to learn the ways of combat from the clan. While Lux Lucis Vox is a man that takes his people as a high priority he has often disappears for a few weeks at a time. To where no one knows though no one questions where he goes during these periods for all of Incendia Calx is his home and his people always take priority over himself when he is in the mountains.

Looks: Standing at around 5'10 Lux is not as tall as some other members of his clan, his bright red hair and emerald green eyes are often topics of discussion amongst the people due to the dark brown hair and black eyes of both his parents. While this is true even he does not know the reason for the difference nor did his parents or so they claimed up until the time in which they passed away. Lux is very common in appearance compared to some other members of Incendia Calx his physic no different than the average man of the clan. While this is true Lux is very agile and acrobatic and easily capable of throwing a person twice his weight and size a fairly decent distance. Some believe this strength comes from the bond created when a dragon is tamed, giving him strength when things are against his favor and giving his power over fire a more distinct feel. Lux his often been seen fighting with a whip of air and fire a hard balance of thin wires of each creating a fine weapon used also in the taming of animals. While Lux seems to create the whip with relative ease most others cannot due to the balance needed in both air and fire to keep them both twined together without the fire eating away all the air or the air snuffing the fire out. Lux wears normal dragon scale clothing that has been double padded on the inside to prevent wear when he rides Iactantia though when not planning to fly he wears tighter clothing allowing him to move easier.

Abilities: Lux is one of few that has much power and stamina when it comes to creating fire, again often believed possible due to his dragon, he often demonstrates this by using a whip made of fire and air. Lux claims his ability to control the fire is more logic than anything a balance between wind and flames at all times in which he uses his fire. While his stamina and power is great he is never seen using fire for long periods of time, often using it only in quick bursts or in small attacks with his whip. Though when working in the armory he uses it longer than if working with animals. Lux is very agile, in combat or while taming often using his spear to vault him high in trees or on other tiers in the training ground, to attack from above. His spear his favorite weapon, second only to his whip though he is as of yet unbeaten by any of the Incendia in sword play. Archery is his weakest area of combat or the hunt, often defaulting on a quick burst of fire to take down targets at a distance.

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PostSubject: Re: Character sheet   Fri Nov 26, 2010 9:43 pm

Clan: Tenkuu.

Name: Jirou Tenkuu

Occupation: Leader of the Tenkuu.

Background: Jirou was the second oldest of three meaning, his elder brother would be the hair to the clan, not him. Jirou and his siblings were taught all forms of combat using a verity of weapons, training body, mind and soul, all needed to be a great leader. Jirou never stood out from his older brother, but he wasn't in his shadow either, he was where he was to be expected in skill. When Jirou turned seventeen a war broke out between the Tenkuu clan and several smaller clans that lived with in the plains. Jirou and his two siblings went out with a small of men force to stop the conflict in a peaceful manner before more blood was spilled. On the way they were ambushed and both his brothers were killed in the attack, he managed to escape but barely. After the attack there was no room for peace talks, his father decided to silence thoughts who killed his sons, and they did, the war only lasted a month, the over whelming force of the Tenkuu clan was to much. With his elder brother dead Jirou was now the next in line for the throne. Upon his twenty first birthday he married, but just three years later his wife grew ill and died. Jirou gained many scares in battle, even though he was the leader he still fought side by side with his men. Under Jiruo's rule the Tenkuu clan's territory expanded in all directions and the city grew in size as well. When he turned fifty he remarried once again, four years into the mirage his wife gave birth to a boy, Kazuma. Three years later, Jirou's second wife was out in the plans and was attacked by Hell-hounds and was killed, Jirou didn't remarry instead he taught Kazuma about life himself. He is now seventy three years old, he looks to be that age but his spirit and power are that of a much younger man.

Looks: Jirou looks to be a very old man and stands at about six foot one, he has red eyes and has lost all his hair, but he has a very long white beard, and long eyebrows as well. There are many scars on his torso and head, the two most prominent being a pair of long, perpendicular scars above his right eye, all reminders of his past battles he has fought in. Despite his old and frail appearance, he has a very muscular body that he only reveals when he takes off his clothing and get into certain fighting stances. Jirou wears a black black kimono and a white haori with the clan's crest on the back of it.

Abilities: With being the leader of the clan comes great responsibility, he must be strong in all senses that one can be, training for many years until all are mastered. He is skilled in all forms of combat, both ground and flight. He has massed multiple forms of weapons from spears and swords to the bow and arrow, he has also masted multiple forms of hand to hand combat. Many people out side the clan see this as excessive but since the Tenkuu have no mystic powers, they need to be skilled in everything they can be. Jirou has also mastered the use of the gravity crystals that allows the Tenkuu to be on the same level as the other clans. Jirou also has what some would call, inhuman strength due to all his hard training, some say he has the strength of three men, but know one has ever measured.


Clan: Tenkuu.

Name: Kazuma Tenkuu.

Occupation: Prince; warrior.

Background: Kazuma is an only child and with that the heir to the throne. As a child Kazuma was raised by both his father, Jirou, and the servants of the family, his mother had died when he was only three years old. He was enrolled into school at a young age and excelled in all aspects of it. At the age of seven he started his combat training, many times his father was the one teaching him. When Kazuma was ten years old he learned how to fly on the backs of Griffins and other flight animals, then he was taught how to fight while riding them at the age of twelve. Despite being the prince, Kazuma never acted arrogant and often was found wondering the city like a common folk, this is one thing his father loved, Kazuma was able to connect with all the people of the city even at a young age. Over the years Kazuma's strength in using a sword and bow increased more so then the other weapons, but over time he will master everything just as his father did. Kazuma often heads down to the plains below and goes hunting alone, he doesn't need to but he likes to work of his food instead of just getting it like past royal families, yet another reason why both his father and the people of the city adore him. Kazuma is now nineteen years old, he has fought in small battles but no wars, he is still learning the ways of diplomacy, combat, and tactics and he will continue for many more years.

Looks: Kazuma is six feet fall, just a but shorter then his father, and he has emerald green eyes which he got from his mother. He also has chopped layered long light brown hair. He wears two outfits, one for hunting and battle, the other one for just about everything else. His hunting out fit consist of a slim fitting, yet equally loose, blue collared shirt, arm lengths reaching down to the elbows, which are laced on their cuffs with golden designs. On both shoulders there are more designs of golden thread which look like shoulder armor. Close fitting leather chest protector is held firm with shoulder straps. An armed, blue belt around the waist, each side adorned by a silver (left) or gold (right) plate, that hugs the side of the leg down to mid thigh and protects like armor. Slim, dark brown leather pants, which are met at the by a silver knee plate (left) and silver double-crossed band (right), which is sheathed by tight, brown, golden laced boots for swift travel. golden shoulder plates on either side of the neck, silver bands with attached arm plates on either forearm, brown leather gloves, and a blue slash crossing his chest, and around his back, which attaches a quiver to carry his arrows. The other his the traditional kimono wear, which depending on which one he wears as different combination of colors and patterns. Most of his kimono outfits are;slim fitting, yet loosely flowing. A golden shoulder plate each engraved with the clan crest, and a belt-like wrap around the mid section to pull the kimono in around the body. Even in battle he wears a Kimono over his 'battle' outfit and takes if off when he needs more movement.

Abilities: Just like his father Kazuma is skilled in many forms of combat but has yet to master them all. His best skill lies in swords and the bow and he has mastered using the crystals to aid him when in battle, Kazuma's strength lies not in over whelming power, but in quick, speedy attacks, he is able to run more then most other males in his clan and last longer in battle which gives him an edge over those with low stamina. Through the years of studying he has also gained strength in tactics of battle, and the landscape. he is also very skilled in air combat and others say he is much more 'daring' in battle then most. He has been seen jumping from his Griffin shooting his bow to be caught a few meters from hitting the ground by his griffin. he explains this isn't for looks, but to confuse the enemy, and allows him to fire at multiple targets at multiple levels, he also says he likes the feeling of flying with out the aid of an animal.

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PostSubject: Re: Character sheet   Fri Nov 26, 2010 11:56 pm

Name -- A'Nailiah "Naili" For short

Age -- 18

Clan -- Siram

Job/Title -- Entertainer and secret protector of Micah. Also Micah's sister, yet that is unknown to all but the people responsible.

Features -- Unlike most Siram's, A'Nailiah's unique mixing of bloodlines creates distinct features. Wielding the same retractable gills and partially webbed fingers and toes, she has features that would cause her to stand out in the crowd. Her blue hair, as blue as the waters she call home. Instead of the usual tan skin, her flesh was a deep olive. Along with Royal blue eyes, only seen in the royal family. Her body us very well developed; standing at 5'8" and boasting toned legs and torso. She is built for fighting and is also a very capable singer and dancer. She is very proud of her body and works hard to maintain it's splendor. Along with the various markings of light cyan that mark her arms and ankles, she could be spotted and noticed from a distance.

Personality -- A'Nailiah is the very calm yet energetic. She is passionate about her work as a guardian, but would rather spend her time in peace. She has adapted quite well to the royal life, and even to the odd stares of royal and commoners alike. Her best friend, the younger, Micah, is her rock when things get hard. They have each other's back and knows more about each other than anyone else. Even A'Naililah's questionable sexuality that she keeps secret. She loves to sing and dance. Some say she has the most beautiful and powerful voice in all of Siram. She isn't shy at all and is pretty outgoing; making sure to speak her mind to who ever she comes across, even the ones offering foul glares because of her distinct visage; though it has secretly destroyed her self esteem. She is slightly flirty and vein, but when you look like her, who wouldn't be?

Background -- The Queen has an affair with a guardian and turns out becoming pregnant. She finds out of her pregnancy at an early stage, before any difference shows, and tells everyone she is taking a year away to better develop her abilities. When the child is born and her body is relatively back to normal, she brings the child back to the kingdom, and tells everyone she found this child alone. The King, Nosh, doesn't like the idea of making the child part of the royal family, but she convinces him to at least allow her the status of Guardian, and so she grows up living the life of one of the royals. Though she is sometimes seen as an outsider by some of the royal family, it doesn't bother her that much. She grows up to be that of a sisterly figure toward Micah, even though the fact that they really are sisters is not known. A'Nailaih was trained since a child to be a guard, specifically for Micah's support. In her free time, she would sing and dance, making light of her duties as a guard and training, in order to make the hard work fun and pursue her passion for song and dance.

Abilities -- She is well versed in water manipulation and healing. Her strengths are in fighting, but she would rather not fight at all. She would rather see the laughter upon the faces of others and heal the wounded. She would only use her forcefulness when needed for defense of the young Micah during her travels. Her weapons, are usually never seen, for she would rather not be seen as a threat and have an attack brought upon her. She has ways of gaining weapons, through water manipulation. She has also been known to use her dancing skills in battle as well, being able to move flawlessly as if a swan.

Weakness -- A'Nailiah is very vain and that could be something easily taken advantage of. It stemmed from her once having low self esteem. Ice is something she dreads. The cold chill causes her to cringe at the thought. She would prefer to stay away from anything below freezing. She tends to be too caring at times. Her looks are very distinguished, thus making her hard to blend into a crowd. Along with Ice, heights is her worst fear. She would get petrified with fear if she was ever on something too high for her liking.


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PostSubject: Re: Character sheet   Sat Nov 27, 2010 12:48 am

Clan; Siram

Name; Micah-Masi

Occupation; Menelaus Aquae, The Princess of Tides, Halsey Incarnate, and the leader of Siram.

Clan Background (Required in order to understand her background); Since the birth of The Five, the people of Siram have given themselves wholeheartedly to the belief and worship of Halsey (♪ Pronounced; Hail-sai), the one true goddess of Siram, Water Incarnate. It had been told that the great Halsey used to reside in the islands of Siram as none other than an every day person, whom for the sake of her clan, gave herself to the dark overlord Abjit, who threatened to plague to crystalline waters of Siram, and end all life for the people. Legend told that she traveled to the smaller chain of islands just outside of Siram, stepped foot on the forbidden island, and climbed the unclimbable mountain; a mountain said to vaporize anyone instantly upon impact, and turn them into the light, refreshing mist that encircled the islands. After reaching the top of the mountain, she met with the one they called Abjit; ready to give her life to save the people. The fact that she had answered the nightmares of Abjit that everyone in the clan dreamed at night, knowing where her fate would end, baffled him. "Why sacrifice your precious life, when the people you are trying to save are too selfish to offer themselves to save you?" She simply replied "Water is peace, serenity, it is healing. I know that each one of us is born of water, are made of water, and hold water in our hearts and souls, as we are one; even myself. So, is it not my duty to do like water would, and create peace?" Irritated by her answer, he cut conversations quickly, and stole the life of the only one willing to give herself purely. And on that mountain top, on that night, Abjit had been destroyed by the purity of the life he had taken. And in the memory of Halsey, their great savior, the life of Siram thrived. Texts known as the Codes of Halsey came into existence after her death, shaping the very existence of the clan of Siram.

Character Background; At birth, Micah had been marked as the heir to the Siram throne; having been the only pure blooded birth by her parents to meet the requirements of leader. In the Codes of Halsey it had been written than any true leader of Siram would take the form of a girl; her spirit as pure, healing, and peaceful as Halsey's had been. Each new leader was said to be an incarnate of Halsey, and if any outside of the true leader were to take control of Siram, it was said that Abjit would come back to claim Siram and the many lives that inhabited those sacred islands. Many children were born of the Queen and her husband before Micah; a boy named Haydn, another boy named Connor, and in secret, a girl named A'Nailiah, whom was born as an affair on her mother's part. However, none of these children fit the key; none of them were girls, besides A'Nailiah, and as she was not of pure blood, her relation to the royal family was kept as a secret to everyone, save the queen herself. However, it was clear at Micah's birth, she would become the new Princess of Siram, until she found a husband, and would become queen. Growing up, she was under the sheltered eye of the Royal Family, something she didn't very much care for. Nothing was to happen to the Little Princess of Tides, or it'd be at the clan's expense. Though she was treated like an adult in status, her thoughts, opinions, and voice in general was shrugged off as child play. Used nothing more than a figure head, and otherwise left alone, she was a very lonely child; save the company of her sisterly figure, Naili, her older brothers, Hadyn And Connor, and her best friend since childhood, Alainn.

However, matters changed upon the death of both her parents. A night out on the town had been planned between both Micah's family, and Alainn's; having always been close to each other in every connection possible. The plan was for Micah's family to go up to the island and meet with Alainn and her parents, which would lead to a lovely dinner at the Main island's most famous diner; and in deed, the meal was beyond a proper description. It was a lovely dinner out for the two families, that had been so close there were like one complete family. There was plenty of smiles and laughter, and a bright, cheery memory at the end of the night. Of course, after dinner was another matter entirely. On the walk about to Alainn's home, both of their parents, as well as Micah's older brothers, could tell something was wrong; there was just that feeling of discomfort in the air. Of course, Micah and Alainn were oblivious to the coming danger, and so they were both confused when the urgent demands of their parents, telling them to hide, came into question. There was no time for proper explanation, however, as within the next few moments an ambush of Rouges had appeared and started to attack. In the chaos and confusion of the brawl, both mothers turned to their small, infantile children and told them to run... and so they did. They were small enough then, that they could slip out of sight without being noticed, and hide in the dense shrubbery. And from there they watched, as the only family they had were murdered; the cobblestone streets painted red with the blood of their loved ones. That single night of supposed-to-be happiness changed the entire nation of Siram, all in less than 5 minutes.

In the frantic panic of the loss of their rulers, the people of Siram quickly shifted their attention to the Little Princess. The only one to really shelter and care for her then, was her sister-like figure, A'Nailiah. Of course, she very much enjoyed the loving care and attention from A'Nailiah, was grateful for her presence. Especially because she knew A'Nailiah had faith in her, whereas everyone else expected to be doomed, as she was just a child. However, she had been listening at all of those meetings she was forced to attend. She held great knowledge from her studies and observations, contrary to popular belief. And so, when she was appointed the official leader of the clan, matters quickly changed. Where there had been fighting and unease between Siram, peace had then been replaced. Things were running quite smoothly after the death of her parents, Micah had come to be seen as a great savior, much like Halsey herself. The sad thing was, that the responsibility of an entire clan was blindly settled on the shoulders, of a mere 10 year old. What was even more sad, was the fact that she was more of an adult than most of the clan officials. She never really got to experience life as a child, but even then, both her adult and child like sides have become prominent parts of her life, and her personality.

Personality; Micah can be seen as either a sad, charity case, or a brilliant savior. She is often quiet, though she is not afraid to speak up and offer her points when need be. If it not for her position as leader, she would more than likely go unnoticed; as her quiet, observatory nature could easily be miss-read. She leads by example, not by word. Her looks are that of a doll, being that her age presently is only a mere 15. When around clan officials, her attitude is more of an adult like guidance; wise and helpful words coming from her lips, which seem to hold a faint smile on them. She is quiet in meetings, letting the others speak of things they both do and do not know of. However, it is only at the end of each meeting she presents her wisdom, allowing the peace that normally slips into absence by their heated debate, to once more be restored. When she takes leave to the island to pay her people visits, she takes the personality of a great, loving mother, or guardian. She holds her people in good graces, and with one of her calm, peaceful, healing smiles, is able to warm their hearts and reassure any doubts they may have. It is only when she is around the few people she knowns truly well, and holds dearest in her heart; like A'Nailiah, a good friend of hers named Alainn, and the man no one knows she is slowly starting to fall in love with, that a great change can be seen. Around these few people, her child-like, innocent, and adventurous nature can be seen and accepted. During these times, almost always does a smile curve her lips; great enough to turn her naturally downward tilted lips into a bright, cheek dimpling beauty and grace.

Appearance; Unlike the other clan leaders, as well as the people in her own clan, Micah has a very different appearance. Because of her age, she stands at a mere 5 feet, 4 inches tall; her figure childishly small and delicate, though accompanied by smooth curvatures not normal of her age. Her hair is that of finely spun strands of light, the purity of her spirit showing easily in this abnormality. However, though it is very light and colorless, it has been said to adapts to the atmosphere around her at the time. While on the island, it takes on the golden glow of the sun; while in the underwater kingdom, like strands of glimmering light. While swimming, or traveling through the underwater capsules, a glimmering blue glow is taken, and so, it is seen that with every different atmosphere, a new hair color can be seen. Much like her hair, her skin tone also seems to alter with the atmosphere. Below the water, it takes a soft, silver or baby blue tint. While on the island, a healthy, yet equally light tan graces her skin, and when in warm, fiery atmospheres, like in the flickers of a candle-lit room, a soft rose tint is taken. Her eyes are a wonder among the water clan, said to hold the darkness of the sea, and the glimmering light of a crystalline water droplet, in endless swirls and ever-changing shades. Everything about Micah, in fact, seems to be ever changing; her personality, her hair, her skin, her eyes; even her smile.

Abilities; Being a part of the water clan, the obvious flex and manipulation over water is a given, as well as the ease of healing abilities. However, she holds an exceptionally great amount of power over her elements, more so than most in her clan. This is due to the fact that she is none other than Halsey's incarnate, The Princess of Tides, Menelaus Aquae, and many other names she has been known to have. She is considered to be the purest of Siram, holding the very existence of water in her heart, mind, and soul. This given, it is easy to toy with the elements of water, as well as healing; first nature to her. Even without meaning to, the flex that happens at even the slightest twinkle of her fingers has said to be great enough to cause the tides. Of course, most of this is really great talk; people seeing her not as herself, but as the great and noble Halsey. Her true abilities are rarely seen by the public, in reality, so even if the legends are true, most people would not hold the knowledge of proving or observing such a thing. Micah not only has the ability to flex, bend, and even manifest water to her will; she is also able to heal most wounds or illnesses. This is due not only to her birthrights as Halsey incarnate, but also, as a 'sibling' to the three true guardians of Siram; Ptitsa, Caladrius and Zshar. These are the guardian birds, two of which are called upon in times of need when a new injured arrival comes about that the clan healers cannot help. They are seen as the heavenly connections, able to spare a person death itself. The strong connection Micah has with each of the three Gaurdian Birds allows their strengths to flow into her and make her stronger. Another commonly seen attribute in the water clan, is the ability to understand the minds of humans and creatures alike far better and easier than most others. However, being of the origins they are, the people of Siram that possess this ability use it only at the discretion of the person, or creature, they are attempting to look into. This is an ability that takes great practice, something Micah has been learning and getting better at since birth. It is very uncommon for people to shy away from her curious mind, during the times in which she wishes to hear their thoughts; being who she is. However, she rarely does so, and so its very uncommon to wander across her when she is in the mood to truly know what others are thinking. The last ability she possess, though very few know of, is the very rare ability to cool the temperature of water to ice on will. This is only seen in 1-2 people every 10 or so years, and so having this ability is a great honor. This allows for aid in healing, if nothing else.

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PostSubject: Re: Character sheet   Sat Nov 27, 2010 6:09 pm

Clan: Incendia Calx
Name: Shinama Slino
Occupation: Blacksmith
Back story: Shinama was born into a middle class family in her clan. Her father was a higher up blacksmith and her mother was his best friends sister. His best friend was also a blacksmith, although of a different art. Her mother was a strong, well breed woman who planned on giving her father all of the tiny hands he would need around his shop, and to teach his work too. So once there first child came around it became a huge surprise that her mother, and her too be twin brother both died within hours of the twins coming out. This devastated her father greatly, now widowed and with a child to take care of all on his own he did the only thing he knew, he raised his daughter in his blacksmith shop like he would raise his firstborn son to take over his shop once his time to leave the world came.

So Shinama grew up in her fathers workshop, learning how to make shields and armor under his careful teaching. She became strong, yet she didn’t quiet know why all of the other girls made fun of her, and why only the guys would talk to her when she was a kid. She always wore trousers and a too big shirts. Her boots were rough for work and her hair cut short for it as well. She didn’t understand womanly things, never learned how to take care of a house or cook more then a man could when he was alone but she was somehow better off in her earlier years not knowing any of this.

When Shinama was sixteen her father was out working in the workshop alone while she was out getting food and supplies from the shop for him. That was when the disaster happened, something went wrong with her fathers magic, she was told latter on, and it backfired on him. Her fathers shop burnt to the ground, and when she got back home there was nothing left. Only ashes and dust.

After her fathers death she went and lived with his best friend and his wife. They had two girls, and a little boy. They were all younger then her by years and she was unable to relate to any of the other children. She struggled even to speak with the woman of the house, instead of trying to help out around the house, she went into her uncles workshop and started to work under him, learning the art of weapons making under his eyes.

Now 21 Shinama still has herself locked up in the workshop, now alone and running the place on her own, her uncle loosing a leg months before she did the only thing she knew, the one thing she loved. This was great, yet doing what she did, she did not know many people her age, or what was going on half of the time. She only knew work, as she always had. Also, since she had to know how to use what she made she knew how to fight as well, but never used her skills outside of the workshop.

Looks: Shinama, as she got older, allowed her hair to grow out to a little bit past her shoulders. Her hair used to be a brown but went black through years of work in the blacksmith workshop. She also has black eyes that greatly contrast her pail skin. She is normally seen wearing tall books, pants and shirts, sometimes corsets if she is going out of town for a little while to have some fun adventuring and practicing her weapons training. Her favorite weapon although is one she always carries around, a two sided spear that her father made her when she was younger. She keeps it in tip top shape, always. Her skinny, yet very muscular body shows the years of hard work she has behind her.

Abilities: Blacksmith of both Weapons and Armor. She has a stronger Fire power verse Wind. It takes her at least ten minutes to even create a gust verse with fire she can create it in a minute. And she can work with it for long periods of time. Although she is very frugal with her power, and is very careful with how much she uses. She is also able to fight with the weapons that she makes, not knowing hand to hand combat although and has never used her fighting skills in battle before.
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Unemployed, hunter.

Born in havyn with his twin brother, Cadeyrn was infused with the blood of a bobcat, giving him the stamina of a wild feline hunter as well as a boost to his speed and agility. Growing up Cadeyrn mastered the sword before he climbed his first tree, and by the time he was going on his first hunt he was already sharply in contrast to his bow master brother. during his first hunt he and his brother found and killed a hippogriff the hide portion Cadeyrn enchanting giving him the muscle tone of a horse making him lean but strong, he also gained the mind of a eagle. Sharp and quick as an arrow. Soon after his brother and himself left the clan and went to live in the wild, a few close calls happening but they made it without being injured to badly. The wilds of Manaer now his home as well as his brothers.

Tall and lean standing in sharp contrast to his twin brother their only physical similarity being the light brown hair and hazel eyes.

Abilities: A master swordsman, expert trapper, good with herbs and other things. Able to use his magic for a long period of time to good effect but lacking in power.
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Name: Karyotic

Clan: Havyn

Occupation: No true occupation, given the fact that he is no longer a part of his clan.

Back Story:Born in the forested lands of Havyn along side his twin brother Cadeyrn. While his brother had been infused with the blood of a wild Bobcat, Karyotic had the blood of a fox infused within his body. With the cunning canines blood coursing through him, he took from it quick movement, as well as a calculating mind. While a blade had been placed in his brothers hand near birth, a bow had been placed in Karyotic's. Finding the twang of a bow string, as it releases its arrow, a natural sound he took to it quickly. Almost as quickly as he had taken to using the bow, he took to scaling trees, high up into the branches where someothers may not be willing to go. On his first hunt, on which he accompanied Cadeyrn, him and his twin managed to take down a hippogriff. With his brother attacking close range, Karyotic waited in a nearby tree, waiting for the perfect opportunity to take the mighty beasts life. As the shot he had been waiting for came, and his arrow flew through the air, piercing into the hippogriff's heart, his brothers blade found the same target, from the other side. With perfect unison, the kill was equally Karyotic's as it was Cadeyrn's. While his brother chose the lower half, the horse portion of the beast, Karyotic took the upper half, the wings and head of the beast, enchanting them. With slightly talented stitching, which he learned from watching his mother working long hours making their clothing, he sewed the feathers together, after going through a process of hardening them. It took hours of work, but he crafted the feathers from both the wings, and the head of the beast into a chest plate, and tassel, very light weight armor, hard though to blows from smaller blades, and some arrows. Through the enchanting process, he took onto himself the keen sight of the eagle, allowing his arrows to find home in even farther targets with better precision.

Not long after finishing this very long ordeal, he got together with his twin, asking his brother to leave with him, as the lands of Havyn no longer felt like a home, but a prison. Without hesitation, his brother agreed quickly, and the set off. They traveled for a couple of months, the wild lands that they crosses presenting them with new challenges then those they had faced in their homeland, or even the wild lands along its borders. Working together as a devastating team, they managed to survive through all of it, finally reaching the lands they had been looking for. Their new home, Manaer Forest.

Looks: Just like his brother, Karyotic is on the taller side, however where is brother is very lean, Karyotic is more muscled, although not by much. His muscles lie mainly in his arms, his chest, and his back, from the countless times of climbing trees, and shooting arrows, the strength of the string and bow increasing steadily over time. His eyes, a soft hazel, match his brothers, just as does his light brown hair. He still keeps the tassel and chest plate he had made from the hippogriff, over their travels though he has also crafted a headress made of the feathers of countless other birds, which he wears at all times.

Abilities: Karyotic is very skilled with the bow and arrow, although he is always striving to become better and better. Along side this, he also has a fair amount of experience with throwing knives, using them when opponents come to close, to the point where using a bow is pointless. He has a decent knowledge of herbs and plants, given that as a child he would spend hours with his mother, watching as she not only created their clothing, but mixed different plant life together, creating elixirs that could clean a wound, as well as ones to numb. Through practice on his own part, and testing his creations on creatures already dying, he learned a fair amount about creating poisons. While he prefers not to use them, he also has a small amount of knowledge of creating traps, although he prefers forcing enemies to step into traps either nature, or his brother have already created. The magic that courses through his veins is not used often, only using it if it is a windy day, using the small amount of control over wind he helps his arrows stay steady on their path. Although not really an ability, Karyotic is well adapted to trees, scaling into dizzying heights within a few minutes.
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Clan Desired: Siram
Character Name: Sachiel
Age: 21
Occupation: Instructor of Upcoming Guardians.
Backstory (Partial): Naturally talented with skills of water, He taught himself basic techniques at an early age. Too poor to afford a professional teacher, he made it his ambition to become an instructor for young ones who came up as he did. Recognized for his skills by clan officials as a young adult, he was hired by the royal family as an instructor for upcoming Guardians. Under limited supervision, he was entrusted with their training, and is often considered when situations come up, however, his first priority is his students. The position allowed him some priveledge to battle training, as he felt was necessary, however, limitations forced him to do much of his training under the radar of the Siram council, who would surely disapprove. It wasn't that Sachiel was a war-loving man. It was simply that he cared for his people, and felt that unwaving passifism was foolish, and would lead only to destruction. Of course, carrying the position he held, often made him the subject of ridicule among his peace-loving clan members, but for the sake of their protection, he accepted his ridicule, and sometimes even presented himself to the public, as to let the public know that he was not hiding. Though he knows his clansmen wouldn’t like it, Sachiel has a sword hidden deep within his house, though it has only seen blood once. He's never told anyone of the sword, or it's origins, but it holds a strong place in his heart, and stands as the strongest symbol of his beliefs concerning war and peace.

Character Description
A. Physical: Sachiel is a man of Strong stature. He stands an even six foot, and has long brown hair that he usually keeps in a ponytail, and grey, almost white colored eyes. There is a scar across his left eye, though its origin is a mystery to all those within the clan.

B. Personality: Sachiel is a wise man, who knows when to speak out, and when to remain quiet. For that reason, He rarely speaks his objections to the bylaws of the Siram clan, and rather finds his own ways around them. He carries a calm demeanor, and displays excellence in etiquette and chivalry, despite his origins.
Abilities: Sachiels advantage in battle (should it come to that) is not raw power. It is a masterful understanding of how to use water in all of its three forms. His ability to change the form of any mass of water while manipulating its motion and shape makes him quite the powerful opponent. This ability has given way to the invention of many different attacks and techniques while not under the eye of the clan. In times of great desperacy, or under the light of the full moon, he is capable of executing techniques that even he is normally incapable of performing. As the rest of his clan members, he possesses some healing ability, however, compared to many, it is quite limited.

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Clan: Liwanag

Name: Aureila Amphrite

Age: 18

Occupation: Leader of Liwanag, Mistress of Light

Clan Backstory (Needed to Understand Aureila's Birth)/Aureila’s Backstory:For years the Pureblood Royals of Liwanag had been falling ill, for reasons unknown, and only a few still remained. Due to the close natures of Siram and Liwanag, the queen of Siram agreed to mate with the king of Liwanag, to produce a halfblood child that would be fit for ruling of the Liwanag clan. Now, instead of having one child, this arrangement produced two twins; one born with the aspects of water, and one born with the aspects of light. As such, they were separated; the Light child sent to rule Liwanag, and the water child sent to Siram to live.

The child of Light was named Aureila Amphitite. She grew up under the protection of her Father, the King of Liwanag. He raised her to be Queen from the very beginning. Aureila learned all of the levels of Light from her father from the basics of the Visible Light to Gamma Rays. As she grew, she didn’t like sitting around with the rest of the females, lounging out in the sun and gossiping. She wanted to be with the guys, practicing her skills and learning to become a better warrior. This, she did. On a daily basis, she practiced, spared with a few of her friends and quickly became known as a strong woman. Her father smiled proudly with ever one she beat for he knew she would soon be ready to rule Liwanag.

Aureila had finshed the Mastery level and the day was upon her; she would finally be officially initiated into Liwanag. On that day, the unthinkable happened. Prior to the initiation ceremony, her father passed on. To this day Aureila does not know exactly what transpired. Throughout the initiation ceremony, Aureila had a saddened heart, she could not help but to think about her father and his unfortunate fate. She constantly searches for the answer to her father’s death using all of the resources available to her.

Personality: Aureila Amphitite’s name means Heavenly Light. Without a doubt, her personality matches the name she was given. As the Leader of the Light Clan, Aureila maintains a rather friendly personality when in public and around her people. This nature embodies the traditional manner of all people of the Light Clan. Passionate and headstrong are two other words which would correspond well to her personality. Taking care of her people is what she is most passionate about. She looks after everyone as if they were her own kin.

As nice as she is, she also had a deeper, angrier side to her. Ever since events went awry at her initiation, Aureila has never been quite the same. When someone undergoes initiation, the ray of light must hit them in three consecutive spots: the feet, the head, and the heart. On Aureila’s initiation, however, she was hit in the feet first, the heart second, and the head last. This initially proved to be harmless. However, as the moon passed through its phases, Aureila seemed to get angrier. With the full moon, she was fine, happy as she ever had been. Once the new moon it she was not the same. Every month this cycle repeats. Now that she is older she has a better handle on her anger but it still gets the best of her every once in a while.

Appearance: Aureila’s skin is lightly tanned due to the amount of time she spends in the sunlight. The palm trees of the land do provide some shade; however, Aureila prefers the warmth of the sunlight as opposed to the cool temperature of the darkened corridors. She has pure white hair to symbolize the purity the light brings and her status as Master and Elite. She is 5’ 11”, falling taller than the average height range of women in Liwanag. She wears a light yellow, lightweight dress. Her option of clothing does not add any additional weight, allowing her to move easily and quickly throughout her land.

Abilities: Being the Mistress of Light, Aureila has dominion over all of the powers the people of Liwanag can have: Visible light, the five properties of light, UV, and Gamma Rays. Also, because of her initiation, Aureila is able to generate light from her own body and not necessarily obtain it from somewhere else. Aureila also has dominion over three of the clan’s dolphins, one from each species, and two eagles. She can communicate with them, give them messages to send to other places, and use them to aid her in the assistance of battle. She also has the ability to manifest weapons out of the light she creates from her body.

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Clan: Liwanag

Name: Leora Cade

Gender: Female


Status in Liwanag/Job: Aureila Amphitite's apprentice

Born with impressing pigmented irises and midnight navy pupils, this is one of the first things that strike someone’s attention when seeing Leora Cade. The colors her iris' hold are (starting from her pupils out): A deep fuchsia outlines her pupil which makes it seem that one tone surrounds the pupil completely and then filters to an indigo with a lighter purple circling the fuchsia outline. With that layer out of the way the larger guarded tone is a light teal that blazes into matching colors of mostly Liwanag angelic waters and a resembles Siram's ultramarine waters. When blinking you notice Leora's usually 'tinted or shaded' black eyelashes, Leora's lashes extend enough to notice the prominent way of each and every lash that appear on her eyelids. She is known for using delicate and sometimes neon like shades as eye shadow to intensify her vast distinct gaze. Her skin is impeccable and doesn't show a single signs of irradiation, it dazzles with the light she holds from within (therefore her whole being's tone is slightly noticeable to see her skin is different, perfect?). Along with that difference you can also notice how her skin is kissed by the sun, her naturally golden tan is indeed captivating which helps her look like she is gleaming with a source of some profound energy. Lengthy blond hair floods down her shoulders but usually stays entwined, or has a noticeable influx that ends inches from her chest. She stands at 5' 6 with a sonsy figure and well toned body. Over all she holds herself well, posture and all...

Leora's personality steams from what she basically taught herself. Driven, she always wants to succeed with whatever task she is given because she saw her mother give up on almost everything that got too hard. With her drive she has a competitive spirit which is fierce when she brings it on full force. Leora's need to succeed surpasses almost all the qualities she posses' simply because her main focus is to become a Master of Light, an instinctive need at times.. Passionate, almost everything or anyone can see the passion which is held inside, it simply starts from when her voice escapes her lips. Quick tempered in some ways she does grow tired of not getting something right the first time, she likes to feel like she is a 'natural' with everything. Usually concerned or solicitous she has regards to others and her own feelings. Always looking out for her own good in the end, she goes by the motto "In the end all you have is yourself". Outgoing in a sense she always isn't afraid to ask a stranger a question. Friendly, she is interested in others and responsive to others in a sociable aspect; and always looking for new ways to figure one's game out. Talkative at times she usually can ramble to friends for hours about absolutely nothing. Liking to be alone its the only point she trains her thoughts correctly, but she also enjoys company simply because her being always feels alone. Extroverted and unrestrained at times it is fun for her to be unpredictable because she hates to be predictable. At times she can be fickle and doubtful because that is the energy she feels surrounding her. Erratic at times, like said she likes knowing a persons next move but not her own moves known. Over all she keeps a guard up simply because she has been pressed time and time again, yet when she opens up she has many a thing to say and show someone. Optimistic most the time, she also believes positive begets positive and negative begets negative: but at times the pessimistic side will come out because of annoyance or frustrated-ness.

Abilities: At the most basic level, the people of the Light Clan can master the Visible Light Spectrum. This spectrum includes every color that we see: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. With these mastered, they can be used for more entertainment purposes than anything else. A member can change the color of objects around them. A more advanced form of this level would be to change the coloring of another being to match their surroundings. Essentially, it is camouflage without the burdensome clothing

Leora was raised in the land of Liwanag by her mother (Rebekah Cade) and father (Adam Cade). Growing up in a 'loving' environment Leora learned at the early age of five that life is a gift. Her father was always out to be the best of the best, and her mother was out to find her own happiness. Many of a night Adam Cade would be up handling business while Leora and her mother slept. Her father was an architect for Liwanag, he made sure his family got everything that was materialistic value: Rebekah Cade watched as her husband embed himself with work, which caused her to find her own means of satisfying her happiness. Leora learned of her mother's way at an early age, so in a way she felt in-debt to her mother at all times thinking she could stop her mom from doing the stupid reckless things she did. At the ripe age of nine Leora had a better understanding than most children her age, and she had no idea the things that the future had in-store for her. Always pressing on in her training her mother finally let her explore the basics of light. She excelled in her basic training at rapid speed, it seemed that age ten flew by and life was live-able. When Leora was eleven her father passed away from a sudden illness leaving her mother to find more bad habits to get into. Leora was very close to her mother Rebekah, close enough to the point her mother had a hold over her in a sense; brainwashed her from the world outside. Rebekah made Leora to believe that no one would ever love her or look after her like she did.

Being afraid to leave her mother she stood by her side, especially after her father passed. A few more years passed and her training varied she had a difficult time perfecting Frequency of light which had her at a stand still. It seemed when she was younger she could find that ray of hope inside her and now she simply couldn't. Growing tired of training when she was fourteen she refused to go to public sessions, her hope simply faded as her mother seemed to go on with her own life; and was dragging Leora kicking and screaming for help. Rebekah married Reese Saban on Leora's fifteenth birthday, unhappy in her mother’s decision she knew that Reese had alter motives from the start; she had when she met him when she was a child rather than a teenager. Reese was Rebekah's childhood friend that popped in and out as he pleased, Adam Cade couldn't stand his wife being around him. Her mother began seeing Reese when Adam Cade faded into one of the two comas he fell into, Leora watched and began to grow horrified. So from this new union of marriage caused the insanity to creep into her mind. On many of a day Leora traveled days away from her home trying to figure out what she had to do with herself so she could get out of Reese's and her mother's house. The last straw was when Leora's mother traded her father's golden eagle necklace for meaningless treasures.

Angered in a degree she fled along Linwanag shores pondering how she could end it all. Not too far she saw a pile of rocks that sat on the beach; the smashing of the waves rang inside her ear drums causing her to run to them. A few feet away she stopped in the dead of night, and peered up to the sky briefly. Calm and confused the wind was now whistling in her ears and traveled back to the public training spot. Sitting in the 'stands' she found herself gazing upon something she did in fact miss, but no longer believed she did; she had trained herself to do without that beautiful emotional release that training brought her. Realizing at that moment that she had ran away from home she began to sulk some what, wishing her father was still alive. How selfish it was for him going away, leaving her with all problems her mother held. Feeling a sudden knock in her heart it seemed like her being ached to train, in the black of night she radiated herself with the seven colors of light. It was so bright in fact that it blinded Leora's vision of the whole area around her: she felt as if her eyes were staring into the sun at high noon!!; and that was when Aureila saw her. Seemingly the light lit up the whole area and now it looked like high noon around the two. The frequency was held for a long span of time, this light came from the fifteen year olds’ crying heart. This light Leora radiated was something that was rare, the blue tint came from within and it tricked untrained eyes to just be pure white light.

Aureila watched cautiously from the sidelines wondering where this girl could have came from, and how she perfected Frequency in such a manner. Leora's passion was to study all ways of light, wanting to reach the master level at seventeen. That was impossible though she hadn't had the right guidance for all those years of wasted training. Forgetting the goal she had got held up inside her mother's problems that it had blinded her to see her own issues. Aureila helped Leora get out of her own blinding light that night, it seemed the woman that spoke calmly and comforting eased the pain she felt and guided her how to dim her light at a snails pace in order not to hurt Leora’s own self in the process: and from that point on she refused to look back; even when her mother past away at the age of eighteen. As soon as Leora regained her beloved eyesight she beheld the kind voice that helped her in more ways than one. Aurelia introduced herself properly as soon as she was sure the young Leora could see in her 20/20 vision. Leora always went by first impressions it seemed, and couldn’t understand why this woman helped her. Questioning Aurelia it seemed as though this woman had no problem taking her under her ‘wing’ and show her a ‘new life’ she called it. Leora was escorted to Aurelia’s home and stayed in a room some where in the new strange home. After many of a night she grew found of Aurelia, she truly looked up to her and felt blessed for this woman finding her.

The tender age of nineteen she spent many of a nights weeping as she regretted running away from home like she had, but spent many more of the time training with Aureila. It was the thrill that this training gave her that kept her wanting more, perfecting more. After about a year and a half of training Aureila had mentioned from the beginning of her teachings that she would survey her as a true student, Leora made sure that she gave her ALL every session; all she wanted now was Aureila’s approval she knew it meant something. Leora had trained exactly five hours that afternoon and was on her breaking point of trying to end the middle process of training, and that was when Aureila revealed the truth. Aureila admitted to being Linwanag’s leader and a true master of light. Leora listened closely when the leader of the clan she knew and loved explained how she ran into her that night on her fifteenth birthday: The resplendent light that her being gave out was far from being dim and dull, Aureila understood that she had a gift she had no idea about; and that’s why she would love for Leora to accept being Aureila’s apprentice. Right away the basics were told to the nineteen year old so she could fully think over this position, and she understood and immediately and agreed soon after Aureila’s lips shut.

From her breaking point of fifteen the ages between then and twenty fumed with memories that were hard to bare at times. When Aureila found Leora she was at the intermediate stages of her training. Now at the mere age of twenty she is just entering the advanced stages and continuing to learn the correct ways of mastering light from ‘the master’ herself, this is what Leora breathes: training, memories, and finding true happiness. Like mentioned her ultimate goal is to become a Master of Light and make Aureila proud because she feels like it is her job, at anytime she always does her best to not disappoint the leader of Linwanag. Aureila is Leora's role model; she strives to be as her but in her own natural true form. Leora knows the relationship between the two is like no other, the bond is something that only keeps maturing and ripening gloriously. Not as sorry for herself now a days she travels her homeland with pride of what she knows. At times she does feel she walks alone presently but she is always reminded her support is lurking around the corner for her. She refuses to give up no matter how hard her training gets at times, headstrong to become the best she is a mere student of Light and a future somebody of Linwanag because of Aureila’s gift and that is what she believes....
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Sotaynru Evescurin Le Shade of Kana

the mysterious ruler of septur kana.

age- 17


he was no more than a beggar on the street of old kana. the king a cruel man whom allowed only the manufacturing of weapons and armor to be used by the unique powers of the tribes man. sotaynru was just anouther peasent that watched as soldiers marched the villages in the desert. they abused there power to new extents. sotaynru watched this for years until they began to mess with hi8m he had watched them slay countless and watched some of the battle he used this odd knowledge to outsmart the soldiers when they had decided it was his turn for punishment. tri8cking them into fighting with each other. his mind grew mroe and more with each experice till a bit of a cocky atmosphere began to surround his being. soon after a rebellion broke out between the free men and the empire of kana. of course this war was easily to be decided who would win soldiers over the marketmen and artists. sotaynru decided to take the side fo the merchants the free men coordinating them through most the battles secretly he was a secret weapon of sorts no one would listen to a mere child. so diguised in his cloackly figure he hid fromt eh world. directing them many battles were won with his expertise in military tactician. then it appeared the victorys were growign still. deciding that this battle was lost sotaynru sent a message out to the empire of kana in which he requested a truce. this truce was of course declined this only left a smile upon the boys face. sending small groups to kill the livestock at night it caused the army to have to travle much further into the desert than usual to eat properly. this left them open for the free men to make there move forcing them to give up their weapon the pople worked to upgrade the weapons with imbued metals. from ore. the truce was then asked once mroe again the stuborn king declined it. this time sotaynru ordered that every night groups would go to the enemy camps and drench their tents with water this was a risky manuever as it lessened water supply but if it worked properly it would cause the tents of the enemy to remain damp and cause sickness int eh dead of night. this would cause them to eventualy have to give their post and rturn to the kingdom outpost which left them cornered. again sotaynru sent his truce offering to merge septur and kana the empire and the free men. this time with a simpl threat. " if you do not find some form of compromise to this offering then i will asure you by day break ont he first black wolf howling your kingdom will fall and in its wake our dream be realized without any consideration of your idealisms." again the king laughed at this though so far all had worked grand. sotaynru called the free men to attack the kingdom in the time of 9pm so as to attack them right as they are about to go to bed for this night. this kept them at lo9w marale and with little sleep less energy to run aroudn the kingdom. with the free men of septur covering every inch of the kingdom they waited attacking in small groups a time while elite trained forces entered through a simple entry sneaking in amongst all the chaos. they assassinated the ruler and held the kingdom upon doing this the few that had went in waited there waiting for the gaurds to show once all there walls of pure harnessed stone formed and locked them int he room. this bein the end of the war the black wolf in the west howled and sotaynru would smile. soon after this sotaynru was put to power still maintaining his mysterious ways he sits now deep within the kingdom sending out odd camond the tribe of septur kana is now more efficient than ever before.

unlike all the others of the septur kana tribe this boy is light complexion only due to the fact he is shaded all the time. wearing a black cloak and a simple mask with slight designs his face is rarely seen exempt for his blue eyes. he has dark red hair and wears simple colors of red and black about him slight nets and no armor his entire body is covered in marks to describe certain accomplishments i the odd language of theri ancestor whom they earned there earthly manipulation abilitie from. he is slinder and very petite . little muscle but most of his muscle is tone as to his appearance. his mood varys but his normal is very childish though when it comes down to it he will be serious a challenge is the thing he strives for as most everythign to him is a game. a perfectionsit in all he does he spends his time doign art and sending new things out to the people of septur kana for them to better the community (in alot of ways he is like L from death note)

for the most part his abilites are involved in his mind. his tactician unmatched with the small army he controls. his archery is he weakest tribute to his naturaly trained skills. sword takign the top along with his fond manipulation of the earthly surface. his favorite takign the fomr of sand based techniques. his ability with a spar is the next of his styles very easy to wield he does nto favor this weapon. though honestly the mans specialty is in observation where he may look at somthing and as a born prodigy he catches on to most everything faster than most would so weapon learnig and martial arts is not a propblem for this man if absolutly necissary.

observation is his key strength observation leads to his ability with a sword and other forms of martial arts and or weapon fighting . he is an incredible artist as well. with all the time he has away from human life.

he hates to lose simply put any challenge presented he will go otu of his way to remain the top dog. he lacks a heart of sympathy. his mind only bent around victory he is nto afraid to sacrifice for the greater good. horrible temper but hard to provoke. adding to this he is extremely bipolar his mood changing quite a bit with a slight anxiety.

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Clan: Incendia Calx
Name: Thaeveous Vertikilakor
Age: Unknown [Appears to be in his early 20s]
Gender: Male
Occupation: Lost son/Swordsman/Low level warrior
Skin: Pale. Muscular. Well toned without looking sickeningly muscular.
Eyes: Jade green
Hair: Charcoal. Very long. Spiky. Usually kept in a ponytail, held by a bandanna with the word "Victory!" inscribed.
Height: 6'5"
Weight: 235lbs
Attire: A red and black jacket with modifications [Cut off sleeves and drape style tails to give it a "mop" look]. Black leather gauntlets with metal plating. A pair of silver/grey pants with miniature belts and straps running up and down the legs. Grieves with steel toes and armored on the outside with stainless steel plating. The belt which holds his pants up is a black leather belt with a central 'drape' hanging down with the word "RAGE" on it.
Weapons: He carries a long sword-like weapon with a chain on it. Upon the blade of the sword are the kanji for the words "San Venganza" [Spirit of Vengeance in Latin].
Accessories: A scroll of spells that allows him to use certain fire based magics, though he isn't very skilled with it. As well, he also has a bracelet that allows him some control of beasts, though he's particularly skilled in swordsmanship and needs training with beasts and magic.
Personality: Harsh and brutal, rarely cheerful, Thaeveous has been referred to as a "Nightmarish being" of unimaginable fury. He doesn't really get along with people because of being mistreated in the past. Thaeveous is so determined to achieve his goals that he often appears to be cold and cruel regardless of how much he cares for those he considers friends.
Strengths: He, when sad but angry, enters a state referred to as 'NoMind' and experiences a vast increase in strength and speed; as well as the ability to block out pain.
'NoMind' Note: The state of 'NoMind' is only temporary and while it allows him to block out pain and gives him increased strength and speed, it also very quickly exhausts him. [In effect, it's an adrenaline boost.] It doesn't make him invincible or anything of the like.
Weaknesses: Due to his ability to enter 'NoMind', Thaeveous, often times, will put himself in danger because he doesn't feel pain when in the mind state of 'NoMind'. He has difficulty getting along with others due to trauma he doesn't remember due to amnesia. He has extreme anger and is known to become exceedingly violent for seemingly no reason. He suffers from psychological problems and has been known to exhibit schizophrenic fits and paranoia.
Backstory: Nothing is really known of the man besides that he suffers from various psychological conflicts. Is he good? Evil? Where did he get that beautiful sword he carries around? Well that, friends and foes, is a story that only the gods themselves know.
Disclaimer: Just because it says gods in the Backstory doesn't mean he's a god or of any relation to them. He isn't, at all.

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PostSubject: Character Sheet   Wed Dec 01, 2010 11:59 am

Clan: Siram
Name: AshlingAge: 25
Occupation: as needed. A sort of Jack-of-all trades.
Back story: Ashling was a decendent of The Siram clan. Born to a small tribe of nomadic people. She has no idea of the people she comes from. She only returns to her roots by accident when her tribe is destroyed. Ashling has no idea how she ended up in the Siram territory but she feels that she has a connection to the place so she stays
Looks: 5'8" tall, Strawberry blonde hair ice blue eyes and tanned skin. A thin interacate patten of turquoise wound around her upper right arm and up her shoulder to her gill spots.
Abilities: Quick wit, honest, and helpful.

(I know this isnt long but I really just want to develop the character through roleplay)

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Shurik Sidorov

Shurik Sidorov

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PostSubject: Shurik Sidorov   Wed Dec 01, 2010 2:35 pm

Name: Shurik Sidorov

Age: Unknown

Gender: Male

Clan: Incendia Calx

Occupation: Dragoon Guard, Dragon Tamer

Appearance: Shurik Sidorov was a sight to behold. A man blessed with looks. His short blond hair is normally spiked up and his facial features seem flawless. His smile is both dazzling and frightening, as his four fangs seem slightly larger than most of his clan. His eyes where an off shade of violet and when the light caught them just right they seemed to turn a deep blue or a bright purple. He was skinny, like most, but built from battle and training until he collapsed. The man had prided himself on how well he looked and sometimes wandered the clan grounds flaunting what he called himself. This was the appearance of Shurik. Now his looks where scarred. Though many of his features remained similar to his past, the man could never look upon himself the same. Foolish pride was his downfall. The main change to his appearance was not that he lost muscle mass or hair or anything, but he was horribly scarred all over his torso, arms, and had three close scars that began an inch above his left brow and ended an inch below his left eye.

Everyday: Shurik Dresses casually when not training or preparing, which is rare. His blond hair is normally kept up in short spikes and his clothing consist of a medieval Tunic, loose fitting with gold and onyx clasps for the Cuffs, and a tight fitting Dragon Scale Vest over top of it. There are also two dragon scale bracers on his arms, covering the fore most of that limb. A pair of loose black cloth pants adorns his legs and drape over his leather boots. A matching set of dragon scale guards is tied around his shins. When he is casually dressed he only carries with him one weapon, a quiver and a bow. He always keeps himself covered and doesn’t like to take anything off in public.

Battle: In battle and in training he wears his custom armor, made for him in the forges where he had grown up. The armor was dinged, scratched, dented, and old but he wouldn’t trade it for the world. The armor itself was black with red and deep purple trimmings. His helm held the same colors and two horns protruded from the top. On some days he even wore this suit as his casual wear, just one more layer to cover up.

Weapons: One Recurve bow with adjustable tension – Proficient Skill, Two Spears – Nothing special, just two spears with basic heads. One is used for throwing and the other is used for Melee. – Expert Skill, and one short sword – Average Skill.

Personality: Shurik is friendly, to a point. He is a flirt, despite of what his thoughts are of himself. He’s also a hopeless romantic when the mood strikes him. He loves to laugh and spend time in the taverns with people and his soldier buddies, but he can only take so much. He has times when he likes to leave and be alone for a day or so, so he lock himself in his quarters and will not come out unless the calls of battle sound, the promise of a challenging training session comes along, His superiors request him, or a woman comes looking for him. It is rare to see him out and about some months and then there are some months when he is never closed in.

Strengths: Nimble, cunning, and a great warrior all around. He is quick minded and sees patterns in his opponent’s attacks, making it very easy for him to counter their next moves with ease. He’s quick on his feet and easily moves in his armor despite the weight. Bred and trained to be a great soldier and a good man.

Weaknesses: White Knight Complex: Known to fight for women who are being treated wrongly. Once was thrown out of the local bar for nearly beating a man to death for grabbing a waitress who didn’t like it. Would choose to save people than himself or catch the culprit.
Easily Provoked: Though calm most of the time, he can be provoked into a fight, whither he knows he can win or not. He’s trying to remedy this flaw.

Abilities: The normal fire creation and wind. His Fire is only slightly stronger than his wind allowing him to better control the path and shape of his flames. He’s known to augment his weapons with his own fire for medium periods of time and attack with it.
Jump: Powerful legs allow him to jump higher and father than normal. This is used for gaining altitude to come down upon his opponents from above and attack with his spear.
Fire Arrows: One technique he has been working on for years. It is nowhere near complete. He has come up with the theory that, with training, he could create arrows with his own flames and fire them from his bow. His theory is written and ready for submittal. It states it would take two to do this Tech, but he believes he can do it himself.

Back story: Shurik Sidorov was born into the warrior class. He was a fourth generation Dragoon whose blood could be traced back to the time of the old clan. His father and grandfather served proudly, and he would follow in their footsteps to make them proud. His training started when he was just a small lad. The basic jump was taught to him first and as he gained years in age, his training grew more challenging. Days spent dodging the spears of his father and grandfather where not uncommon for his eight-year-old self. The years continued to progress, training consisted of blocking and dodging both thrown and wielded spears, carrying weights up the steepest inclines, nimbly crossing burning flames. He was pushed harder and farther than anyone else, and in the end his mind was set on his accomplishments. When he hit the age of passage, sixteen, women swooned over him, boys admired him, and he couldn’t have been more proud.

The right of passage for a young dragoon was dangerous. It was the last training the father could do with his son before they must part ways and the son continue his life long lesson. Out into the wilds they went, into the mountains and towards a small cavern known as the Drakish Lair. A cousin of the dragon, Drakes where small corrupt creatures who took pride in killing anything they could reach. Dragons where large and magnificent creatures that the dragoons respected full heartedly, these abominations were small and hearty, still powerful and as deadly as any large creature, but weaker than a true dragon of the same size. This was the final challenge. If completed he would be a true man, a true dragoon. He had to take the life of a drake. With his spear in hand, he accepted the challenge and entered the cave. After only ten minutes of slinking through the dank darkness, he came upon his target and that’s when everything went terribly wrong. He barely has any memory of what happened that day. All he can remember is the feeling of claws digging into his flesh, his own screaming in anguish, and the calls of the drakes.

When he awoke, he was not in the ground. He wasn’t anywhere familiar. His body screamed once more with pain and anguish and slowly it all came back to him. The drakes had been scared away by something and before he blacked out, he remembered a hand at his arm, dragging him from the cavern. His head hurt, his left eye was covered with something, and he could barely move a muscle or muster up the strength to speak. His movements had alerted the nurse who came over with some sort of herb and a soothing voice. “Be still… Your okay now.” He spoke two words and that was it. “What Happened…” he knew the answer to that, but he didn’t know all of it. The nurse obliged him and told him the story. Some sort of wild animal had attacked him and a hunting party had found him huddling in a small alcove in the rocks. ‘I should be dead’ was his only thought before he slipped into unconsciousness.

He grew better, and stronger, from his encounter but it truly was never the same. His father and family now shunned him for his failure. He was placed in an orphanage for two years before he had enough and enlisted into the Clan guard. He may have not had the armor of the dragoon, but in his eyes he was born of the same ilk. He has fought for the clan and lived through battles. His undying allegiance was to his leader. With proper time he put in for a promotion. He wanted to become a Rider, a Tamer of dragons and be part of the Clan Guard. He would never give in until his goal was reached, though his past still haunted him.

Answer our call in desperate hours, Shelter our fall from earthly powers. Temper our souls with flame and furnace, Bear us toward a noble purpose. Heaven hides nothing in its measure, Mortal men blinded by false treasure. Formless and vanquished we shall travel, Shield and sword will guide our battle!

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PostSubject: character sheet   Wed Dec 01, 2010 4:00 pm

Clan: Incendia Calx
Name: Jin-E
Occupation: Rogue assassin and/or body guard.

Raised as an orphan, Jin-E had not really talked to anyone while he was a younger child. Growing up.he was different from some of the children at the orphanage though.Red hair doned his scalp along with his pale skin. His fangs where his canines were slightly bothered him. He had a fascination with more then Fire and Wind. Water had intrigued him along with Earth. Wanting to see what he could learn about the other two elements,even though he wouldnt be able to use them, he left the orphanage at the age of 13, to live on his own.

He had no money or food when he left the orphanage. As he began to starve, he headed out to where the wild dragons were to try and hunt for food. He was blasted at and almost aten plenty of times by the ferral beast. About to give up hope, he stumbled upon a dead black dragon.

Not believing his luck, he found a sharp rock to cut away at the skin to make clothes and to get at the meat underneath it. The rock wouldnt pierce the skin though. He began to think of other solutions which he tried. Finaly, he broke off a claw and used it. The claw cut the skin off with easy. After a few months, he had made clothes out of the black scales. He gave it some patterns of a dragons head that he had heared of. With the bones, he had made a pair of pone Kris and bone Scythes. With the dragons horns, he made a slight circlet that was hard to detect and used his fire abilities to melt the horns to the circlet.

Years passed by as he trained himself and fought with the baby dragons or adults when he had too. As he turned 18, he decided to try and find some work with any clan that he could. Though he had little, to no speech at all from not talking for about 5 years. He packed his Kris and scythes along with what little possecions he had created and began to search the lands for a job or a place to find some small acceptance from being gone for so long.

abilities: Shoot flames out of hands and mouth for about a minute, The flames arent enough to kill but are hot enough to persuade people not to keep attacking him.
Can set his weapons on fire for a limited time though the flames do damage to his own weapons as well as others armor.
Uses his wind ability to increase the distance of a shooting or throwing object. Throws a gust of wind up to slow down a projectile of stones or arrows.
Uses the wind to create a small tornado like creation around him to spew up dust to conceal his escape.
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Alainn Ceol

Alainn Ceol

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PostSubject: Re: Character sheet   Sat Dec 04, 2010 8:07 am

Name: Alainn (Ali) Ceol
Occupation: Entertainer
Back story: *will be worded wierdly and kinda badly for now* Alainn grew up close to the Masi (did I spell that right?) family. Long before she was even born, her parents had been close friends with them, almost as close as her and Micah are now. They were all like one big family. Micah's parent's treated Ali like their own, and Ali's parent's treated Micah like thier own. They even had shared brothers, Conner and Haydn, even though both were on Micah's side of the family. Unfortunatly, Aliann had a tough time making friends. She was always the youngest, the baby no one wanted to hang out with, or she was to shy and quiet to be noticed. Which is why Micah was the only one she had left when both their families died in a tramutizing murder.
The plan was to have a nice family dinner on the main island, at the most famous diner of course; nothing was ever to fancy for a royal family and their friends. And it did go perfect. Well, other than the argument between her and Conner over who got the last breadstick, but that was quickly solved as the waiter brought out another basket. There were smiles, laughs, and one last happy family memory.
The change came when they were on their way home. Something was wrong, the parents and brothers could tell, so they told Aliann and Micah to run and hide. Both girls were to small to know what was going on, so the didn't move in time, and the whole group got attacked by rouges within the moment. Both mothers turned to their small children and more urgently told them to run, and now comprehending the danger, they did. Both were small enough to slip by unnoticed, and they hid in the nearby shrubbery, watching the deaths of their only family.
Of course all the focus turned to Micah, as she was the hier of the Siram throne, and feeling confused and lost, Alainn moved to the slightly abandoned side of the islands, with just her viola (her treasured first learned instrument), and her violin, which she kept more to say she played it than anything. She did grow up with social skills, though, because occasionally she would slip by to visit Micah, and more often, Micah would visit her.
Now feeling the lonliness of little to no civilization, Ali has moved right in the middle of the closest village to the palace, hoping to start fresh.
Looks: Elbow length, wavy, dark brown hair that glints dark red in the sunlight, observant, piercing blue eyes that hide emotions and thoughts unless the person making eye contact knows her really well, tan southern complexion, Petite build: about 5'2", slightly broader shouldered and muscular legged than most her age, thin at the waist and gently curves out at the hips, dresses in alot of skirts and dresses, hates wearing shoes and will wear sandals when possible, and always has designs inked in the back of her hand with blue pen
Age: roughly 14 or 15
Personality: Shy at first, Ali may seem quiet, sweet, and really gentle and vulnerable, but a person who really knows her knows that she has a very outspoken personality, she makes her opinion known when necesary, is very talkative, knows just what to say to make people feel better, is very mature at times, but knows how to let her inner child come out to play, focuses on emotions possibly too much
Abilities. Hightened empathic abilities, giving her a reasonably greater dexterity to pick up on the sensations that run through the hearts and minds of others. The normal Siram members can usually control what things they pick up on concerning other people; whereas Ali may find it extremely hard at times to stay out of other people's emotions. However, this also provides her with a decent judge of character, helping her to separate and keep away from people with ill intentions, and sparing her a plethora of problems.
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PostSubject: Re: Character sheet   Sat Dec 04, 2010 2:06 pm

Name:Xavier Exom

Age: 17

Clan:Tenkuu clan


Xavier was a trouble maker that loved to fight anyone and everyone .The worse thing about him besides his hand-to-hand knowelge and knuckle head mentalitie was he was borderline genuis..He did well in school when he was in school until he got kick out for testing out a new submission he learned and broke the boys arm in three places and was home school by his father..Xavier's mother died giving birth to him .His father tryed to play both roles but he was alway at work making sure the the gravitational generator was stable.When he was legal to join the Tenkuu Guard program he didn't think twice about joining.He felt right at home learn fighting styles and tactical war.Three years later he graduated. On his graduation his father gave him some gloves with a stone in them ..Even though he wasn't poor those gloves must cost an arm and a leg ..

Appearence:6'3,around 210..He stood out from the the rest with black hair and crimson red eyes.He always always wearing gravity bound gloves that match this eyes and hair color.Unless he was going to the underwater city there was a crow that was alway located on his left shoulder.People who see's himfor the first time compare him to a demon..

Personality: Xavier was a out going knuckle head..He loves female and hates when men disrespect them in anyway shape or form.His favorite food is fish even though it's hard to uptain it.

Abilities: the gloves he always carrie with him had a stone in it that gave him the abilitie to control gravity located on both his left and right hand.The gloves could increase the gravitational pull to the point a person could barly move or decrease it to the point the person was slightly levitateing.An expert fighter in roman wrestling ,muay thai,Braziling jujitsu,boxing,sword fighting and tactical warfare..

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PostSubject: Re: Character sheet   Sat Dec 04, 2010 5:01 pm

Name: Djinn, last name unknown.

Age: his wisdom and advances in war with a heavily disciplined body suggests him to be far older than his appearance of mid 20's. But no real age has been specified.

Clan: Septur Kana

Occupation: General.

Back story: Born into the harsh reality that discipline is key by a father he so loved; he quickly became a toughened warrior without a war. He grew up as a nobody, someone who was easily forgotten or simply unknown at all; this mainly for the fact that he was deathly quiet as a child, and very observant; it was as if his training composed a man in a child's body. His disciplined body and mind over the years excelled him through the teaching of earth, it's vibrations, and how to wield it and when. Growing up he new the land he was born in, was the land he was destined to be; in a land based around the element of earth, art, and war tactics. Septur Kana. He was born for this. Love for the people, love for war, love for even the simplest forms of art and true to his nation at any cost.
Looks: Pale, normally adorning a full body of armor. Thick, light weight, and well ventilated. Black plated, with golden trimmings. Form fitting leggings that made his ease in agility, much easier. His chest, shins, and shoulders were the bulk of the armor set. Thin by first look, muscular and toned when void of armor. Long silver hair is pulled back as a flowing cloth hangs from the back of his armor. This used as his face's only protection at times. The bulk of a helmet left too many blind spots. No grieves, nor shoes were worn. Strictly bare feet. he relied heavily on them, but not to the point where he was handicapped upon it. Strapped to separate parts of his armor are crudely fashioned blades, varying from arms length to small projectiles such as shurikens.

Abilities: His elemental ability is enhanced to a large extent by the fact he has no shoes, able to feel from the largest to the slightest vibration of movement when feet are planted, and able to picture and lay out a grid in his mind via those vibrations. Expert, and still training his ability, earth elementalist. Far from the best, yet still holds his own. His eyes take different intensity levels, each different shade enhancing something new. whether it be agility, or his control over earth.
He is true to the core, never acts off emotion, remains calm through breathing exercises, evaluates decisions with a quick mind before proceeding with them.

On paper? a perfect soldier. But no one is perfect.

Weakness: Extreme love for his people, a temper that isn't easily exposed but explosive when tampered with correctly. Practically starving himself until he perfects what he sets off to do, a perfectionist to no end.

A heavy hitter, with heavy flaws.

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PostSubject: Re: Character sheet   Sat Dec 04, 2010 5:16 pm

Clan: Septur Kana
Name: Veil Michealis
Gender: Female
Occupation: Royal Adviser
Back story: She was well known when she was younger. She had many friends and a loving family. Until the day soldiers came to her village. Her family was killed and her death was faked as she was captured for military use. She was a stratigest but she was only a little girl so they couldn't make her do anything. Years passed and a new King was now announced and she was released. More smart than she was back then she promised herself that she will serve the new King with her brilliant tactics.
Personality: She is well manured but can sometimes be unaware of the situation as she speaks out.
Hair: Her hair is a dark purple, it is sometimes short but at time it is long only in the front.
Eyes: Blue, must mostly swirled with light Grey.
Skin: Pale in the dark but in the sun it is dark.
Cloths: A black shirt with sliver out line. One sleeve is ripped and the other is perfect and long. Her pants are also the same but the odd thing the tears are on her left side from when she was attacked.
Abilities: Her abilities aren't much but she prefers to use strategy against brute strength. Her weaknesses are being too close to someone but also being to far. Her strength is fear in another persons eyes. At some points some may say that she has wings of the devil because as she smiles they sprout and chaos breaks lose.
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PostSubject: Re: Character sheet   Sat Dec 04, 2010 6:05 pm

Clan: Siram
Name: Nayu
Occupation: An entertainer that works perfectly along with the others with her singing and dancing.
Back story: A simple child who wanted nothing more than to help people be happy in their own lives. Nayu had an amazing upbringing, two parents who wanted nothing more than to help her with whatever she wanted to do with her life. Nayu was indecisive about what she wanted to do, wanting to make people happy was a vague wanting so, her actual career was a figment of her own imagination.
Years passed, and with each year, the career choice changed with it. Well, that was until she was about 8 or 9 years old. That day, was the day that she understood that she wanted to become an entertainer. She knew that most entertainers were able to play instruments, but for some reason, she couldn’t figure out how to play anything. Her voice advanced though, becoming more adult with each practiced song.
By the age of 15, she had the voice of a woman that sang for her life time. Nayu always loved being able to make people smile, while singing and dancing along. She knew of the other entertainers of her clan but she had never had the chance to actually meet them in person. So she went along by herself, dancing and singing with a smile every day.
Life was going good for the woman, each day bringing something new and interesting to her presence…..

Looks: Bright blue eyes that always match the bright blue chrysocolla necklaces that she wore with every outfit. Golden brown skin kissed with intricate markings along her bust line, running downward before stopping at her lower back.

Personality: The cutest personality that she always kept herself within. She couldn't find reasons to be saddened until one of the people who are close to her, find ways to harm themselves to a point of true pain. Nayu always loves being around people who she could make happy and that could find ways to make her happy as well.

Abilities: She had no real abilities that made her any different from most entertainers except for the fact that she was unable to play a musical instrument.
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PostSubject: Re: Character sheet   Sat Dec 04, 2010 6:52 pm

Clan: Septur Kana

Name: Kiya shame

Age: about 16

Occupication : Messenger

Background info:
Kiya was born of krow a royal knight and meka a slave girl, While her fathers high status was taken her mothers life was.. Kiyas father took her and moved to a small villiage known as old kana and lived as a peasent, though she hadn't known much of her mother and fathers past she knew how harsh the king was for killing her mother and stiping her father of powers because they had a child together. Kiya had grown up as a normal child with a brilliant and strong memory. She made good friends with a young boy and never left his side. Kiya grew up and watched the king slowly take charge over her villiage and many more and hated the soldiers and the royalty for such happenings. When her friend Sotaynru Evescurin Le Shade started the forces she joined in with no second thought and began working as a messenger fighting with her memory to keep the alliance strong and always aware of plans.Kiya stayed loyal to her clan and to her friend Sotaynru all the way to the throne, when he began to rule kana she became the royal messenger. She loved the job because she had permission to travel and got to talk to her childhood friend on a personal level once in a blue moon.

Kiya is about 5'7 and looks to be about 20 years old. She has a goddess appeareance and is definately of nomad blood. Her bright crystal clear blue eyes shone agianst her dark skin and long silk black hair. She wears a black cloak and assassins clothing when on a job and a royal purple scarf that covered from her nose to her shirt. When she was at home she wore a light brown awfit that had mix of light red in it and a light red scarf for sand storms.

Abilities :
Kiya is very intelligent and has a very procise memory. She is strong in will and able to easily woo her way out or into anything she wanted by a simple bat of her blue eyes and a soft kiss of her lips. She is a skilled rider, wnever messes up a message, and is always on time.

She takes care of her father and his dog li-li on his personal farm that he earned, he is as stubburn as a mule and doesn't want to leave the farm. She lives with him, when she is home.
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PostSubject: Sivad Leinad Character Sheet   Sun Dec 05, 2010 12:41 pm

Clan: Septur Kana

Name: Sivad Leinad

Occupation: Warrior/Strategist

Back story: His father was a warrior and a leader. Upon his wife's death, he moved out to the desert keeping a low profile and teaching his only remaining son the ways of combat, strategy and tact. The boy learned fast and when he was fourteen, his father felt he could teach him no more, and died with a smile on his face. Seeking to prove himself, Sivad traveled in search of the next big fight, bettering himself and learning from his enemies, but it didn't make him happy, he wanted to live like his father. When he turned 21, he shed all thoughts of proving himself and vowed to become a general just like his father was. Happening upon Sotaynru, and after a grueling battle, his skill was recognized and his status as General was secured. His glaive is custom made for his hands, anyone else trying to wield it would find themselves off balance. It's single blade is honed razor sharp every night, and a single jewel sits in the base of the blade where the handle meets the blade.

Looks: Not being originally from the desert, he is light skinned, his long black hair is normally pulled back into a ponytail. Standing about 5'10", he boasts an amazing reach which is complimented by his weapon. His armor, like his weapon is custom made from orichalcum, the hardest material known to the world, and does not break easily. Being custom made, there are no openings in his armor, the fabric used at joints is a mixture of small chain link and orichalcum. The armor itself is was black, with the fabric at the joints a pure gold, with little flecks of blue scattered all over the armor, giving the distinct impression there were thousands of diamonds embedded into his armor

Abilities: The stone inside the base of his glaive is a sunstone that was grown above the veil in the spiritual realm known as Aeinr. It allows him to change any physical properties of his glaive, from color, to size and density. His physical abilities are slightly above normal due to the training done in different climates and countries, and he has control over the earth element
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PostSubject: Re: Character sheet   Sun Dec 05, 2010 6:57 pm

Clan: Septur Kana

Name: Dahlia

Occupation: Architect

Background Story: Dahlia was born with a set of skills that set her above the rest, though she knew she needed to learn a lot more to be consider great. She took off from her family, that wanted to hold her back, they didn't want her to be an architect and headed for the desert. When she ended up in Septur Kana, she realized she was home. She noticed a few other builders, and some fighters. Though she didn't fight, didn't even really like people that fight, she wanted to build and wanted to be let in. She was pretty much adopted into the family, and they started to help her learn new skills that she would need to succeed in architecture. Now she had found her place, where she knew she was bound to stay forever.

Looks: Dahlia is sort of short, but she's beauitful. She is 5'5, and she is slender. She weighs 110lbs. She'd always been a small girl. She has long, brown hair, that lays in ringlet curls past her shoulders. Her skin is a light brown, tanned color. She has green-blue eyes, that shine in any kind of light. They shine with her passion.

Dahlia is able to come up with amazingly beautiful buildings and the easiest ways to build them as well.
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PostSubject: Re: Character sheet   Tue Dec 07, 2010 10:08 am

Clan: Hayvn

Name: Travian

Occupation: Hunter

Background:Unlike most members of Hayvn, who were infused with wolfs blood at birth, Travian was granted the blood of an Eagle. This blessed him with enhanced eye sight, and precision. This being a fact, it was well known that he was destined to become an archer. Even in early childhood, he could throw a rock, and hit his target almost every time. At the age of ten, he fired a bow for the first time. One Shot… One Kill… His arrow pierced the heart of a wolf that was wandering the forest, apparently separated from its pack. Travian knew what this meant, and he knew what he had to do. He skinned the wolf on his own, and enchanted it, enfusing himself with the blood, the essence, of the wolf. This proved to be both a blessing and a curse, for while Travian absorbed the swiftness, and cunning of the beast, he, like the lone wolf he removed from this earth, found himself to be a loner as well. He oft found himself alone in the woods, practicing his archery, or making new weapons. Rarely did he catch the attention of his clansmen. He was simply left to his own devices. Now eighteen years old, Travians skills have been fully polished. He’s mastered his archery, and come up with his own techniques and fighting styles. He still doesn’t interact much with the other members of Hayvn, not because he doesn’t care to. He simply seems to go unseen. That is his reality.

Appearance: Travian spends most of his time hunting, or training in the woods. Due to this fact, his skin is often covered in cuts and bruises, and his hair is unkept. Despite these facts, most would consider him to be a handsome young man. He is dark skinned, and stands about 5'11". His body is toned from his time spent training every day. He appears the strong silent type, but given the opportunity, he would actually have a lot to say. Unfortunately, due to his lack of human contact, his manners may leave much to be desired.

Abilities: Travian is a master of archery. He carries his bow and quiver, which contains arrows of all types of materials. One of the arts he’s practiced over the years, is applying elemental forces to his arrows, allowing him to make swift attacks of any given element. All other skills of Travians are currently unknown
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Character sheet
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