This world is home to the six clans of Daratan: Hayvn, Septur Kana, Arcanthul Saravya, Siram, Zalaes, and Lucenoc.
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 Full Liwanag Write-Up

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Land: The Light Clan lives on a small tropical island to the southwest of the Water Clan, this location being critical to their survival. The shores of the island are decorated with beach houses. There are no residents of these houses. They primarily serve the purpose of housing weary travelers, particularly those from the Water Clan. If one were to enter these homes, they would see all of the elements they would see when visiting the Water Clan. The Light Clan was not the only architects on these sanctuaries. A few from the Water Clan visited the island, bringing with them their native coral and jewels to add a Water Clan feeling to each of the homes. The ruler of the Light Clan allowed this because of the relationship between the two tribes.

Travelling toward the center of the island moves away from a water atmosphere to a light based one in which they are known. The heart of the island is divided into subsections: North, South, East, West and one directly in the center. These sections are unique for they all specialize in various trades, jobs and other characteristics associated with light. Despite their differences, the people hold commonalities in the way they display their territory.

The people of the Light Clan do not build their homes on the ground level. Rather, they use nature around them and live at the top of the trees. The planning that these cities and towns undergo is extensive. Alas, it is a must for towns on the tops of trees are not easily built. The architects employed must be highly trained before beginning its construction. In order to support the weight of the town, the architects bind the palm fronds together. Once this is accomplished, they use the bark of palm trees to lay the basis of the town whether it be for homes, businesses or walkways. A combination of both techniques provides a solid foundation for a town. From there, the architects use palm fronds, bark from the tree and a special paste mixture to build their buildings. The only way to move from section to section is to climb down the tree and walk on the ground. The ruler of the Light Clan lives in the center section. The buildings there are much more elaborate than those in the basic towns.

Animals: The animals most prized by the Light Clan reside in air as well as in the seas. Three kinds of Dolphins – Heaviside, White Beaked, and Striped – are primarily used by the people of the Light Clan to aide them in travelling to locations off of their little island.

The Heaviside Dolphin is an extremely rare type of dolphin. Typically, dolphins have a rather conical shape to their head. This is not true of the Heaviside Dolphin. Its gray colored head is less conical than the average dolphins and has triangular dorsal fins. Their dorsal side is bluish-black in color making them rather difficult to spot in the sea. This allows those of the Light Clan to blend in with their surroundings when travelling by sea during times of tension amongst the clans.

The most recognized throughout the Light Clan is the White Beaked Dolphin. They are more plump than common dolphins and have a blackish-blue colored hide. They have gray beaks despite their name but their bellies are white. They are rather aerobatic and can reach high speed while swimming due to their “rooster tail” splash.

Last but not least is the Striped Dolphin. These dolphins can be easily distinguished by the stripes on their skin running from their beak all the way around their eyes and down to their rear sides. There hide color can vary from one type of striped dolphin to another and may range from gray to brown and appear slighter darker in shade compared to common dolphins. These dolphins, along with the White Beaked Dolphin provide entertainment with their spins, flips, and upside down leaps.

Dolphins that are not domesticated and trained remain out in the wild. Every member of the Light Clan must go out in to the open waters and make contact with the dolphins there. By wading around in the water, touching every dolphin that passes by, the clan member can establish a connection with a dolphin. This connection between dolphin and the member of the Light Clan is instantaneous and cannot be broken once it is made. This dolphin is then under the jurisdiction of its owner and must be trained properly before taking a trip into the open waters. On the final day of training, rider and dolphin must take a trip out to the home of the Water Clan to make their bond permanent.

Eagles are another animal highly respected among the Light Clan. Just like there are three different dolphins, there are three different species of Eagles: Steller’s Sea Eagle, Golden Eagle and the Crested Eagle.

The Steller’s Sea Eagle is one of the 8 species of Eagle that have a combination of a powerful beak and feet. They live along the coast of the island in order to feed off of the dead fish that wash up on the shores. Because of this, they act as the Light Clan’s natural coast cleaners. Should nothing be on the beaches, these eagles will not hesitate to feed from live fish, birds and other mammals. They are rather large in size but the females tend to be much larger. The body is a dark brown almost black in color with white tail, shoulders, thighs, forehead, and crown. They also have yellow on their body on their beak, legs and eyes. They are extremely talented fliers and can glide for many miles. Due to the power and abilities of these eagles, they are used by the Light Clan, if need be, for a fight.

Golden Eagles do not live along the sea as their Steller’s Sea Eagle cousins. Rather, they live in the plethora of trees that inhabit the island of the Light Clan. They are dark brown with a golden-brown plumage. When hunting, they are ferocious, attacking and eating anything from rabbits to relatively large mammals. The Light Clan utilizes this ability to assist them in times of aggression between the clans although they prefer not to fight.

Appearance: Head to toe, the people of the Light Clan all have variations of the same basic look. Their skin is lightly tanned due to the amount of time they spend in the sunlight. The palm trees of the land do provide some shade; however, the majority of the island is bathed in a brilliant sunlight. They have pure blond, almost white hair to symbolize the purity the light brings. Women within this clan have a height range from 5’ 5” to 5’10” where as the men can reach up to 6’7” in height. They wear lightweight clothing as to not add any more weight than necessary to their tree-top homes. This type of clothing allows for them to move easily and quickly throughout the land.

Abilities: From the moment of birth, the members of the Light Clan have the powers of the light within them. However, it takes intense training in order to master each level. There is no specific age in which members master a specific level. The rate of mastery only correlates to how much time and effort one puts in to training.

At the most basic level, the people of the Light Clan can master the Visible Light Spectrum. This spectrum includes every color that we see: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. With these mastered, they can be used for more entertainment purposes than anything else. A member can change the color of objects around them. A more advanced form of this level would be to change the coloring of another being to match their surroundings. Essentially, it is camouflage without the burdensome clothing.

The next level is about mastering three of the five properties of light: intensity, frequency, and polarization. Light Intensity is the property of light which measures the strength of the wavelength of light. Once mastered the user is able to increase the force behind their light. Frequency of light determining how often light is displayed. For example, a Master of Light (see below) would be able to continuously create their ray of light. Someone in this stage would be able to only flicker light that is already established. Using light that comes from within does not transpire until the Master level. Last but not least in the polarization of light. This enables the user to diffract light as it moves through the particles of air.

The stage following contains learning the final two properties of light, phase and orbital angular moment, as well as ultraviolet light. Phase is the initial angle at which a light is displayed. While training, the user can manipulate the light to make it move at different angles from its source. Despite its complex mane, Orbital Angular Momentum deals with the speed of the particles. By the mastery of this level, the trainee will be able to alter the speed of light particles. Ultraviolet light is the type of light not visible to the naked eye. It is rather harmful when exposed to. Users in this level learn how to manipulate UV light. Only in the Master level can they create this light from within.

When a member of the Light Clan masters all of the five properties of Light, Visible Light, Ultraviolet, and Gamma Rays, they then will undergo an initiation. The eggs laid by the Eagles are all special because, when opened prematurely, they contain a beam of light. The Mastery Level abilities include creating a ray of light. Prior to using this skill, the member must be hit by a ray of light from an egg. Once this transpires, that member would be able to use the final level of abilities.

Jobs: In order to construct the wonderful architectural masterpieces the Light Clan is known for, there must be people who work as architects. Architects are often revered by the Leading Family and everyone in the down for they give everyone a safe place to live. Throughout the population of approximately 200, there are only 20 architects, making the position a sacred one. The architects utilize the skills of the eagles to help move building materials and other supplies.

With their ability to domesticate animals with ease, another job offered in the Light Clan is animal trainers, specifically those for dolphins. Prior to making a connection with a member of the Light Clan, the animal trainers ensure the dolphins’ ability to listen to their master.

Members of the Light Clan can also work as manipulators of Light for Siram. No matter the skill level, the members of the Light Clan can work to provide light for the travel pods that brings the Water Clan to the Underground Kingdom. Also, they can work to generate all of the light for the Underground Kingdom.

The most highly revived occupation in the Light Clan is the Keepers of the Eggs. These members are required to be Masters of Light. They take care of the eggs laid by the eagles. They portion them out allowing some to hatch into mature eagles. The others, however, are kept at a hotter temperature that would kill an embryo to harvest pure light for either initiation or trade. When an egg is needed the Keeper must select one that is perfect for the occasion.

Items of Trade/Services: The Light Clan trades their architectural services, animal training and their eggs. The eggs are the most special because once opened, they can bring light to the darkest areas for two weeks.

The people of the Light Clan, no matter what level, can help other clans, particularly Siram. They provide light to the Underground Kingdom, the travel pods that transport the people from the mainland to the underwater kingdom. They also provide the light to the nighttime sky.

Ruler: The Light Clan is feudal to the Water Clan. Alas none of the Royals from the Water Clan can always watch over the Light Clan. That is where Aureila Amphitite, Leader of the Light Clan and little sister of the Water Clan’s own Micah, comes into play.
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Full Liwanag Write-Up
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