This world is home to the six clans of Daratan: Hayvn, Septur Kana, Arcanthul Saravya, Siram, Zalaes, and Lucenoc.
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 Lucenoc Write-Up

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Once composed of a number of separate light and dark tribes, Lucenoc is now a grand, monarchical Kingdom. Spreading from the eastern coast of Daratan, to the midlands, Lucenoc has claimed its status as a major clan through the coming together of Darkness and Light. Like the Yin-Yang, the culture of Lucenoc is based on balance. Light and Dark. Day, and Night. Even male and female. Opposites balancing each other to obtain serenity. Due to this concept, Men and women share various responsibilities throughout the clan. It is even acceptable for a woman to propose to a man. The marriage of the King and Queen of each generation is arranged, however.

Homes in the Kingdom of Lucenoc are built by the homeowners. For this reason, the quality of each home is dependent, not on the owners personal wealth, but their ability to wield their abilities. Men and women with limited abilities often reside in cottages made of wood from the surrounding trees. More talented members of the clan tend to have homes made of stone.

Before the combining of tribes to form Lucenoc, Men were often found in the dark caves of the Panaer Mountains. Due to their knowledge of this mountain range, many of Lucenocs major exports come from this area. They include animals normally found in the wild, which are often traded to Siram for elegant robes, rare gems and crystals, and medicinal herbs are also common exports. Eastern towns Export fish and other seafoods, as well as crafting of various ships. Major imports for Lucenoc are various vegetation, and clothing. Their main source for both, being Siram.

Women of the Kingdom, who resided in the Island formerly known as Liwanag, have a vast knowledge of the area. Some members of the Kingdom still reside on the Island, as an Annex of Lucenoc. Here they can acquire Tropical Fruits, as well as continue to farm the rare dolphins that occupy the surrounding waters.

The appearances of Lucenocs differ, due to their opposing natures. The men are tall, up to 6'4''. They usually have dark hair, and paler skin, due to their dark nature. Meanwhile, women, who average in height around 5'6'' have a brighter, tan complexion and often have brighter, more vibrant hair colors. Eye colors vary among all clan members. The gene that travels through Lucenocian blood, delivering powers to it's people reacts differently in male and female hosts. Males who recieve the gene are blessed with powers of Darkness, while females, are granted abilities over light. There are occassionally exceptions to this rule, however, those are rarely seen.
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Lucenoc Write-Up
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