This world is home to the six clans of Daratan: Hayvn, Septur Kana, Arcanthul Saravya, Siram, Zalaes, and Lucenoc.
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 The Ability Limitations of each Clan

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The Ability Limitations of each Clan Empty
PostSubject: The Ability Limitations of each Clan   The Ability Limitations of each Clan EmptyFri Jan 28, 2011 10:39 pm

Universal Rules

The environment one is fighting in directly affects the energy and skill it takes to manipulate ones element. Fire is hard to create in a cold or damp environment. Earth is difficult in an overly heated or wet environment. Water is harder to control in a heated or dry environment, and so on. You cannot gain the abilities of any clan, outside of the one in which you originated from; despite your character moving to another clan's province. For example, if your character where to have been born in Incendia, and you moved to Septur, your original Incendia abilities would remain. You cannot learn the abilities of Septur, as they are passed on by birth.The most difficult forms of manipulations in each elements can only be completed by those of Royal blood or those taught directly by a Royal. The one Exception is Sotaynru, who is the creator of Metal Manipulation. Examples of these attacks are Metal Manipulation for Septur, Explosions for Incendia, and Blood manipulation for Siram.

With that said, these are the Ability Limitations and Restrictions of Each Clan

Hayvn is a clan based heavily upon the spirit element, with minor influence over the other elements, as well. Their influence over the other elements is usually limited to the manipulation of an amount equal to or less than their own body mass, at one time.Their spirit element allows them to do many other things, however. The normal Hayvn member can usually instil small portions of ones own spirit energy into an animal, rock, tree, etc. As well, they can also extend their own energy into another being, in order to either; enhance that person's own abilities for an amount of time, or to save a life that is close to death, by pouring ones own spirit energy into that person. As well, some can remove the barriers of the Shared, and put themselves into a "death state". Some can summon ancestors, though this is usually only learned by the Elders.They can often communicate with all things by pouring their spirit energy into something/someone, which creates a link between the two parties. This is usually followed by the development of telepathy between the link. They can also store small amounts of energy into something, such as the hide of an animal, and bring out the animal's own talents and abilities. The limit to these abilities is decided at birth; as each person is born into the Hayvn clan, their placement in the system is decided. The Shared could be considered a Caste System, but in a VERY crude way.One might be at one level with a certain ability, or abilities, while another one in the same level could have opposite abilities. The abilities within the Shared is randomized for each person. All of Hayvn's people have the potential to use all the abilities of the Shared, but these abilitie's potentials are stronger in some than others.

Septur Kana
Septur's abilities revolve around the manipulation of earth, though the movement of Earth is based entirely on the material it is made up of. The easiest object to be move being one made up of a light material that is medium in density. Objects that are Denser are heavier, therefore harder to manipulate and move. Particles are also hard to move due to their more moist nature and being more of them. A piece of earth deeper in the ground would also cause strain because of the semi –molten nature of the rock the deeper you go. Metal Manipulation is the hardest form of Earth manipulation and can only be completed by specialists; Who Sotaymru has trained personally in this form of manipulation. Metal Manipulators can also use their basic earth manipulations in addition to the metal. Sotaynru is the founder of this form. Wet Earth, like Clay or mud, also requires some force to move due to the water making the material heavier and damp.

Arcanthul Saravya
Saravya's abilities revolve around the heavy manipulation of Fire, and the light manipulation of Air. However, as the restrictions to one's abilities remains heavily influenced by their specialty and training. The normal Saravyan cannot create more fire than ones body mass at any one time unless they are more versed in the ways of fire. Specialists can produce more flames than one who is new to the ways of the flame. A Saravyan can spread fire, as in its natural nature, but throwing the fire at an opponent can be inaccurate due to its wild and unpredictable nature. The more focus and energy put into the throw is equal to how accurate the attack is. To create fire and use it as an attack takes more energy than to draw an open flame to ones body and use it. The amount of fire that can be manipulated from an open source is equal to the amount of flame present. A candle will give you a small amount of flame, while a raging blaze will provide an indefinite amount of fire. Air manipulation is used to cool an Incendian in the extreme heat of the volcano and to fan the flames in times of fighting, though this ability is sometimes used for other things. The Epitome of Saravya Fire Manipulation is the ability to pocket air and explode it with a flame they send to that point. This ability is only taught to those of Royal blood and those deemed worthy by the Royal Family.

All people born from Siram loins have the potential to be able to manipulate water, temperature, as well as tap into the mind of another, and heal.The manipulation over water is the easiest ability one can learn, though the amount of water manipulated at one time depends upon how skilled a person has become, what age they are, etc. Normally the regular Siram member cannot manipulate more than his or her own body mass of water at one time. Pure bloods, guardians, healers, and other experienced members of Siram that have practiced over periods of time can sometimes earn the ability to manipulate things up to 10 or 15 times larger than their mass, however. Healing is the next easiest ability to learn, though there are some tricky parts to it, and it takes time to perfect. As well, limitations upon to what extent you can heal a person applies to how skilled a person is. Obviously if you are more practiced in that particular field, you may grow to be able to heal parts of the body others may not be able to.The Manipulation of Temperature is slightly harder than the other abilities of a Siram member. Only skilled, and mentally/physically strong people can withstand the strain upon themself that comes with being able to manipulate the temperature of a liquid. A skilled person in this field, however, can grow to be able to boil and evaporate water upon instance, and freeze, or chill water quick enough to lock a below freezing amount of water in a liquid state. The fluctuation of temperature usually only is learned by Nobles, Guardians and practiced healers.Mind Reading is a very scarce ability to find in the people of Siram. It takes someone with skill and strength (mentally), as well as someone with a strong balance in the other aspects of their clans abilities, in order to be able to tap into another person's mind wave-links. A person that fits the bill, which is usually only the practiced Royals of a clan, and the head guardians, may be able to listen in on a person's thoughts for a short period of time, or tap into the emotions they may be expressing at the time. However, a use of this ability comes only at times of either consent of the other party, or in dire need; considered to be a taboo with extensive use on an unknowing second party.Blood Bending is seen even more scarcely than Mind Reading, usually preserved and learned by one or two people in a clan. This ability is passed through the pure blooded Royals, though there has been a case or two of a person outside of the royal family gaining this trait, as well. This is the highest taboo one could commit, using their abilities to control the body of another; though sometimes it is used upon one'self in order to overcome outside forces that may prevent one from moving as fast as they may need in a certain situation, or other things of the like.

Zalaes has the ability to control lightning, many of the abilities range from being able to control the simplest spark to even more advanced storms and multiple strikes of lightning. Starting lowly the citizens are able to conjure simple sparks from their bodies, which match their bodies mass, soldiers are able to push out double their mass and are able to condense theirs down into arrows for the bows that are their weapons of choice. The generals and body guards for the royals control almost pushes them to mastery levels but not quite able to extend lightning into a thin barrier around themselves, to block most attacks that would be damaging to themselves, or any part of their body, they are also able to progress the lightning around another object and make it as a catalyst almost using it to create a magnet of sorts drawing in most weapons to the catalyst, of course once done the item will almost be guaranteed to shatter or break. The royal bloods though, their elemental mastery over the element stands ahead of everybody else’s in the clan being locked away for days on end the kids are forced to train in their element making them complete masters of the element of lightning, able to create massive storms and fire more than one or two bolts at a time but there are repercussions of over exertion of these abilities, since they channel through the body to come out continuously running through the blood stream and over the bones making the body and bones weaker with time. So many of the people of Zalaes that are very brittle and weak physically make up for it in their prowess over the element of lightning.


Shadows Members of Atrum are manipulators of Shadows, first, and forthright. They are able to reshape shadows to their will, and give them physical form. This allows them to do a plethora of different things, such as making weapons, or armor from Shadows. This is the easiest technique of Atrum, however the strength of the capability is dependent on the person.  Dark Energy More difficult to use than Shadows, is Dark Energy. Dark energy is a raw energy that emits from members of Atrum, particularly while standing in the shadows. It can slightly enhance the physical capabilities of the user, such as strength and speed for short periods of time. If can also be used as a preservative, to protect people or objects. For example, if used as a bandage, Dark energy can protect a wound from infection. It does not, however, have the capility to heal. Darkness-Atra Atra, also known as Pure Darkness, is the most difficult, and feared technique of Atrum. It is, in essence, a swallower of Light in it’s simplest form, however, when truly mastered, it can be used to alter light, and form illusionary techniques. Very few are capable of using Atra techniques.

At the most basic level, the people of the Light Clan can master the Visible Light Spectrum. This spectrum includes every color that we see.  The next level is about mastering three of the five properties of light: intensity, frequency, and polarization. Light Intensity is the property of light which measures the strength of the wavelength of light. Frequency of light determining how often light is displayed.  Last but not least in the polarization of light. This enables the user to diffract light as it moves through the particles of air. The stage following contains learning the final two properties of light, phase and orbital angular moment, as well as ultraviolet light. Phase is the initial angle at which a light is displayed. Orbital Angular Momentum deals with the speed of the particles. Ultraviolet light is the type of light not visible to the naked eye. It is rather harmful when exposed to. Every member of Liwanag, before beginning the role play, must begin at a level no higher than an intermediate. Each has the ability to train and work their hardest to increase their level. The lowest age for the intermediate level is fifteen years of age. Training to get to this level must be included within your character sheet. If it is deemed inadequate, you will be asked to modify your character sheet to fit the specifications.

Other clan restrictions will be added/edited as time goes on.

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The Ability Limitations of each Clan
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