This world is home to the six clans of Daratan: Hayvn, Septur Kana, Arcanthul Saravya, Siram, Zalaes, and Lucenoc.
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 Jobs within the clan

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PostSubject: Jobs within the clan    Jobs within the clan  EmptySun Jan 08, 2012 12:30 am

Jobs and roles needed within the clan

The Queen

The Princess
The princess will be a female of approximately 14 years old, everything else will be decided by the player

The Prince
The prince is a male of approximately 16 years old, everything else will be decided by the player.

8 Body guards to the queen, the king, the princess, and technically the prince:
These will have to be ruthless killers; people that know how to fight real well but at the same time know how to put their very lives on the lines for those they are guarding. The two guards that guard the king have to be female approximately a few inches smaller than the king himself , these guards don’t speak much for their history has left them heartless and cold. They both use spears almost taller than them but other than that feel free to write up everything else. The two guards for the queen are both male, and besides the fact they both wield spears everything else is decided by the players. The two guards for the princess are also male and besides the fact they both use longswords the rest is up to the players. The two guards to guard Jhondrol, the prince are both females of a rare breed they are a very outspoken bunch twin sisters are more like it, they are always tailing the prince when he doesn’t want them there and disobeying when he tells them to guard his sister. They both use longswords but other than that everything else are up to you.

The Tavern keeper:
The tavern is a very lively place so the tavern keeper himself or herself has to be lively passing on rumors or passing news to the random traveler or adventure that passes by passing the ordered drinks downward and even setting up shows with the random traveling bard or acrobat. Each show will cost an approximate 40 gold for each performer to rent out the space which is then passed on to the purchase of liquor and other drinks purchased from Siram. The barkeeper is completely written up by the player

Right now there are four generals of the main army, 2 males and 2 females. The two males were expected to make it into the ranks of generals with their adeptness at mixing their lightning with each of their strikes but the females were a surprise one was skilled in her adeptness at using lightning while the other was skilled at using her rapier but almost had no control of her lightning. (I need a descriptive post from all four of the players recruiting for this on how they beat the generals challenge which requires of them to lead an assault team against the rare sky spirit that spawns during the generals challenge every year. Your post for this will also be in here.)

Storm Riders:
This elite group of people I need at least 10 members for, this group is a group of 5 swordmasters and 4 bowmasters (since the prince is one of these) each member must ride an eagle that is bigger than him in which he must describe how he tracked and beat the beast and tamed it. I will do the same for Jhondrol, since he was a storm rider before becoming king, depending on which of the groups you are in that’s the weapon you choose to use. Storm riders are generally 17 to 25 years old after that you are to old to become a storm rider. Post here your post on how you aquired your bird.

The soldiers are split up into two groups, archer units and the infantry unit since the Zaleas clan rests at the top of the mountains their main concern is the mountains if anyone attacks them they can use the terrain to their advantage but if somebody attacks them targeting Incendia then Incendia immediately sends reinforcements and the target is almost immediately dealt with the soldier mainly patrol the grounds of the monastery and the winding path leading to it. Other than that they act like normal people until called upon.


There is only one of these in all of Zalaes, his arts are in crafting the thin bladed Rapier, and the composite long bow. The jewels picked from the mines are transported to him or her in which case they craft the stones into weapons and armor.


Entertainers are classified as Bards and Acrobats, bards play instruments and sing or dance kind of like gypsies. When they do this they also tell tales of great heroes and adventurers. Acrobatics are those who can walk and balance on things that normal people can’t, they can juggle and also flip and do amazing acrobatic feats. There is no limit to the number of these in the clan

Common folk:
The common folk are those that are seen around the house cleaning and cooking, these house hold chores are normally done by the children and women while the men are down in the mines mining. They get paid to mine which goes right into many people’s savings. Of course these are limitless.

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PostSubject: Re: Jobs within the clan    Jobs within the clan  EmptySun Jan 08, 2012 12:33 am

(Sample post of what you needed for the Storm Rider job)

Jhondrol yawned softly as he awoke from his first night’s sleep in days, today is the day he thought his mind racing and his heart seeming to pump even faster, The day I tame the most feared bird in Zaleas, a supposed God among our people, The Black and Red Eagle. He flipped open the book on the bed, large leather bound book that plopped as the cover landed on his bed and he pointed to a passage written by his grandfather

‘The Black and Red eagle, an untamable bird birthed as the sky god in the flesh, it’s a ruthless bird that with its screech the weather itself seemed to darken. The bird rests even higher in the sky than the clan itself resting a top the peak of the shrine of the sky God. Each year we offer it food and water and it brings us rain and fresh crops.’

Jhondrol stopped at untamable and decided to prove the people wrong the bird would be tamed and by his own hands. He pulled his cloak tightly around his body and pulled the bow close to him, he pulled his hand up to where the string would normally be and a dark onyx colored lightning manifested itself, he took grip and pulled it back as far as it could go taking aim at something outside of his open window. He let the string go and with a thunderous boom the arrow took off and disappeared a ways away, Jhondrol only gave a slight smile as the arrow disappeared. He then turned his back and made his way outside heading up the mountain towards the only shrine to the sky God his people created. He stepped up to the shrine and bowed his head making a quick prayer for protection and apology before gazing upon the beast that lay strewn atop the mighty shrine. Jhondrol stared in wonder and eventually pulled the black lightning string back and fired the arrow passed the mighty beasts head. The beast looked up its onyx black eyes staring at Jhondrol with almost a bored look but it figured it would give this human its game, the bird gave a mighty screech and dark clouds gathered overheard and the mighty bird rose from its perch and flapped its enormous wings and took off to the sky its eyes looking downwards towards the puny human as if to edge him on. Lightning flashed across the sky and rain started to pour downward as the bird took off further in the mountains, disappearing behind the mighty peaks and the chase was on.

Jhondrol moved from rock to rock leaping further into the mountains of the holy land, a place none of Zaleas were to tread. A place were the gods themselves were to only walk, Jhondrol pushed forward ignoring the screams and echoes of those of the past pushing himself towards his target. The bird loomed overhead or was it a god his eyes couldn’t see from the rain and his body was starting to feel heavy, he removed the crimson cloak from around his body and pushed forward his shirtless skin now letting the water fall to the ground. He moved forward his body instinctively rolling to the side as a bolt of lightning struck the ground and another screech echoed through the sky scaring Jhondrol but only driving him on more, his feet dug into the now muddy ground and his eyes seemed to be even more blurred. He continued to push until he saw his target floating in the sky. The bird screeched again and the sky seemed to be gathering energy. Jhondrol looked up and pulled the lightning on his bow back and an arrow began to form, he fired a thunderous boom echoing through the sky and the bird dove downward sideswiping the arrow with its wing. His eyes were no use so he closed them and began focusing on the sounds of just the bird, another screech pierced the air and Jhondrols hand rested on the hilt of the blade at his side for a solid almost four seconds time itself seemed to stop and the click of the seal breaking was the only sound heard. He placed the sword in front of him in a defensive like posture and the bird’s beak slammed into it driving Jhondrol back but keeping the beast from harming his body. Jhondrol pushed the blade outward and sent the bird back, its eyes actually widened at the force this man had, the bird backed up and gave another mighty screech and the energy charging through the sky sped downward making its way towards Jhondrol almost striking him head on. When the smoke cleared the man seemed to be standing there lightning surrounding his body and blood seeping from the top of his scar and over his right eye. He glanced up at the bird with a slight smirk and disappeared his body incredibly fast at this point and his voice echoed through “Playtime’s over, you will be mine.”

Jhondrol wasn’t faster just his body moving with the lightning now coursing through the air he formed above the eagle his hand pointed downward, his eyes were still closed but still the red energy formed in the palm of his hand, seven bolts of lightning extended from the small ball of energy and shot forth for the bird with incredible speed, striking the birds back. With almost the same amount of speed and accuracy as before Jhondrol drew the bow from his back and pulled the dark string back and a red arrow took its place where it belonged and he fired it downward another thunderous boom echoing around them before striking the bird as well. Jhondrol landed upon the ground swiftly and glanced up at the know bleeding and injured bird, his eyes were now open and his body was now aching from the injury he had sustained from the birds attack. The bird flailed and screeched in the sky a bit before glancing down into the man’s eyes, the man was injured and so was the bird. The determination in Jhondrol’s eyes showed but the same determination in the birds showed, the bird screeched into the sky and everything in the mountains seemed to tremble in fear, children that were outside of the monastery ran inside and cuddled close to their mothers while others seemed to just close their blinds and hide. A dark cloak of lightning engulfed the bird and it closed it’s wings and barreled straight towards the man, a red crimson energy began to engulf Jhondrol’s body but was instantly moved around the sword and the click of the blade leaving the sheathe was the only sound heard before the clashing of the two and a giant explosion rocked no man’s land, the sky god’s playing ground. Jhondrol stood on the other side of the crater his hand covering up the bleeding wound on his shoulder, the bird’s unconscious body laying upon the ground behind him his blade now back in the sheathe. Jhondrol turned around and began tending to the bird, the rain gone for now and the sun returning to the sky, he remained with the bird for four days before returning to the monastery riding the so called feared beast. He landed in the front of the monastery and climbed off, the remade cloak now hiding his wounds from this epic battle. He pet the birds head ad whispered something in its ear, with a mighty screech the bird took to the skies and disappeared among the clouds.
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PostSubject: Re: Jobs within the clan    Jobs within the clan  EmptySat Jan 28, 2012 12:00 am

Sweat drips steadily from his body, a bright smile on his lips. Standing before him is one of the newest soldier recruits, fresh from the academy, and only a year or two older then Realith himself. In a circle around them are other soldiers, some new just like this one, and others veterans, who have watched Realith as he grew up, and always take any opportunity to see him in action. Raising his hand, he runs it across his brow, removing some of the sweat that threatens to drip into his eyes. Flicking it, he reaches out with his other hand, the smile remaining on his lips. “Hey there, I am Realith.”

The soldier takes the young prince’s, shaking it once, before chuckling slightly, speaking in a deep voice, fitting of his built frame, much larger than Realith’s. “I know who you are; everyone does, especially today of all days. After all, it is your birthday. I hope you don’t expect me to go easy on you, just because you are the King’s son.” Releasing the prince’s hand, the soldier takes a step back, fists already raising in preparation for what is to come.

“I wouldn’t dream of it, after all where would the fun in that be?” Tilting his head a bit, his smile flashes to a smirk for just a moment, before reverting back to the former. His entire body relaxes, as he sizes up the soldier. Despite being much larger then himself, his sparring partner does not seem to be versed in the martial arts very much, his stance leaving many openings that even those with minor training would be able to notice fairly easily. Spreading his feet apart, about shoulder’s width, he takes in a deep breathe through his nose. Already knowing that the soldier wouldn’t strike first, partially in respect to Realith’s position and partially due to his ego, he begins to move. Swinging out with his right hand, aiming towards the soldier’s head originally, he quickly shifts, just as the man raises his left arm to catch the hit. Fist now swinging downwards, the prince uses the momentum that he has built up, to lift his body into the air, executing a quick flip, his left foot raising up over his body. The soldier shifts his body to the side in time to dodge most of the hit; however his shoulder still gets clipped by Realith’s foot.

Finishing the quick flip, he regains his footing quickly, left arm jerking up to catch the inside portion of the soldier’s elbow, quickly bringing a stop to the haymaker that the man had attempted. With a new opening being made, the prince quickly takes advantage of it, his right fist striking out quickly, connecting with the ribs of the soldier solidly. His smile grows a tad bit; as he hears the sharp intake of breathe from the soldier. Stepping back, he looks up at the soldier, making a quick bow, as his eyes had noticed the position of the sun. “I must apologize; I have to cut our session short. I have another engagement that is more pressing as of the moment. Perhaps we can continue another time.” Flashing one of his characteristic bright smiles, he quickly turns, his feet pushing him off towards the mountains.

All thoughts shift away from the small sparring match he had just been in, completely focusing in on the task at hand. Without stopping once, he rushes up the stairs of the massive monastery. ‘The Untamable Eagle, the Sky God in physical form, tamed by the current king, my father. Quite the legacy I have to live up to, however just as him before me I shall do something never before accomplished by our clan. Tame a bird that has never been tamed, in any form.’ The smile that had been on his lips, grows even more so, as he reaches the top most floor of the monastery, the Tavern. Nodding once quickly to the barkeep, he executes another quick flip, just barely clearing a table. Landing on his feet, he alters his course ever so slightly, heading towards the only window that is open.

With the window quickly approaching, his eyes focus upon it, and more importantly the portion of rock that juts out just perfectly for his feet to land upon. Placing his hands on the window sill, he flips his body, legs tucking into his body to clear the window. Taking in a deep breathe, he lets go of his perch, worrying for just a moment that he didn’t make it far enough, before his feet hit the solid rock, and his body nearly slams into the mountain side. For the past three days, when not sparring or working in the mines, Realith had been studying the mountain, finding the best area to begin scaling it, knowing he would have to climb fast at first, to make it as high as he could before nightfall.

Tightening his legs, he pushes off of the rock, leaping as high as possible, fingers curling around available rocks, his feet finding notches in the rocky surface to rest upon. An hour slowly slips by, as he continues the same basic movement, occasionally finding himself upon a flat plateau, which he would run across quickly, before beginning to climb once more. One hour becomes two, the three, and so forth. The cold air bites against his skin, as he reaches higher and higher altitudes, breathing becoming more and more difficult. Because of this, he begins to climb slower, resting on the plateaus for a couple minutes, allowing his body to relax, knowing he would need all of his energy in order to accomplish the feat he is about to attempt.

While resting upon one of the plateau’s, which have begun to show up more often, a loud noise from his left causes him to jerk his head to the side, gazing at a magnificent eagle, bronze in color, no more than a hundred feet away. This is not his target; however it brings excitement into his body, as he realizes that he is getting nearer to the one he seeks. Pushing himself back up, he again begins scaling, as another hour ticks on by, his muscles no longer feel any strain, as adrenaline courses through him, his bare upper body ignoring the coldness that attempts to seep in.

After another two hours of climbing, his adrenaline still racing, he hears another bird cry, however this once is different, not quite as loud, and higher in pitch. His a triumphant smile appears on his face, as his eyes begin darting from above him, after a minute finding the perch of the bird he had heard, the most magnificent hawk that he had ever laid his eyes on. With feathers of a light gray-silver, and its head just above 13 feet, it was the perfect bird for him. He pulls himself up onto the nearest plateau, already gathering energy around him, feeling more power than ever before building in, and around him.

With the adrenaline having been running for so long, it finally begins to die down, and he notices just how hard it is to breathe this high in the mountains, how cold the wind is against his bare skin, and he knows this will have to be as fast as possible. Raising his hand, he watches for a moment as brilliant blue lightening leaps in between his fingertips, before forcing the energy from his hand outward, a lightning bolt racing across the distance between him and the majestic hawk, shattering part of the mountain, just feet away from its body.

The bird moves, its speed such that for a moment all he sees is a silver tones blur hurling towards him. His body twists, and his lips curl into a grimace for a moment, as he feels a single talon tearing across the skin of his stomach. During this though, his eyes never leave the near black eyes of the bird, now being able to keep up with it. As it lifts itself up into the air, he never removes his eyes from it, electricity surging down both of his arms, anticipating the bird’s next move. It happens, nearly as fast as he thought about it, the hawk dives downwards, its talons reaching out for him. Side stepping, his fist launches out, slamming into the side of the bird, electricity running along its body and feathers. With a mighty caw, the hawk lands, striking out at him with its beak.

His arms jerk up, pushing the mighty birds head to the side, electricity once more coursing along his arms, and into the hawk. Rolling his body, his hands grip onto the strong feathers of the bird, lifting himself onto its back. Striking his palm flat against the base of the birds neck, a grim smile coming to his lips, feeling the bird begin to shiver and quake. However, it has not given up its fight yet. Lifting its wings from its sides, it forces them downwards, lifting the pair into the skies. Remaining a top of the majestic creature, he lifts both hands into the air, calling down the force of lightning from the skies, striking first his arms, and using himself as a conduit, causes it to surge into the being beneath him, forcing it to crash to the ground. Moments before they hit, Realith twists to the side, his chest heaving as he attempts to breathe, the oxygen in the air not nearly enough to satisfy his needs. Pushing himself up, he stumbles over to the bird, a bit of smoke rising from his hair.

Standing over the hawk, he collapses, gazing into the one eye he can look into. Reaching out, he gently lays his hand on its beak, speaking in a ragged voice. “I know…that your kind...has never been…tamed. But…that is to…change.” Taking in a deep breathe, he resumes. “I can’t...continue…there is not…enough…breathe in me. However I can…see, that you cannot continue…as well.” The hawk pushes itself up shaking, looking down into the eyes of the prince. It says no words, but begins making its way towards the edge of the cliff. Without hesitating, Realith follows after it, clutching stones as they make their way down to a dark opening, some hundred yards down.

Three days pass, with each passing the two inch farther and farther down the mountain, Realith feeling his body healing, along with the form of the hawk. On the third day, still high in the mountain due to the slow progress they had been taken, the bird lowers its body, waiting. Realith hesitates a moment, before lifting himself upon the beautiful bird, the pair once more taking off into the sky, this time as one, rather than attacking one another, beginning a life as a Storm Rider, and his steed.
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Jobs within the clan
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