This world is home to the six clans of Daratan: Hayvn, Septur Kana, Arcanthul Saravya, Siram, Zalaes, and Lucenoc.
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 Clan Abilities

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Male Members of Lucenoc are manipulators of Shadows, first, and forthright. They are able to reshape shadows to their will, and give them physical form. This allows them to do a plethora of different things, such as making weapons, or armor from Shadows. This is the easiest technique, however the strength of the capability is dependent on the person. More difficult to use than Shadows, is Dark Energy. Dark energy is a raw energy that emits from users of shadow, particularly while standing in the shadows. It can slightly enhance the physical capabilities of the user, such as strength and speed for short periods of time. If can also be used as a preservative, to protect people or objects. For example, if used as a bandage, Dark energy can protect a wound from infection. It does not, however, have the capility to heal. Darkness-Atra Atra, also known as Pure Darkness, is the most difficult, and feared technique of Atrum. It is, in essence, a swallower of Light in it’s simplest form, however, when truly mastered, it can be used to alter light, and form illusionary techniques, which can become even more powerful when combined with the techniques of a master of light. Very few are capable of using Atra techniques. In fact, Atra techniques can not be performed without Atra Markings; Surgical tattoos that Men of Lucenoc are eligible to recieve upon the age of 16. The surgury is endlessly painful, and can kill a man if he doesn't have the willpower to bare it. Most receive only small markings on their hands or arms. Full body markings are extremely rare for this reason. Men who receive these markings are capable of great Atra techniques, however, their life expectancy is shortened.

At the most basic level, the females of Lucenoc can master the Visible Light Spectrum. This spectrum includes every color that we see. The next level is about mastering three of the five properties of light: intensity, frequency, and polarization. Light Intensity is the property of light which measures the strength of the wavelength of light. Frequency of light determining how often light is displayed. Last but not least in the polarization of light. This enables the user to diffract light as it moves through the particles of air. The final stage following consists of learning the final two properties of light, phase and orbital angular movement, as well as ultraviolet light. Phase is the initial angle at which a light is displayed. Orbital Angular Momentum deals with the speed of the particles. Ultraviolet light is the type of light not visible to the naked eye. It is rather harmful when exposed to. True masters of light are able to use their mastery of the five elements to create elaborate illusions, and even harden the light into a tangible construct.
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Clan Abilities
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