This world is home to the six clans of Daratan: Hayvn, Septur Kana, Arcanthul Saravya, Siram, Zalaes, and Lucenoc.
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 Basic Storyline

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Five main clans have taken control as the super powers of Daratan, a world separate from any other, and to the inhabitants; the only existing world. These five clans control most of the land, using its resources and adapting to the separate lifestyles they learn to live by. Each clan has a very different landscape then the next, stretching from the depths of a volcano, to glorious beaches, and even the sky. As rulers came to be in each individual group, the clans came to be known as 'The Five'; Arcanthul Saravya (Incendia Calx), Septur Kana, Zalaes, Hayvn, and Siram. For years, The Five have been at work building their empires in Daratan, and have thus far remained peaceful (for the most part) together. Of course, as the years have passed, smaller clans have begun to pop up among the unsettled lands, and as that happens, new creations the world of Daratan has never seen are added to the system of every day life. New people are born into each clan every day, receiving the abilities that come from their blood line, and passing on the generations.

The Clans (As of Now)

A forest of black trees which are made of various metals, outside of one rare tree, which stands at the center of the village, and is made of silver. The trees’ limbs are spiked and can act on a threat, if they deem it so. Newer trees sprout from the bodies of the dead, taking their souls, which add to their personification. They can reason, think, and act. Moving is not likely, obviously. The silver tree produces acorns once every hundred years to be planted and only one will sprout into existence, so it is vital to plant all of the acorns. The forest is known as the Iron Oak Forest. The people that inhabit this area are truly one of a kind. They are Indian type, harnessing the power of the animals they kill by wearing their hides, but only by enchanting them first, which is a vigorous task. They travel to where the acorn of the Silver Oak has sprung up, so they could be considered nomadic. The people control the trees of the Forest. At birth they are infused with an animal’s blood, many of the people choosing wolfs blood. Then when they kill their first animal they are infused with its blood and are required to skin the animal and enchant the hide by themselves. If not, they are slaves to the people of the Forest and the Forests’ trees; however, not many of these are around. The people of Havyn get their power from the magic of living creatures, and their element can be categorized as spirit, itself. Because of this, their manipulation of the trees is held up by their pull over the spirits each tree contains. They are a relatively peaceful clan, however, with a more animalistic side to themselves that the other clans do not contain. The people of this clan have abilities over a broad spectrum of things, but the drawback to this is the fact their elemental control would be less than that of a clan with a more centralized ability (EG: Siram's water would overpower Havyn's). Hayvn is led by none other than Ichi Zellcai Wolfgang.

Septur Kana
Septur Kana the people of sand and stone, manipulators of the earthly world, masters of sculpture and mystery, craftsmen of metal. The people of Septur Kana are nomadic in nature wandering across the desert plains without taking up a specific home. The clan is smart, and enjoy testing their abilities by creating art more beautiful than those that came before them, as well as through pulling metal ore from the ground and fashioning it into pieces of beauty. Septur Kana are traders of art, metal, stone, and can often be seen wondering around the edges of the deserts in which they call their home. The people of Septur Kana are identifiable by the following traits (excluding their ability to manipulate Earth); Septur Kana are very dark skinned due to their homeland the desert, they wear loose fitting robe clothing much like Egyptian robes to keep their body somewhat in shade the robes being of thin fabrics to allow the winds to cool them when they blow, the people of Septur Kana are hard workers and believe that they can only create the most beautiful of crafts if they work as hard as they can in every aspect and are often considered perfectionists. Members of Septur Kana can most commonly be found in the following jobs: Artists, archeologists, miners, traders, and black smiths. While these are common jobs the people of Septur Kana are very skilled at labor and preform most tasks without fail due highly to their inability to do things only half way. They are also famous for their highly disciplined and well trained military force making them a force to be reckoned with in time of war. The clan symbol is that of a black wolf howling at the moon from on top of a desert cliff. Members of Septur Kana are very intelligent and patient, the clan also puts a lot of time and effort into finding out the truth to the underground tunnels created by their ancestors which they often use as homes during times of crisis or in times of celebration. Many try to recreate the tunnels but so far no one has been capable of recreating the beauty and splendor seen within. Many believe it to be of a power beyond that of any living member of the clan, or of multiple members with power far beyond what is displayed in the people of the present. Septur Kana is lead by Sotaynru the smartest military mind in the clan.

Arcanthul Saravya
Saravya, The people of the flame. Manipulators of flame and wind. A small but powerful cavilation locked away within the protection of the largest mountain ranges in Daratan. Their home, the royal city Aldedge, rests under the highest peak within the central expanse of the burning mountains.The people of Arcanthul Saravya are war based people. Close to 70% of the men are enlisted within the army and royal guard men of the warrior class. The people themselves are pale, due to lack of sun in their daily lives. Unless they had lived on the outside, then they are tanned. The people of Saravya do not like the outside because of the extreme temperatures within the mountain. They dress overly warm, even when traveling to places that are extremely warm, like Siram, and they use their abilities of fire to regulate their body temperature so they do not freeze. All Saravyan four fangs on each side of their mouth, two on top two on bottom, have slightly thinner, lean muscular bodies, due to excessive training and the agility and swiftness required to take the quicker, more dangerous, paths home. The main diety worshiped by the Saravyan people is the dragon. Dragons are seen as holy creations and sometimes gods, depending on the size and nature. Dragon Ryders are considered to be one with these deities, said to have the blood of dragons coursing in their veins, and hold special standings within the realm.

Rolling waves of the clearest blue, beaches with clean and unspoiled sands, is a chain of islands separate from the world; yet connected in ways never imagined. This is home to a clan of water manipulators and healers, whose name is spoken far and wide in reverence for their healing hands and kind hearts. The golden plains of their islands are known for having some of the most beautiful homes; a colorful array of corals that were crafted by the town’s people, themselves. Along with their manipulation over water and spectacular healing abilities, they also possess creative minds. They use these minds to their advantage, creating their own clothing, jewelry, medicines, and other necessities; all from their natural resources. Many of these creations, as well as rare gems, are used as items of trade. Their clothing is made from the finest silks; ranging from high class robes and dresses, to simple shorts and shirts. Whatever their wears, they could easily attract attention, with their golden, tanned skin, bright blue eyes, intricate markings, or retractable gills and fins. They are known as the peace keepers of Daratan, refusing to involve themselves in times of war. There are many secrets and wonders to behold within the bounds of Siram, the first being that of the island itself. It is none other than the great Aspidochelone, a large turtle that, when surfaced during the day, appears to be a beautiful island paradise. This wonder seems to disappear at night, as the turtle then moves back underneath the water, and the people of Siram rely on their retractable gills and fins to carry on the nightlife. In whole, Siram is the most peaceful, and kindhearted of all Daratan. Siram is lead by Micah Masi, a princess extremely young for her status, whom was orphaned at the age of ten and set as the new leader of her family's islands.



Living on islands as Siram does the people of the Light clan have left their place amongst Septur Kana and have become a clan of their own having changed over time to take in and give off light. Being more peaceful in nature than their past life of members of Septur Kana has lead the people of the light clan to live amongst Siram and adapt more to their ways of life. The light clan are masters of light, learning over time to harness the radiant glow of the sun and make it their own. The people of the Light clan are animal tamers, taming dolphins and eagles for their work and travel, and traders of their wares in junction with Siram. The Light clan exports jewels with a magnificent radiant glow and eggs that send out bright light for days after they are broken. The eggs being sold heavily to Siram for the underwater cities. The people of the Light clan are often pale or lightly tanned their hair very light colors becoming lighter as their powers grow though few ever become masters of light. The people of the Light clan life in the tops of trees bound together and crafted by expert architects the time it takes to create their cities and towns being long and full of hardship though the end result is beautiful to behold. Though the clan lives amongst the trees towards the center of the island homes dot the shoreline though they are more often than not unoccupied but well maintained for visitors to the island that need to rest. The light clan is lead by Aureila Liwanag, whom happens to be the half sister of Micah Masi, Siram's leader.

Atrum Gens
Hailing from the eastern section of the Irastarum mountains, the Atrum Clan is composed of a band of Dark Element users, who abandoned their lives as nomads to settle in the Mountains. They started out living in caves, where they adapted to the environment, and gained the ability to see in complete darkness. Also, they gained the ability to manipulate shadows, giving them physical form. Of course, different individuals with different levels of capability can execute different types of techniques, however the basic abilities of the Atrum are as aforementioned. They’ve moved from the caves and into small villages as of late, and as they become more established, they are expanding their existence, and thus, knowledge of such. The main exports of Atrum are rare Jems and Diamonds found in the caves they’ve inhabited, and learned well. They also gain income through the capturing and taming of animals found in the wild of the mountains and nearby forests. Though, they haven’t been known to capture larger animals such as Dragons. They do occasionally cooperate with Incendia on big missions like that. Due to lack of pliable land, they import fruits and vegetables from Incendia and Siram. They live a simple life, with no need for the technology of Tenkuu. Recently meeting with a small band of exiles, They found a leader in Gersham, who vowed to deliver the clan out of the shadows of the other clans, and into the light to share the world with them.

If you are going to make a character on this site, they must be born into one of these clans, and they must follow the rules and restrictions of the clan they choose to be born into. You only receive the abilities of your specified clan, and you cannot add powers or creature types. You are human, with influence over your clan's specified abilities.
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Basic Storyline
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