This world is home to the six clans of Daratan: Hayvn, Septur Kana, Arcanthul Saravya, Siram, Zalaes, and Lucenoc.
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 The Basic Rules

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PostSubject: The Basic Rules   The Basic Rules EmptyMon Dec 06, 2010 12:38 pm

Under Construction

Basic Rules of the Site

-In order to join, you must submit a character sheet; first and foremost. You can create a name and profile on here but you will not be allowed to roleplay until your character has been accepted. At the point of acceptance, the color of your display name will change to reflect your clan, and you will know that you are verified.

-"Can we make up a new tribe?"- No. As the site is being recreated, the chaos of adding new clans and tribes is uneeded. As the site progresses, the option may open up once more, but for now, your options are within the six tribes.

-No out side/already made characters, this is a realm not connected to any other RP.

-No modding when in battle/spar. This includes but is not limited to; auto hits, auto heals, bat-manning, godmods, or powers that defy all reason.

-Keep drama to a minimum, OOC wise.

-No OOC comments in the threads. There is a chat box on the home page for that.

-No half breeds, no "ex. rulers", no new princess or princesses, No major story line additions, UNLESS they are worked out with the Clan Leader BEFORE things are decided. Don't go off an just make your own new clan, or city, or province, and don't proclaim yourself a ruler, or ex. ruler, or whatever you'd like, unless the moderators (Clan Leaders) and yourself work it into the story line together, and before hand.

-The characters are human-based, for the most part. There are no angels, demons, vampires, werewolves, shape shifters, etc. So don't say your character is anything but part of one of the clans.

-No complaining about fights. The fights do NOT have to be agreed upon if the one attacking is doing it for a reason within his story. (I.E wants more land.) If your person is not a fighter, run, and dodge/block. God modding will is not implied in dodging or blocking if the fight has not started.

-Keep PDA limited; kissing, hugging, embracing, that is all well and fine. If there is to be a sexual RP, however, we ask you to take it to private messaging.

-Use Logic; this cannot be stressed enough. If you are in one clan, and are heading toward another, make a post in the trails, or whatever area that may be in between the two clans; develop the journey a bit.


This is important, so make sure it's understood. You are entitled to make more than one character, as long as these guidelines are followed:
1. You may not make two characters in the same clan.
2. Under no circumstances, can a second character be used to give an advantage to a first character. (Or vice versa)
3. In times of war, only one character per person may be involved in strategic control (Character 1 may be a General. All others must be soldiers) Also, Multiple characters may not fight each other, or have any contact with each other as it pertains to the war.
4. You cannot be the leader of two clans. If your first character is a clan leader, your second can be a high-standing official in another clan, so long as you do not use your power over two clans to sway the story (especially during times of war) in a direction of your own choosing.

Due to rules concerning secrecy, we are trusting you to follow the rules about multiple characters. We're on the honor system, but should it be uncovered that you have been using multiple characters to break these rules, your privileges will be revoked, and all characters except one will be deleted.
As Far as OOC rules go.

From now on, there is to be no arguments over the chat box. Debates, possibly. But if a situation gets out of hand, any and all moderators or admins on at the time are expected to deal with the situation by banning the source of the problem temporarily from the chat box, until another course of action is discussed. Despite who the person is, or why they are causing the problem; if they are upsetting others or drowning out conversations with drama, there will have to be consequences. From now on, if you have personal issues with someone, take it off of the site. This is a place meant to be as drama-free as possible.


The secrecy rule is being lifted for all those whom desire to share who they are. However, if someone does not wish to name themselves, we will ask that you do not intrude on their personal wishes, and that you leave them be. Also, we will ask that if you know the identity of one that wishes to be secret, you not inform others of who they are. This way, everyone has a choice. As for secrecy in regards to admins/mods, it will no longer be required that you inform and admin/mod of whom you are, if you do not wish to do so. Also in regards to secrecy; there are people on this site with more than one character. If you know this, and you know the person is trying to keep that a secret, we ask that you NOT disclose this information to others on the site, even if it seems obvious. However, whether one is reprimanded for doing so, is left up to the person whom was wronged.

Reprimands for Breaking the Rules

Depending on the rule you break, or to what extent you break it, will decide which course of action is taking. If it is a technicality with your character, or character sheet, we will ask that you change/fix whatever may have gone wrong, or remove the post. No harm, no foul. If you break one of the OOC rules, like causing drama or problems with other members of the site, you may be banned for a short period of time; either from just the chat box, or the site itself. If breaking the rules becomes a constant thing, your account may be deleted all together. It really has to do with the extent to which you break the rules.

By joining this site, each and every person is making an unspoken oath that despite their personal irks with people in the past, the dramas from other sites, and other times, will NOT, under ANY circumstance, be transferred over onto the site. Anyone found breaking this oath will be deleted without question, or banned for a certain amount of time. If you do not wish this to come of you and your account, you must simply follow the rules, let the past go, and try to keep an open mind about the future.
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The Basic Rules
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