This world is home to the six clans of Daratan: Hayvn, Septur Kana, Arcanthul Saravya, Siram, Zalaes, and Lucenoc.
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 +Outside Court yard+

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The Surrounding Parts of the great Castle

The Castles Description from The Outside.~

As One approaches the large Black Metal barred gate, they will find that they stare upon A beautifully Crafted black Mansion Like Castle With a Large tower that leads up to Look Like a Cross with the moon behind it as the Symbol of the Clan Shows. The castles Ebony Rock like marble Glimmers in the Sunlight, but has No wicked Shape only the finest Craft of curves and Arches Circling around the giant Courtyards Surrounding it. At the foot of the Castle and the end of the trail leading from this gate are two Large Black Doors with Wolf Head Handles made of the Finest Silver. Peaking off at Points the turrets and rooks to the caste Shape off In beautiful Crosses Leading all the way around until they begin to spiral up the Tower, and two Wing Like Platforms that are connected to the throne room are Seen as part of the Giant Cross Like Tower.

Front yard~

The front Yard has bits of slightly exotic herbs and bushes, as well as types of grass only able to grow int he Desert. It is laced with unique flowers and the most beautiful Serene Ponds. Trails wrapping around a Large thorn bush Maze to lead you through it to a place for sitting in the Hanging garden to the Castle's Court yard. Statues of the most abstract Art forms can be seen int he Land scape as well and are a perfect decoration. Steams run off of each other until they reach a the largest Bottom Pond.and fish somewhat jump from the largest pond which moves into the side of the yard. However on the left side there is a small dirt Patch with some sand that is used for simple Little spars and training exercises.

Side Yard~

The Landscape itself is very much the same as the rest but this time it appears to be Much thicker on one side making it pretty hard to sneak through it. If not that being enough Two of the Most Massively Large Wolves of Sotaynru seem to like to prowl these Areas with a sense and smell for intruders of their Land. It is not wise to Defy these wolves as thye Are Sotaynru's Personal Puppies. Other than that Mainly Just a trail and some beautiful exotic Flowers.

Back Yard~

The Back yard is vast and very well groomed, with a Large spot for the wolves to sleep like a small den Like cave close to the water and There is also a series of Ponds. That stream Into each other. Then finally a Large resting area for multiple People where banquets and Dances May be held, in a perfect Position for the Moon to show from all angles in that one spot on any given day. It is the biggest party area and hard to access without Scaling seas and climbing a Large cliff or moving through the front yard past the wolves, But it is indeed the Party area.

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+Outside Court yard+
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