This world is home to the six clans of Daratan: Hayvn, Septur Kana, Arcanthul Saravya, Siram, Zalaes, and Lucenoc.
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 Character Sheets

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PostSubject: Re: Character Sheets   Character Sheets EmptyWed Jan 25, 2012 5:02 pm

Name: Realith Altair
Age: 16
Sex: Male
Job: Prince, Storm Rider

Description: Standing at five foot eight inches, Realith is just a couple of inches shorter than his father. Weighing in at 180 pounds, much of which is lean muscle, he is a slimmer frame then his father. With his hair and his eyes the same colors as his father, silver-ish and a deep dark purple respectively, many tell him he looks just as his father had at his age. No matter how often he cleans himself, there is almost always a trace of dark dirt beneath his finger nails, due to the fact that when he is not training with his tutors, or sleeping, he is often working in the mines alongside the miners, always happy in helping out his father’s people.

Clothing: It is very rare to see Realith in more than just a simple pair of pants, more often than not he even trains like this, as he finds more clothing is just too restricting to his movements. However, when he is requested to don armor, usually when training with his blade, he slips on custom made armor. It is not quite as thick as the armor most of his people wear, sacrificing the additional protection in favor for more mobility. Being very fond of his father, he had the armor colored to represent him, the main color being a vibrant purple, with silver lining. However, he had another addition added, his sisters name along the left shoulder, etched in and then coated with a brilliant gold dust to make it noticeable.

Personality: Despite not being able to go out amongst other people very often, Realith is a very bright and outgoing individual. He is also hardworking, determined, and respectful of his fellow countrymen. When ever given the opportunity to help others, he takes it, whether this is working in the mines during his free time, training with a new soldier or even helping in the kitchens every so often. He enjoys keeping himself busy at all times, the very reason why whenever he isn’t training or sleeping, he busies himself with other activities. He cannot stand being idle for long periods of time, and quickly engages in as many things as he can.

History: As a child, Realith spent almost every waking moment watching the soldiers as they trained, finding himself fascinated with the ways they moved, how their blades dances, clashing against one another or practice dummies, studying as the archers created the strings and arrows of their bows from nothing, using their abilities with lightening to produce these fantastic weapons. Even at his young age, he knew in a couple years he himself would begin his training, and that he was destined to become one of the Storm Riders. And so he watched, and learned as much as he could before he reached the age of ten.

Even before his tenth birthday was done being celebrated, he explained to his father that he wanted to begin training that very day, as he had reached the required age. Without much hesitation, his father called fourth the first tutor, one of the best in the land with a rapier, and sent Realith off with him. Taking big steps to keep up with him, a very large smile was across Realith’s face. He knew the rest of his life would be difficult, and filled with training, fighting, and other such activities, and it excited him, he simply could not wait.

Two years into his training with the various tutors, Realith once more approached his father, telling him of his desire to learn martial arts. Within the past couple of years, he had quickly shown that he was gifted with a rapier, enough so that his father had removed him from his training with a bow only a year into his training. Despite his clear talent with a blade, he felt that it put him to far away from conflict; it didn’t give him enough control for his liking. He knew he would still need to train in the art of swordplay, given that he was to become a Storm Rider, but he wanted to learn to use his own body as a weapon. Again with very little hesitation, his father agreed and called fourth another man, one though not formally a tutor was the best suited in instructing Realith in the Martial Arts. Again, a large smile is painted upon his face, as he follows after this new tutor, excitement coursing through him.

Nearly four years have passed since he first began his martial training began, and for the past year it has been the area he has focused his attention on the most. Two years ago, he had been told by his rapier tutor that there was not much more that he himself could teach Realith, the rest would have to be discovered on his own. He had not seen the archery tutor in many years, and the rest he spent only an hour or so with a day, the rest of his time being dedicated to the Martial Arts. However, with his 16 birthday just a couple days away, he has been allowed to take the next couple of days off, which in his case means solid days of working in the mines, or training with the soldiers themselves. Excitement once more courses through him, as he knows that soon he will be on his way to becoming a Storm Rider.


Weapons: Although preferring to use his own body as a weapon, he carries a rapier at his left side, always ready to draw it when needed.

Strengths: His strengths lay in his skill with both blade and martial arts, both which he has excelled at during his 6 years of training. Along with these, he is also a very likable person, a smile always on his face, and always up for helping others.

Weaknesses: Weapon/fighting wise his main weakness is that he is no good with a bow, at all. Also, he is at times to determined not knowing when to give in and admit defeat. At times he is too busy, promising to do much more then he possibly can, somehow he usually manages to do most of it though.

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PostSubject: Re: Character Sheets   Character Sheets EmptySun Feb 12, 2012 2:01 am

Name: Jhondrol

Age: 33 (but doesn’t look a day over 19)

Sex: Male

Job: King

Description: Jhondrol stands about 5’11 his height his only weak point, he has a very muscular figure and is always seen wearing a crimson red cloak that is always brought up and over his sapphire blue eyes and nose. On his back always rests the bow created for him by his personal blacksmith, but other than that he looks like a pretty average citizen. The cloak that rests around his body has dark black insignia’s coursing around it, and pulled over his hands are a pair of dark black leather gloves, with a silver metal plating resting on the back of them. He is always seen barefoot even when riding on the back of his eagle claiming it makes him feel closer to the beast.

Personality: Jhondrol holds the personality of a king, honorable and bound to his people but more so to his family than any other, he holds his son and daughter in high regards treating them like soldiers of the clan at such an early age to push them to understand the duties they would both have to go through one day when either one of them inherits the clan. Jhondrol would never send men out to do something he wouldn’t send his own son to do.

History: Jhondrol was born to the king and queen of Zaleas 32 years ago, it was a joyous occasion for them and the clan members for they feared the clan would discontinue if there was no heir. The boy was born special from the minute he came out of the womb, he was almost a natural at learning being able to form and control lightning at the age of only 5 years old. Upon his 10th birthday he achieved a feat not achieved by the most elite members of the clan, he fended off a group of rebels from killing anybody in the village equipped with only a bow and a metal rod, he stepped from the slaughter with only one wound a scar struck from the tip of his eyebrow down to just below his eye. He then had the metal rod crafted into the weapon that now lay at his side. From then on he trained and trained spending many nights alone to master his bow and his own abilities eventually surpassing his dad in the art. He stayed atop the tip of the mountain many nights without sleep or food pushing his body through the harshest conditions to become better. At 17 a few days before his 18th birthday he decided to finally get the bird a bird feared by everybody in the clan a bird considered to be a god achieving this unattainable feat he returned to find his father had not returned from a hunt. This would be the first time in forever he would call out as a clan leader and search for his dad.

Jhondrol called a group of guards and headed down deeper into the mountains to search for his father, deeper and deeper he descended finding corpses all over the place of the unit his father had come with until he stumbled upon his fathers dead body, assassins seeming to be the ones that tore into him, he fell to his knees at his fathers side and held his body as lifeless as it was but he knew what he had to do as the only son left to defend the clan he made his way back to the clan and took over leadership, the same night they burned the body of his father and he watched as his fathers spirit rose to the sky gods domain giving him the last that he needed to push Zalaes closer to becoming good with the other clans. His girlfriend gave birth to a wonderful baby boy shortly after he left to seek for his father, when he gazed down at the boy he knew he would grow up to be just like his father. Almost three years later into his kingship of the clan a beautiful baby girl would be born to Jhondrol and as much as he wished it to be so slowly his family grew clan wise and all as he prepared to rise up and offer their services to the other clans expanding their influence.

Abilities: Jhondrol has the ability to control lightning of course, but he has mastered it to the point not only does lightning come from his own body he may now create lightning just by pure will. Calling multiple bolts of the energy from the sky or sending it forward just by thinking it. Of course this is a great strain on his body since he has not mastered the ability to control the weakness yet. Jhondrol’s lightning has a unique color to it being black at times and red at others. His stronger abilities allow him to create vortexes of pure lightning or even place enough lightning through a weapon to draw in and create a simple magnet.
Weapons: Jhondrol uses a bow and a special made sword, the handle of the bow is made out of the same crystal as everybodies bow but has been enhanced by Jhondrol’s own abilities, and the crystal is a dark red color and glows brightly when the arrow is launched from the bow attempting to blind it opponent. At his side rests a dark onyx hilted katana which rests in a dark crimson sheath, the tape around the hilt unbroken and still intact meaning Jhondrol has never had to draw the blade.

Strengths: Jhondrol has much strength, but his most potent are the usage of his lightning which is better than anybody’s in the clan and his skill with a bow.

Weaknesses: He is very slow in comparison to others but fast with a bow, his eagle is like his best friend and thus if targeted will bring the wrath of him upon them.

Life is like a bolt of lightning it never strikes the same place and time twice
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PostSubject: Re: Character Sheets   Character Sheets EmptyMon Feb 20, 2012 1:16 pm

Name: Tawny
Current Job-Power Sales
Description-(See picture)
Personality-Reserved and quiet, however an excellent saleswoman. Unaware of her obvious attractiveness. And, as a result, has an aversion to the opposite sex.
History- Though Tawny's ansestery could probably could probably lead back to every clan on her fathers side, her mothers family has always been from Zalaes, which resulted in her powers of electricity. Though Tawny has no battle experience whatsoever, she was born with an unusually large supply of electrical energy, which lead to her choice of careers. She can sell energy for a price. Her charges could power any home for a month, enabling her to make a large profit. Within Zalaes, however, it's hard to sell a product that everyone has access to, so she makes her profit by traveling clan to clan.

When Tawny was a child, she was picked on for her unusual appearance. Dark skin and eyes such as hers weren't the norm, and naturally children would make fun of what they didn't understand. For this reason, she found these traits, inherited from her father as a burden, and preffers, to this day, to avoid men, thinking herself unattractive to them. In the time she spent alone, she discovered a particular talent she carried. By extending her power into the human body (at first, her own) she could effectively enhance electrical signals in the body in order to speed the healing process. It's a very delicate process, however, so she took on her job as a power source, rather than a healer.
Strengths-Healing ability, large amount of electrical energy
Weaknesses-No fighting ability.
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Character Sheets
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