This world is home to the six clans of Daratan: Hayvn, Septur Kana, Arcanthul Saravya, Siram, Zalaes, and Lucenoc.
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 The Description of Zalaes

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The Description of Zalaes Empty
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A large winding gravel path extends upward; a path traveled either by the brave or the stupid a path that wind through to the top of the mountain a spot hidden in the clouds, the danger of falling rocks and boulders one of the many hazards upon this path to the monastery at the top. Once at the end of the path large gates loom ahead of you, the gates made of a weird sapphire color; energy seemed to flow from the very top of the gate to the very bottom, a red energy that seemed to hold its own energy. Standing to the left and right of these enormous gates stand two pale skinned figures, their eyes closed in a deep meditation their armor matched that of the large gates, except different color energy flowed through their armors, the color of the lightning matching that of the guards rank, the one on the right has sapphire blue energy moving about his chest a black hilted rapier resting at his side, the one on the left had a black energy moving about his armor and a red crimson hilted rapier rested at his side. They both eventually push open the gates and move inside towards a large building the only building inside the gates. A giant building standing roughly seven floors tall with a large black roof covering the top of the large building, roof is made of a very weird mineral that is resistant to the rain from the sky and the lightning from the few lightning users that are strong enough to destroy the fragile building. The rest of the building is a crimson red color with black lightning charging around the outside like a barrier preventing only those that are not welcome from getting in while the rest don’t even notice its presence. The two guards pushed open the doors and made their way inside the beautiful structure.

The inside of the building was a lot different than the outside, a monastery one that held dozens of families and animals, the inside the size of a mansion. Rooms lined every inch of the mansion the rooms of all different sizes but they seemed like a house when you walked in having their own showers and as many beds as you needed for your family. All around were pale skinned people working whether they were taking a broom and mop to the floor or dragging a rag across the window, they were all eagerly helping take care of the monastery. The first, second, third and fourth floors were for families and residents of the clans. The fifth floor rested the kitchen and the dining room where the clan members all gathered around to eat, many of the women doing the cooking and setting of the table before sitting down to the banquet that they themselves created. Before eating each person was to bow their head and links hands with those next to them and all begin to pray in harmony to the sky god who had given them the rain and storms to keep their harvest going before digging in. The sixth floor rested the king, queen, princesses and princes chambers people come to the queen and king to discuss the problems of the clan with them. The seventh floor of the monastery was devoted entirely to the tavern and entertainment of the clan where those such as the bards, the acrobats, and all those willing to perform for the people to make money.

A little ways down from the monastery and in a cave along the path lays a small mine where many of the males go to extract a material used to make the biggest export in Zaleas, this material can only be extracted a special way using a certain amount of energy to pull the material from the wall without causing the mine to cave in, even the prince was seen down there from time to time assisting with the extraction and moving of this delicate material to the black smiths that worked behind the monastery to craft special made bows only able to be used by those with the power of lightning, the bows are made with a crystalized grip while the string and arrow are both materialized from the users lightning, the bow of each soldier who uses one was specially crafted to their own preferences and tastes, each crystal matching the color and even energy form of its users energy making the bow impossible to be traded to another. Also crafted here are the thin bladed swords used by many of the officials around the clan, all of the hilts crafted a different color signifying rank. From there the rest of the materials are then traded to Incendia and liwanag for animals and their own precious metals which they then formed into armor for their soldiers and tools for their miners and farmers. The trade route to Incendia was quick and less of a hassle so not many were sent on this journey and just normal tradesmen could make this journey with no more than a hair injured on their head. The trek to Liwanag was only taken by the most fearless of soldiers for you had to head into unclaimed land a land where anything and anyone would attack you for your goods. If you returned from this journey unharmed you were sung about in the taverns by the bards and harsh tales of your journey were told by the mages, but it is said that no one returns from this journey alive twice and so far no one who had survived the first trip ever came back from the second.

At the back of the Monastery lay the training grounds and the soldier barracks, here there were people lined up and being fitted for their size in armors, obviously recent graduates from the soldiering academy. Others were in the back training learning to use their lightning while others flipped around and were being trained in their martial feats. Many of the soldiers walking around completely armored and fitted carried around rapiers, the rapiers that were carried held one of two colors, the ones that held red crimson colored hilts means they are commanders or generals of the main army, those that held black onyx colored blades were the main soldiers. On the outside there are also the soldiers that use weapons imported from Incendia, 8 people used these special weapons. Four of them using the spears from Incendia as their main choice weapon, these were soldiers originally taught by the incendia force to guard the king and queen, while the other four wielded weird shaped swords and these were the bodyguards for the prince and princess but the prince has shunned his off and ordered them to protect his sister. At the way back almost too far back for the human eyes to see a mighty screech was heard and there were the storm riders, these mighty warriors were skilled for their ability to ride this mighty eagle and still shoot a bow or swing a weapon. The eagle’s come to you when you are ready in which case you have to show it you are ready to ride it by hunting it and almost killing it, then nurturing it back to health like a mother to an injured child. It was a weird way of doing things but that has been their way of doing it for generations and then finally when the beast was tame you rode it and trained together as partners in the style of combat you wish to use whether you were a bow master or a rapier user your eagle was chosen for you by the sky god if you were chosen you were declared as one of the elites a soldier trained differently than all the rest trained as a protector of the sky god’s domain, and with that honor comes an even greater responsibility.

For Here Rest Zalaes, clan of lightning

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The Description of Zalaes
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