This world is home to the six clans of Daratan: Hayvn, Septur Kana, Arcanthul Saravya, Siram, Zalaes, and Lucenoc.
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 Open Mic Night

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Ichi Zellcai Wolfgang

Ichi Zellcai Wolfgang

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PostSubject: Re: Open Mic Night   Mon Feb 10, 2014 1:28 am

There was a woman once, though I shan’t name names
She’ll know that it’s about her, once she reads the fame
And glory these words bring to her.
I raised her on a pedestal,
And put her so high, I needed a stool.
But she was down to Earth,
With hair as warm as a hearth.
Her eyes caught my soul,
And entrapped my heart.
I would bleed in a bowl,
Just to warm her cold heart.
She wasn’t unkind,
In fact, she sympathized
And was quite fine
Along her behind.
Her breasts
Were a favorite place to rest
My gaze.
But my eyes, as always, would
Find that pretty face.
I’d get wood,
Just from her smile;
The way her teeth would shine
As if I truly made her happy.
Made my heart go pitter-patter
Just hearing her chatter.
I’d do anything to hold her
In these arms of mine;
Let her know my love isn’t just prickly vines
And show her that I can be kind.

Is it better to be loved than feared or feared than loved? It may be answered that one should wish to be both, but, because it is difficult to unite them in one person, it is much safer to be feared than loved.

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Caelia Inferna

Caelia Inferna

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PostSubject: Re: Open Mic Night   Wed Feb 16, 2011 4:23 pm

Remember the good, forget the bad
Remember the happy moments you had
You enjoyed the time, but you stayed too long
That's why everything went so wrong

It felt so great to be part of the world
To be a team member instead of "that wierd girl"
You enjoyed the music, but you played too long
And the song started sounding so wrong

Things got really wierd, but you missed all the signs
She took advantage of your extra time
You enjoyed the work, but you worked too long
Then you noticed the things that were wrong

Her smiles turned to sneers, which made you feel bad
And she criticized every mistake that you had
You prayed, and you found you had spent too long
It was then that you knew why things went so wrong

Just remember the good, and forget the bad
Don't think about the things that made you half-mad
Now you know that you stayed too long
But you've left, and nothing else can go wrong
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Shurik Sidorov

Shurik Sidorov

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PostSubject: Re: Open Mic Night   Mon Feb 14, 2011 8:34 am

His Sword Falls to Ground
Breeze flows through his hair once more
A Warrior, Adeu

Answer our call in desperate hours, Shelter our fall from earthly powers. Temper our souls with flame and furnace, Bear us toward a noble purpose. Heaven hides nothing in its measure, Mortal men blinded by false treasure. Formless and vanquished we shall travel, Shield and sword will guide our battle!

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PostSubject: Re: Open Mic Night   Thu Feb 10, 2011 6:42 pm

A dark dusty world,with no end in sight,
A silent war, a neverending fight,
why do we do this? what do we gain?
is it worth the hurt, the horror, the pain?
words like bullets, lobed without care,
no matter if its right or fair.
Hurt seeps out like fresh blood from my soul,
this constant pain it takes it's toll.
please help me to know why we do this,
a constant game of hit and miss,

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PostSubject: Re: Open Mic Night   Sun Feb 06, 2011 8:04 pm

Every look
Leads to pain
A stab in the heart
That never fades
It will never be
Me at your side
Making you laugh
Holding you
When you cry
Its killing me
Loving you
Its not enough

Every breathe
Filling me
With your scent
A sharp reminder
Of what I will never have
What will never be
Its killing me
Not having you

My love
Its toxic
Coursing through me
Burning away
At my heart
Letting me see
All I want
All I need
All that will never be

They say
It will pass
Its just a phase
It will never last
I wish it was true
That any day
It will end
The ceaseless pain
The acidic love
That courses through my veins
Its a senseless hope
A hopeless dream
Love doesn't fade
It is just pushed away
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Micah Masi

Micah Masi

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PostSubject: Re: Open Mic Night   Sat Feb 05, 2011 4:53 pm

Serenade of Heartbreak

Those sorry songs are on again,
yet I can't help but to sing
They're pulling at my heart again
like plentiful, puppeteer strings
forcing me to confess, I'm coming loose at my seams

tell me, how are things now?
are you as vulnerable as you used to be?
remember that night, when it was just you and me
and we poured our hearts out, together,
upon these tear stained floors
are you the same as you used to be?

And tell me, what was it like,
when I left you for another; sheer stupidity
I'd say I've spent nights,
staring at pictures of you and me
accept there are no more pictures
they were burned when our hearts lit up in flames

Do you still chase me, like you swore?
this butterfly's broken wings can't hold her up no more
and I'm sure that lonely crow has given up by now
haven't you?
You've cried so many tears for me,
Have you reached your breaking point, now?

So you could say this is a poem of pain
a serenade of heartbreak
whos tears have been spilt, in the end?
not just me, but you, and him, and he
possibly, just possibly, you can see.
Can't you see?

(Woo for Stupid Love poems DX)
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PostSubject: My Soft Spot   Sat Feb 05, 2011 11:37 am

Guess I'm making the first sumbission

My Soft Spot

Born again before my eyes...
Is the second chamber of my heart
For her
My soft spot bleeds
Lost deep within my memories, yet
Right before my face
I'm Drowning in emotions

Swimming in the past
Looking to the future
In thoughts of love...
Love both lost and potential
Have me both
Afraid and Aroused

I'm sinking in confusion
Because I don't know what to do.
I need air
If I don't come up soon,
MY soft spot
Will have me lost at sea
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PostSubject: Open Mic Night   Tue Jan 04, 2011 6:48 pm

Sponsored by Siram, welcome to the Daratan Open Mic Night! Here all poets and writers may post up to two entries here to be discussed in the Chat box on the actual Open Mic Night, which will be announced soon. It is preferred, however, not required, that you refrain from posting two extremely sad, or angry posts. If at all possible, make one post happy, or reflective, as not to lower the mood of the night.The posts may not be discussed in the order they were posted, in order to be sure that everyone has at least one post discussed. Please consult Micah, or myself for further details.
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PostSubject: Re: Open Mic Night   

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Open Mic Night
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