This world is home to the six clans of Daratan: Hayvn, Septur Kana, Arcanthul Saravya, Siram, Zalaes, and Lucenoc.
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 Siram Hangout

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Micah Masi

Micah Masi

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PostSubject: Siram Hangout   Thu Dec 16, 2010 6:34 pm

Though the underwater kingdom is indeed a popular place to visit, the true Siram hangout is in the very heart of Sivus itself. The Town Square, located in the center of the island is a circular and spacious area, paved by the cobblestone pathways of the 'city' areas. The Town Square is a place for people to come, listen to music, watch the dancers, play games, and get in on the action. It is also the major shopping center for Siram. A number of stores, restaurants, and shopping centers make the Town Square the main tourists attraction of Siram.

In the east side of Town Square, is the Grand Stadium, which is the venue for various forms of entertainment. The Stadium is about a 100 yards in radius, and the home of various sporting events and contests which take place in Siram. People often meet up at the entrance to the Staduim, which just so happens to be adorned with a grand fountain of the Goddess Halsey. Her image is carved out of an array of multicolored corals, figure positioned as if she were dancing in the brilliant sunlight, and casting a warm, playful spectrum of light throughout the area. The colors even reflect in the crystal clear, fresh water that streams from the magnificent fountain.
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Hotaru Shizuka na

Hotaru Shizuka na

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PostSubject: Re: Siram Hangout   Mon Dec 27, 2010 7:59 pm

Slowly he walked across the hard cobble road looking at the different coloured buildings, his eye's danced with excitement as he noticed the they were made, pure coral... it was a sign of pure architectural genius, yet something about each building appeared to be alive to him, the slight traces of moisture that traveled within each building, as if they were breathing, he could see the water within them just like everything else, but as he looked around in fear of noticing and staring like a fool, he noticed no one else cared, no one looked at him, no one judged him.
It was a peaceful place to be, people laughing and talking as if the sun would never set, children playing around the stalls and their parents, it was nothing like the filthy slums he had walked out of, but then nothing was as cruel as them, and as he had hoped, life in this area seemed to be much more peaceful, much more respectful. "You would have loved this mum...." He smiled softly as he looked at the sky before walking off once more, his bandaged feet gripping the floor firmly, the coldness of the slab's beneath him rushing through his feet and cooling him from the sun that pushed down upon him, while the clear sea salted breeze was a clear sign, that this was going to be a magnificent place to one day try to live, to hopefully start a family... to hopefully forget his curse.
Eventually as he walked he left the hustle and bustle of the shops and people around him and found a large fountain, the water that burst from it glistened in the sky adding a sense to the state within the centre. "Halsey..." He spoke her name as if she were nothing more than another person on the street, a distant friend, or maybe a memory... In reality he knew little of who or what she was, he was brought up in a place where no one really spoke of such things, people really didn't do much but beat him... and mark him as tainted, yet still he looked in awe at her, in amazement that anyone would have enough time... enough love for anything to create something so beautiful, yet at the same time, disgust that the world put more attention into something he didn't understand, than fixing the place he came from, and ridding it of the crimes that bred within the slums.
Without thought or consideration he took one quick jump onto the edge of the fountain and then began to reach out, trying to touch the statue, he didn't know why but something about it... about what it was supposed to represent urged him to be there with it... to see what it was like... to be the seen and known, but as he slowly reached forward he could feel the eyes of people that he didn't originally notice glaring at him in disapproval, but it was too late, he had started to lean out for it...and he wasn't going to stop.
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Siram Hangout
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