This world is home to the six clans of Daratan: Hayvn, Septur Kana, Arcanthul Saravya, Siram, Zalaes, and Lucenoc.
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 Full Description of Siram

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Full Description of Siram Page_divider_by_lithiumharddrive

Clan Member Appearance:

Their appearance is quite different than that of the other clans; beautifully tanned skin, bright blue eyes, intricate markings, and retractable gills and fins. The water clan as a whole possesses these traits, however, it is the rulers, whom live in the depths of the sea below the island, that attract the most attention, the reason being their markings. Rather than the simple, band-like inking around their wrists, the rulers each have a series of dots twining throughout the band, to show their higher rank. The bands themselves are a mixture of black, blue, purple, and sometimes even green in coloring, depending on the person itself. Another group of people in Siram that are different in appearance, is the small group of Guardian’s. From the time of their initiation, these miraculous children are graced with the oddity of blue hair; an array of different tones, tints and shades.

Their clothing ranges from intricately designed gowns and robes, to simple shirts and shorts. The more formal clothes are used for special occasions or for the wear of the rulers; whereas the simpler of clothing is worn by the normal population. Whatever the form, though, all clothes of the water clan are light and open, often silks. This is to provide a cooler wear for them under the hot, tropic sun.

Full Description of Siram Page_divider_by_lithiumharddrive


Many creatures roam Siram's mystic waters; creatures that could amaze some and frighten others. The first of these creatures is the island itself. Many believe the island to be just a normal piece of land; those people would be greatly mistake. The island is actually Aspidochelone, a large turtle whom, when surfaced, looks like a magnificent island paradise. During the day, the turtle surfaces, giving the water clan the glories of a sun’s bath. At night, the turtle retreats underwater, and the people of the clan rely on their retractable gills and fins. During times of war, the turtle also retreats under the protection of the water, where the people are more or less safe from harm.

Another creature that resides in the waters of Siram is called simply for what it is, the Rainbow Serpent. With its dazzling array of colorful scales, the serpent swims peacefully through the crystal clear waters; its movements creating the small waves that wash upon the shore.  Every 100 years, the Rainbow Serpent lays an egg and entrusts it to a Guardian of Siram, by which it would be raised in a peaceful environment, and grow to care for all of Siram, rather than letting it raise itself in the wild, and grow up to be destructive.

Along with being very creative people, the water clan is also very musical; which ties the next creature in with their culture. Fosse Grim is a harmless creature, which plays enchanted songs on his violin for all the men, women and children of the clan. On special occasions, such as balls or other events, Fosse Grim plays his enchanted songs for all of the clan to hear. Though some legends depict him as dangerous, Fosse is really just a trickster of sorts. He appears to be that of a little boy, with skin as pale white as snow itself. Matching is the messy, yet straight mop of white hair atop his head, dipping down in many places to obstruct his pair of very off, almost celestial eyes; glimmering spheres of light are his irises, the whites not actually white, but in fact, a blue as bright as the Caribbean Sea. And though his eyes are quite the wonder, the miraculous array of blue, green, and violet coral-coating around his eyes and down the sides of his face are quiet dazzling; creating playful patterns in his white skin.

If you take a stroll down the beaches of Siram's island, you might be surprised to see giant sea crabs resting in the sand. They grow as their age progresses, and if taken care of and placed in the right climate, could live for damn near an eternity. They are quiet creatures, that if you show them care will show you no harm. In fact, some people even have the joy of taking rides on the crabs’ shells, being walked across the sand and sometimes taken into the ocean for a short swim.

Some of the smaller creatures that inhabit the waters and beaches of Siram are the sea foxes. These are playful creatures, with the upper body of a fox and the tail of a fish. Instead of having red coats, their fur is more of a deep purple or light blue. Their playful nature often results in games or races, in which the children of the water clan partake. Sometimes, they will even be taken as pets.

The other smaller creature lives on the island, sometimes playing on the beach or by trees. These are small, furry creatures that have no name. Some call them "fluffies", due to their small, fluff-ball like bodies. They are also sometimes compared to small rabbits, because of their fluffy, off-white fur. They have two hind legs, but no front, long pointed tuffs of fur over their noses, and eyes that are longer than they are wide. Because of their "deformed" bodies, they are very imbalanced. When they run, they duck their heads forward and charge, though they wind up falling face-first into the ground because of the balance issues. They are quite cute, and are also often kept as pets. The children of the clan enjoy playing with the "fluffies" in their free time.

The last of the creatures are the three guardian birds of Siram: Ptitsa, Caladrius and Zshar. The gender of these birds is unknown, although they are believed to be brothers. Ptitsa takes the form of a small white bird with one blue eye and one red. This is said to be the bird of souls, and as such has the responsibility of bringing the souls of Siram's dead to Necropolis. As the bird sets out for its journey to the land of the dead, the dragons of the land bow their head in respect. When the journey has come to its end, Ptitsa returns to the side of Siram's leader, Micah, where he is often seen.

The next of the guardians takes the form of a large, miraculous bird, with feathers the colors of deep purples, sea greens and bright blues. This is Caladrius, the water bird. He is a one-of-a-kind bird, with the ability to predict if a sick person will live or die.  If the person is going to die, the bird will look away, but if the person is to live, the bird will make eye contact. At twilight, the bird takes to the sky with his brothers; they spread gentle mist over the island to help replenish and cleanse the land before the island slips back into the water for the night.

The last guardian takes the form of a majestic bird about the same size as Caladrius, gold and silver feathers tucked gracefully over its body. This is Zshar, the fire bird. He is named not because he can manipulate fire, but rather, that his feathers shine so brightly in the night that it looks like he is aglow. The firebird is a nocturnal bird, as at night he illuminates the land that he flies over. It is said that the smallest feather from Zshar's tail can light up an entire room. He is also a bird of the healing nature; able to heal the sick and cure the blind with his mystical chants. These three great birds are of the greatest respect, and reside in underwater shrines until their presence is needed.  

Full Description of Siram Page_divider_by_lithiumharddrive


The abilities of the water clan are that of none other. The first of which, is the manipulation over water they possess. There are several uses for this ability, uses that grow over time as new way strategies and styles are created.

The next ability they possess is the ability to understand the minds of other creatures. This allows them to communicate with animals, and if allowed, other human beings. With this, they are connected to nature in ways unimaginable. However,Siram law states that this ability is to be used only in times of dire need, and with the permission of the person in question.

Another ability they are known for possessing is the ability to heal, in which they use two techniques. The first of which is manipulation over the body. Since the body is made mostly of water, experienced members of the clan can use their manipulation over water in order to influence the nerves of the body to grow or reconnect. This can help someone with physical wounds, but for things such as illness or disease, their second technique is used. This technique is used with the help of two out of the three guardian birds; Zshar and Caladrius. Their abilities are called upon when a person is at risk of death.

Along with their healing abilities, they are prone to the manipulation of heat. With this talent they can increase or reduce the amount of heat of a small amount of water at a time, able to thus make water boil, or freeze. Usually only those of higher standing develop this ability to a useful degree.

Ability Restrictions:

All people born from Siram loins have the potential to be able to manipulate water, temperature, as well as tap into the mind of another, and heal.The manipulation over water is the easiest ability one can learn, though the amount of water manipulated at one time depends upon how skilled a person has become, what age they are, etc. Normally the regular Siram member cannot manipulate more than his or her own body mass of water at one time. Pure bloods, guardians, healers, and other experienced members of Siram that have practiced over periods of time can sometimes earn the ability to manipulate things up to 10 or 15 times larger than their mass, however.

Healing is the next easiest ability to learn, though there are some tricky parts to it, and it takes time to perfect. As well, limitations upon to what extent you can heal a person applies to how skilled a person is. Obviously if you are more practiced in that particular field, you may grow to be able to heal parts of the body others may not be able to.The Manipulation of Temperature is slightly harder than the other abilities of a Siram member. Only skilled, and mentally/physically strong people can withstand the strain upon themself that comes with being able to manipulate the temperature of a liquid. A skilled person in this field, however, can grow to be able to boil and evaporate water upon instance, and freeze, or chill water quick enough to lock a below freezing amount of water in a liquid state. The fluctuation of temperature usually only is learned by Nobles, Guardians and practiced healers.

Mind Reading is a very scarce ability to find in the people of Siram. It takes someone with skill and strength (mentally), as well as someone with a strong balance in the other aspects of their clans abilities, in order to be able to tap into another person's mind wave-links. A person that fits the bill, which is usually only the practiced Royals of a clan, and the head guardians, may be able to listen in on a person's thoughts for a short period of time, or tap into the emotions they may be expressing at the time. However, a use of this ability comes only at times of either consent of the other party, or in dire need; considered to be a taboo with extensive use on an unknowing second party.

Blood Bending is seen even more scarcely than Mind Reading, usually preserved and learned by one or two people in a clan. This ability is passed through the pure blooded Royals, though there has been a case or two of a person outside of the royal family gaining this trait, as well. This is the highest taboo one could commit, using their abilities to control the body of another; though sometimes it is used upon one'self in order to overcome outside forces that may prevent one from moving as fast as they may need in a certain situation, or other things of the like.

Full Description of Siram Page_divider_by_lithiumharddrive


The main Island of Siram is known as Sivus. The Island is quite like any other you could see; golden beaches, palm trees scattered about, and a flawless view of the magnificent blue ocean. The town central is the main center of the Island, consisting of small shops and markets. The majority of Sirams population exists within this area the town itself, being built on the back of a turtle, can move to just about anywhere. However, it usually tends to stay in one place: Above the kingdom. The buildings are made of magnificent, multi-colored coral, and as such are very appealing to the eye. With its size, the island has a general capacity of about 1000 families, give or take. The shops and markets in town look much like the normal houses do; differently colored coral structures. The main island is used as the residential area for the clan, as well as the main shopping and recreational spot for citizens and visitors. Though the underwater kingdom is indeed a popular place to visit, the true Siram hangout is in the very heart of Sivus itself. The Town Square, located in the center of the island is a circular and spacious area, paved by the cobblestone pathways of the 'city' areas. The Town Square is a place for people to come, listen to music, watch the dancers, play games, and get in on the action. It is also the major shopping center for Siram. A number of stores, restaurants, and shopping centers make the Town Square the main tourists attraction of Siram. In the east side of Town Square, is the Grand Stadium, which is the venue for various forms of entertainment. The Stadium is about a 100 yards in radius, and the home of various sporting events and contests which take place in Siram. People often meet up at the entrance to the Staduim, which just so happens to be adorned with a grand fountain of the Goddess Halsey. Her image is carved out of an array of multicolored corals, figure positioned as if she were dancing in the brilliant sunlight, and casting a warm, playful spectrum of light throughout the area. The colors even reflect in the crystal clear, fresh water that streams from the magnificent fountain.

Coeo is often referred to as the “Island of Healing.” Though most members of Siram have at least some Healing abilities, those who have exceptional skill often become professional healers, and work on Coeo. Professional healers are often pursued by outsiders who are in desperate need of healing, or citizens who were, for whatever reason involved in accidents. There are no residents of Coeo. Only professional healers live on the island, so that someone will be present at all times in the event of an emergency. Farming and fishing are also customary acts on this island. Siram is known for growing its tropical fruits and vegetables. From the island of Coeo, they are grown, and distributed to the other islands, as well as prepared for trade to other villages.

Dae Hasley; Possibly the most revered Island, is the legendary Island of Hasley's Mountain. Since the birth of The Five, the people of Siram have given themselves wholeheartedly to the belief and worship of Halsey (♪ Pronounced; Hail-sai), the one true goddess of Siram, Water Incarnate. It had been told that the great Halsey used to reside in the islands of Siram as none other than an everyday person, whom for the sake of her clan, gave herself to the dark overlord Abjit, who threatened to plague to crystalline waters of Siram, and end all life for the people. Legend told that she traveled to the smaller chain of islands just outside of Siram, stepped foot on the forbidden island, and climbed the climbable mountain; a mountain said to vaporize anyone instantly upon impact, and turn them into the light, refreshing mist that encircled the islands. After reaching the top of the mountain, she met with the one they called Abjit; ready to give her life to save the people. The fact that she had answered the nightmares of Abjit that everyone in the clan dreamed at night, knowing where her fate would end, baffled him. "Why sacrifice your precious life, when the people you are trying to save are too selfish to offer themselves to save you?" She simply replied "Water is peace, serenity, it is healing. I know that each one of us is born of water, are made of water, and hold water in our hearts and souls, as we are one; even myself. So, is it not my duty to do like water would, and create peace?" Irritated by her answer, he cut conversations quickly, and stole the life of the only one willing to give herself purely. And on that mountain top, on that night, Abjit had been destroyed by the purity of the life he had taken. And in the memory of Halsey, their great savior, the life of Siram thrived. Texts known as the Codes of Halsey came into existence after her death, shaping the very existence of the clan of Siram. One of the Legends in the Code, tested and found true, is the fact that if anyone where to set foot on Dae Halsey, ourside of Halsey herself, would dissipate instantly; becoming an addition to the soothing mist that surrounds the island itself. Because of this, only the reincarnates of Halsey herself are allowed to set foot on the island, often coming to the mountain's top for several months at a time to meditate.

Ora Halsey is much like Dae Halsey, in the fact that it is a sacred place in which people come to worship Halsey. However, Ora Halsey is a place in which everyone can come to ask for Halsey's help. The island itself is right off to the side of Dae Halsey, independent temples for worship peppered through the abnormally dense, damp forest. Almost like a rainforest, without the dangerous creatures, and with half of the rain; Ora Halsey is a very spiritual island, one of the most spiritual places in all of Siram, and possibly even Daratan. It is the location of most every ceremony to take place in Siram, including the biannual Initiation ceremony for new Guardians. This island is not meant for common exchanges, and should only be inhabited in times of spiritual need.

The smallest Island in Siram has no formal name, though it is known as Quintar, by the Guardians. This island had no infrastructure, and is in virtually the same condition it was in before occupied by humans. Beautiful beaches, and lush forests, and wild animals are some of the most noted things on the island. Like Dae Hasley, citizens do not come to this place. It is occupied by the Guardians, and used as their training grounds. Quintar is also used for the purpose of tryouts for Siram Guardians, which are overseen by Sachiel and A’Nailiah. Individuals who pass the tryouts will undergo a ceremony on Ora Island, to become official Guardians. During the ceremony, a blue tint becomes visible in the newly initiated Guardians hair. Training sessions on Quintar take place twice a day, five days a week, and it is unacceptable for a Guardian to be absent under any conditions. The guardians are the only defensive formation for the peaceful Siram, and thus, have a quite strict culture. The Island of Quintar serves as home to that culture.

Full Description of Siram Page_divider_by_lithiumharddrive

Underwater Areas

Pods Systems/Underwater Kingdom; All paths on the face of the main island eventually lead to the Pod Station in the center of the town. The Pod Station is the only form of transport for outsiders to travel from the Island, to the Underwater Kingdom. The Station is a blue hued, transparent, spherical building, the size of a small house. Along the walls of the building are ten capsule shaped pods. Two attendants are present in the Pod station at all hours, in order to ensure that those needing to travel along them will be able to do so with no issues. The pods are each about the size of a small closet, capable of fitting about five people. They’re made of a strong, clear material, to allow visitors to take in the magnificent view that is the ocean beneath the Island. The wildlife and corals are astonishing through the royal blue filter that is Sirams waters. The trip that the pods take though the mazelike paths under the ocean lasts approximately two minutes. During which time, passengers are likely to see various fish, dolphins, whales, or even sharks! Upon their destination, they will see an almost identical station to the one from which they departed. The only difference is, instead of the doors opening to the outside, they open to reveal a corridor, that leads to the grand, crystalline Kingdom of the Royal Family.

What the members of Siram call the “Kingdom” is more like a modernized, medieval palace. It’s underwater location provides safety from outside intrusion, however, it’s beauty provides a feeling much different from that of a bunker that one would find underground. Crafted from the sea itself, the palace is made up of different corals and marbles. The most reputable material, however, is Sirams famous Sea Glass, which allows those inside to see out into the vast ocean. Though this clear material is called glass, it is not nearly as fragile as that which makes up a bottle. This material, which makes up the outer walls of the palace is actually solid as a tank-proof fortress, yet crystal clear as glass, stained blue by the color of the brilliant waters surrounding it. This effect causes a magical blue glow to radiate through the Kingdom in the daylight. The corridor from the Pod Station leads directly into the main hallway, which breaks off into several main corridors. To the left, is the employees of the kingdom's wing. The employees are treated well, and given lovely living quarters. These employees may include Official Siram Healers (as opposed to entrepreneurial healers up on the islands) Chefs, Gatherers, and many other workers. To the right, the visitors wing, which is exactly as it sounds. Visitors to the Kingdom stay in well furbished quarters, and are treated as royalty. Up the stairs and to the right is the royal's wing, home to the royal family and their personal company. It has the fewest number of rooms out of all wings in the palace, however, the rooms are, by far, the most extravagant in all of Siram. The Royal's wing stands opposite to the Council's wing, which could be found by taking a left at the top of the stairs. Here resides the members of council, although many have their own homes on the main island to house their families and possessions. These rooms are used mostly when their work has carried into the late night hours, and the pod system connecting the palace to the now-underwater Island has been disconnected for the night.

Another site that might interest visitors, is the courtyard. Visible from many places within the palace, it is only attainable from the main hallway. The Courtyard is positioned directly in the center of the palace. It’s a manmade ecosystem, in an airtight room about a half acre in size. The walls are completely transparent, so the courtyard can be viewed from the outside. Lit artificially by lighting provided by Liwanag, the courtyard produces greenery such as grass, and a number of trees and bushes. The majority of the courtyard is a simple field, covered in grass, and various plantlife. About one third of the area is occupied by a lake by means of controlled elevation. In the center of the lake, stands a flawless statue of the Goddes, Halsey. She stands, with her hands extended outward, as if offering her blessings to all those who seek her out. The lake is home to a number of aquatic species, including a rare beast, that most members of Siram believe to be nothing more than a legend. Near the entrance to the Couryard, is a small Garden, tended to by Micah and A’Nailiah. There is also a small hot spring located along the eastern wall. It’s a quite peaceful place, and many Siram officials come here to visit during their free time. Though animals are rarely seen here, the sound of birds chirping can often be heard within the walls.

Full Description of Siram Page_divider_by_lithiumharddrive

Common Occupations


Council Members





Artists and Architects


Fishermen and Farmers


Royal Squires  

Full Description of Siram Page_divider_by_lithiumharddrive

Whats to come?
-The Guardian's Shrines
-Trade items (possibly)[/color]
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Full Description of Siram
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