This world is home to the six clans of Daratan: Hayvn, Septur Kana, Arcanthul Saravya, Siram, Zalaes, and Lucenoc.
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 (Position Openings and Details)

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(Position Openings and Details) Empty
PostSubject: (Position Openings and Details)   (Position Openings and Details) EmptyThu Dec 09, 2010 3:57 pm

+here is a list of the positions open in the septur kana tribe army wise living wise etc+

regular peasant- speaks for itself you start as just any average joe in the tribe could change later with hard work and determination.

artisian- this position is for those with creativity whom wish to decorate the broad desert land with something beautiful they create gem stones and paintings. among other things.

designer- these people will help to design structures, houses, castles, fortresses, citys etc...

archaeologists- these workers work night and day searching to discover the mysterious arts of the land itself. discovering ores and new materials to be harnessed and bent. they work to discover the secrets of the ancestors of kana.

farmers- Closer to Ponds and such farmers grow vegetable adjusting the shade with rocks and such to keep them growing at an accurate rate.

black smith- these are the heart and soul of septur kanas trade, bending ore and metals to create tools, weapons of the finest calibur. as well as new armor platings and such. highly respected in the septur kana community.

sages- This is a position mostly available to elders or those that wish to become one with the earth. This may be eventualy transitioned into a soldier position. or it could be the builders of the cities and structures the ones that are the Builders of the great structures. They manipulate the element at master levels to help create things and structures.

hunter- this usualy is the men whom wish to provide for their familys braving the wilds. They hunt the more innocent creatures of the land like desert caribou and other odd little things that would provide a hefty feast. In war time and moments of conflict these would be the first to be pulled into the army as marksman.

Army Based-

soldier positions- there are a lot of these positions differnt unit types in the army but these soldiers follow orders without question and live to die for the beliefs of kana. positions included are as listed below. Normal Soldier is dressed in simple light armor and carries a sword and shield but is not entirely skilled in its use, just the basics.

Desert Thorns- these soldiers carry an oddly shaped elongated shield so that each and every one of their shields is differnt they are place in groups so that each shield will lock together so that in times of battle they can cover in perfect defefensive shell formation. their spears still sticking out all over. the spear also has jagged edging so as to rip their opponent appart. they are in very light armor with black plate and gold trim. at their hip they carry a long sword of their own choice.

dead eyes- these are the marksman of the army the pride and joy of this army. the marksman are trained to be extremely efficient with every shot they take having the most precise aiming they find it a failure to miss a single shot. and are not grouped together like most archer units. They act as a single deadly unit. One shot one kill, or if the enemys stupid maybe a single arrow will kill three in a row.

The Desert Blades- swordsman of great calibur not the best daratan has to offer but their swordsmanship is backed by odd techinques to make their master skill show even more. Their blades are jagged and saw like so as to be like being cut with a dull knife. it will cause almost instant infection if not treated right away.

phantoms- these are the silencers of the army acting as tricky assassins they stalk there prey using differnt concotions of the earth to cause slight explosions and or smoke screens and such. They are a unit small and limber with a sleek blade to cut their enemys down in one strike.

wolf riders- theses cloaked soldiers are upon the backs of massive armored black wolves. they carry three weapons upon them depending. one a chained sickle. the next a harshly carved glaive. and finally a flail of deadly calibur. there speed and momentum makes their attacks most deadly of the entire Army strength wise. along with the wolves with blades on either side of the mouth as well as their paws and fangs.

finally the shades- these are soldiers dressed in the black cloaks and normal robes they have mastered their earth element to a deadly point where their mind is their tool of destruction. Helping with enviromental bonuses to the allied troops or crushing a being with a boulder they are very deadly.

( keep in mind every last soldier acts with a special form of mind link that is developed in training. this helps with strategys and their over all combat prowess. this is also a reason their symbol is that of a wolf their army is like a wolf pack.)

special army roles-

captain- this is a unit of high respect typically chosen for outstanding acheivments in the army by the general of his battalion. a captain must be good in combat and a source to look upon in battle to look up to they must be able to motivate the troops in dire times. this position requires testing ( a paragraph of how youd handle if this happened. I of course would provide you with a scenario to write about)

general- these are the most highly respected positions in the army. Generals must be great tacticians, heavy fighters, powerful minds, and noble leaders as well as be able to take orders given. the general position is a spot of four people only. ( must duel me for this position. and duel me in a battle of army tactics as well)

the last positions open are that of the royal advisors- this position is one closest to the king they help to plan all things in the kingdom giving out strong suggestions to lord sotaynru. ( postion needs testing one must give me written solution to how to fix a problem in Kana or to help improve it. three spots are open for this also a small tactical battle scenario and how you'd deal with it.)

(these are the positions offered in my clan i hope you choose to join us as e work in our path of expansion. please ask me anything you want in the cultures forum if you have questions.)
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(Position Openings and Details)
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