This world is home to the six clans of Daratan: Hayvn, Septur Kana, Arcanthul Saravya, Siram, Zalaes, and Lucenoc.
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 The Islands~

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The main Island of Siram is known as Civus. The Island is quite like any other you could see; golden beaches, palm trees scattered about, and a flawless view of the magnificent blue ocean. The town central is the main center of the Island, consisting of small shops and markets. The majority of Sirams population exists within this area the town itself, being built on the back of a turtle, can move to just about anywhere. However, it usually tends to stay in one place: Above the kingdom. The buildings are made of magnificent, multi-colored coral, and as such are very appealing to the eye. With its size, the island has a general capacity of about 500 people, give or take. The shops and markets in town look much like the normal houses do; differently colored coral structures. The main island is used as the residential area for the clan, as well as the main shopping and recreational spot for citizens and visitors.

Coeo is often referred to as the “Island of Healing.” Though most members of Siram have at least some Healing abilities, those who have exceptional skill often become professional healers, and work on Coeo. Professional healers are often pursued by outsiders who are in desperate need of a healing, or citizens who were, for whatever reason involved in accidents. There are no residents of Coeo. Only professional healers live on the island, so that someone will be present at all times in the event of an emergency. Farming and fishing are also customary acts on this island. Siram is known for growing its tropical fruits and vegetables. From the island of Coeo, they are grown, and distributed to the other islands, as well as prepared for trade to other villages.

Dae Hasley; Possibly the most revered Island, is the legendary Island of Hasley's Mountain. Since the birth of The Five, the people of Siram have given themselves wholeheartedly to the belief and worship of Halsey (♪ Pronounced; Hail-sai), the one true goddess of Siram, Water Incarnate. It had been told that the great Halsey used to reside in the islands of Siram as none other than an everyday person, whom for the sake of her clan, gave herself to the dark overlord Abjit, who threatened to plague to crystalline waters of Siram, and end all life for the people. Legend told that she traveled to the smaller chain of islands just outside of Siram, stepped foot on the forbidden island, and climbed the climbable mountain; a mountain said to vaporize anyone instantly upon impact, and turn them into the light, refreshing mist that encircled the islands. After reaching the top of the mountain, she met with the one they called Abjit; ready to give her life to save the people. The fact that she had answered the nightmares of Abjit that everyone in the clan dreamed at night, knowing where her fate would end, baffled him. "Why sacrifice your precious life, when the people you are trying to save are too selfish to offer themselves to save you?" She simply replied "Water is peace, serenity, it is healing. I know that each one of us is born of water, are made of water, and hold water in our hearts and souls, as we are one; even myself. So, is it not my duty to do like water would, and create peace?" Irritated by her answer, he cut conversations quickly, and stole the life of the only one willing to give herself purely. And on that mountain top, on that night, Abjit had been destroyed by the purity of the life he had taken. And in the memory of Halsey, their great savior, the life of Siram thrived. Texts known as the Codes of Halsey came into existence after her death, shaping the very existence of the clan of Siram. One of the Legends in the Code, tested and found true, is the fact that if anyone where to set foot on Dae Halsey, ourside of Halsey herself, would dissipate instantly; becoming an addition to the soothing mist that surrounds the island itself. Because of this, only the reincarnates of Halsey herself are allowed to set foot on the island, often coming to the mountain's top for several months at a time to meditate.

Ora Halsey is much like Dae Halsey, in the fact that it is a sacred place in which people come to worship Halsey. However, Ora Halsey is a place in which everyone can come to ask for Halsey's help. The island itself is right off to the side of Dae Halsey, independent temples for worship peppered through the abnormally dense, damp forest. Almost like a rainforest, without the dangerous creatures, and with half of the rain; Ora Halsey is a very spiritual island, one of the most spiritual places in all of Siram, and possibly even Daratan. It is the location of most every ceremony to take place in Siram, including the biannual Initiation ceremony for new Guardians. This island is not meant for common exchanges, and should only be inhabited in times of spiritual need.

All paths on the face of the main island eventually lead to the Pod Station in the center of the town. The Pod Station is the only form of transport for outsiders to travel from the Island, to the Underwater Kingdom. The Station is a blue shaded, transparent, spherical building, the size of a small house. Along the walls of the building, are ten capsule shaped pods. Two attendants are present in the Pod station at all hours, in order to ensure that those needing to travel along them will be able to do so with no issues. The pods are each about the size of a small closet, capable of fitting about five people. They’re made of a strong, clear material, to allow visitors to take in the magnificent view that is the ocean beneath the Island. The wildlife, and corals are astonishing through the royal blue filter that is Sirams waters.

The trip that the pods take, though the mazelike paths under the ocean takes approximately two minutes. During which time, passengers are likely to see various fish, dolphins, whales, or even sharks! Upon their destination, they will see an almost identical station to the one from which they departed. The only difference is, instead of the doors opening to the outside, they open to reveal a corridor, that leads to the grand, crystalline Kingdom of the Royal Family. The corridor leads directly into the main hallway, which breaks off into several main corridors; to the left, the employees of the kingdom's wing, to the right, the visitors wing, and up the stairs, is the royal's wing.

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The Islands~
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