This world is home to the six clans of Daratan: Hayvn, Septur Kana, Arcanthul Saravya, Siram, Zalaes, and Lucenoc.
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 Mountan Pass - Fort Dragoon

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Mountan Pass - Fort Dragoon Empty
PostSubject: Mountan Pass - Fort Dragoon   Mountan Pass - Fort Dragoon EmptyTue Feb 11, 2014 8:37 pm

The new fort now blocks the mountain path from restless visitors who flood the cities mountain pass and liter it with their dead bodies in their drive to reach the bursting city of Arcanthul, Which over the past year has become a bustling metropolis, expanding past the borders of the original cave city and onto the protected sides of the mountain.

The fort itself is a nearly impenetrable wall, made from the black molten rock that falls from some of the peaks. Obsidian it is called, and the production of the black gate consumed more than a few lives. This gate is guarded heavily by a Battalion of Saravya troops. Travelers are allowed passage to reach the city upon inspection and payment to the guards for both a guide and for the length of their stay, the highest price being full citizenship.

Answer our call in desperate hours, Shelter our fall from earthly powers. Temper our souls with flame and furnace, Bear us toward a noble purpose. Heaven hides nothing in its measure, Mortal men blinded by false treasure. Formless and vanquished we shall travel, Shield and sword will guide our battle!
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Mountan Pass - Fort Dragoon
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