This world is home to the six clans of Daratan: Hayvn, Septur Kana, Arcanthul Saravya, Siram, Zalaes, and Lucenoc.
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PostSubject: Re: Character sheet   Character sheet - Page 2 EmptyWed Dec 08, 2010 6:33 pm

Clan| Septur Kana

Name| Akyztix Aldmaris

Age| -Unknown-

Occupation| Captain.of.guard.squad.

Height and Weight| 5'7" 110lbs.

Look| long black hair and dark blue eyes He wears a black robe with a white captains coat.

Bio| Intelligent, makes up for lack of strength. He was the best friend of Veil Michealis When they were little. His father is from Incendia Calx so he has the element of Air and ember. His mother is from Siram but has no control of Water.He's a loner and on the brink of forfeit. He is Careful around dark people and a little jumpy when he is around new people, but mostly women.

Weapons| A single blade that curves. Smithed by his deceased father of the Incendia Calx, he has added to it to make it even stronger that steal. The handle broke many times but he replaced it with a steal pole. After three years he made a handle out of strong Coral that was thought to be unbreakable, but is not. As he swings he channels the Element of fire to the sword to make it more strong, which makes up for his lack of physical strength

Abilities| He is a manipulator of Fire and Air and he combines his sword and the element Fire to make more powerful swings since he isn't very strong.
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PostSubject: Re: Character sheet   Character sheet - Page 2 EmptySun Dec 12, 2010 4:40 pm

Name:Zoe-low Hyu (Zoe)




Info:In his youth Zoe-low wasn't one of the average kids that send his time playing around the kingdom..Being the son of two known healers he would spend most of his time in the house studying the human body,herbs, medical terms,medicine and defensive tactics..They wanted him to live above there known name ,so much they limited his activities unless they where educational ..Being educated by both his teachers and his parents Zoe-low was always ahead of his class. Some hated his intelligence and pick on him for it ..But knowing the human body like the back of his hand and how to defend hiself he could easily disable a person without causing harm..Even though he didn't like to fight sometimes he would annoy his fellow student to the point they would strike first and he would test out his theories or what he had learned that day on them..Later in his life he was accepted to the healing program in Siram

Appearence:He had ocean blue eyes with dirty blonde hair. He aways wear a white robe with blue gems ..

Abilities:Besides the abilitie to manipulate water Zoe-low is an excellent healer .He majors in the human body and it's nervous system. he could also make medicine with herbs ,and finally he was and good defender .
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PostSubject: Re: Character sheet   Character sheet - Page 2 EmptySun Dec 12, 2010 6:26 pm

Clan| Siram
Name| Nerevar
Age| 21
Occupation| Healer
Background| She is very childish and also Mysterious. Not many know of her past. She was born and raised in Siram and her parents died when she was turning the age of 14. That left her always wanting to stay a kid and never grow up. Her parents called her Ever Moore For Nerevar Moore was her name. After a year of living on her own her name became Nerevar. She carries no weapons for she uses the element of Water as her guide. She rarely gets angry and never hurts anyone, and always stays loyal to her superiors.
Appearance| She has blond hair that hangs past her wait and usually keeps it in a pony tail. She has sea blue eyes relating to that she was born in Siram home of Water.
Abilities| She can heal anyone but she is a beginner so it takes a while for her to do so. She can also Use the element Water.
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Bane sodiru

Bane sodiru

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PostSubject: Re: Character sheet   Character sheet - Page 2 EmptySun Dec 12, 2010 10:49 pm

Bane sodiru

age- almost 18

occupation- mercenary

location- hayvns forests

mostly the man is husky built strong by nature there are few that think to chalenge him. on his back he wields a massive battle axe of an odd shape. other than that his bare hands are more than enough. his hair a deep black color and he refuses to wear but one set of clothes until he feels that he has earned what he wears so for the time being he only wears the simple loin cloth to cover his private areas. his eyes cold dark stern a gold tint about them. his skin is tanned dark by nature and he has no desir to use any element what so ever. this man belives the animals blood he will posses will be more than enough to handle conflicts.

back ground-
the man was born away from his pack he was forced to grow strong to survive though he had not earned his birth right yet. he would not feel he had earned that until he was a legit member of hayvn once mroe and to do that he would have to pledge his alleigance to the cheif of the clan. his family had all but abandoned him and he had nothing to raise him but his own raging blood that led him to fight for survival and eventually tke up the ways of the wandering mercenary. some day he would belong to the clan mroe thuroughly but he would nto come to them he felt they had been wrong by leaving him behind so logn ago they would have to search him out liek that should have so many years ago now he was almost 18 and still had no family or kinsmen onhly his mighty axe and war drive.

abilities- swingin an axe tracking and brawling/street fighting.

strengths- determination strength and forestry knowledge.

weknesses- stuborn, battle hungy and lack of manners.

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~Elias Gyro~

~Elias Gyro~

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PostSubject: Character Sheet   Character sheet - Page 2 EmptyTue Dec 14, 2010 10:22 pm


Name|Elias Gyro



Back story|Elias was the youngest of 5 brothers and the smallest. His oldest brother, Marrok, recieved the honor of killing a liger, a rare cross breed creature. Elias hoped to one day surpass all his brothers and little did he know he would. His mother taught him a few things like cooking until he was old enough to hunt like the other men. When he was about 11 years old, it was time to go on his first hunt. Unlike his brothers, he got to hunt alone with his father. His father and him were tracking a silver wolf near by. While on the look for the beast, another creature surfaced, a large rhino attacked them. Right before the horn could pierce Elias, his father had tooken the blow. This event had changed Elias forever and the rhino had been his first kill. When he put on the hide of the rhino, something strange happened to him. His beautiful long black hair fell to the ground and his small stature morphed, making him tower over everyone else. He was no longer the runt of the litter. He uses the general gear of bow and arrow with a staff with a bludge end to make it more like a hammer.

Looks| His eyes have a small black outline to them making him seem almost empty. His head is completely shaved as is his face. He has strange red tribal markings across the right side of his face and right side of his body. He has two gauntlets that reach a little past both wrists. His body is also slightly scared from his brothers using him as their punching doll or, slashing doll.

Abilities|Being the wonderful cook he is, he can take herbs from the forest and use them to heal his clan. His strength is like that of that rhino and his speed equal. His body is a little bit harder to pierce then most due to the rhino hide. He can also call other rhinos to his aide if needed. He can also make a strange sound with his staff/hammer that will disrupt any prey.

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PostSubject: Razias    Character sheet - Page 2 EmptySun Jan 09, 2011 2:21 am

Name: Razias
Age: 17
Race: Human
Clan: Havyn
Occupation: Animal Tamer

Backstory: Razias was born into a very poor family, her mother and father didn’t even go to the hospital to bore her. Her mom died in labor with Razias and her father never got over the fact, he spent day after day locked up in the house crying, he never looked at Razias like a daughter blaming her for his wife’s death. During those times Razias would either stay in a crib alone until her father came and finally fed her and changed her. When Razias was able to walk and care for herself her father stopped caring all together, he only came out to eat and then eventually locked himself back up. Razias finally learned to venture out behind their house and head into the woods where she would sit for hours and meditate alone. At the age of 12, she found out she had a gift, a rare gift at that, she could speak to animals. A rare trait indeed at that time, she had used the power by accident when talking about her father to herself and a passing bird had said something to her, spoke directly to her giving her the sign she needed. Starting at 14 she began training with different weapons, she started with a bow and arrow, her prowess and speed with the bow was great but it didn’t flow for her. She tried with the sword next, a rapier to be exact as she spun the weapon and fought the animals with it she seemed to grow more distant from people and become drawn more into nature. The rapier didn’t click for her and she finally moved up the ladder of weapons coming to the weapon of her choice, a staff carved from a tree that lay near her house.

On her 16th birthday, Razias made her first kill, a panther. She had ambushed the beast and ripped its heart out with a hunting knife, when Razias had killed the beast and had been speaking when somebody approached her from behind she turned around ready to attack and the man grabbed her arm and placed his arm on her chest right between her breasts and murmured in a small voice. “Now be cursed with the essence of the beast you have killed” When the man finished speaking an onyx light erupted around Razias and the outline of a panther overtook her body and a paw had been tattooed on her skin where the man had his hand before disappearing. When she had returned home Razias found her father dead and laying upon his floor his own hands had ended his life. She sighed and set her house on fire letting the memories of her old life fading. She disappeared into the forest calling it her home, she lived there for a year until her 17th birthday when she finally gathered the last of her energy, now she was able to control nature itself the plants and even the animals would obey her every command. She hated to order them around though and hated violence even more. She had now become an animal tamer and used animals to help her in her tracking and anything that she can’t do alone using animals and plants so she never has to move into the village to get food or water.

Abilities: Razias has the ability to control nature itself, the ability to talk and command animals and plants making them do whatever she ask. She can grow plants from the ground and even change the weather to accompany those around her.

Strengths: Her control of nature is unsurpassed by any of those in the Havyn clan, she is a very well trained in her control and is very well at fighting from a distant. She is quick at using plants and animals to fight only if she has too.

Weakness: She is weak in melee capabilities and has an extreme love for nature and understands the flow of it but will fight anyone who hurts animals and plants just for the fun of it.

Appearance: She has long black hair that descends from her head to the top of her butt, in her hair lies a red rose that sits right in front so as to be seen by everybody. She has emerald green eyes that hide emotions of hatred and anger for everything but that of the circle of nature their calm and cool when she is around plants and animals. She wears a dress made completely from emerald green leaves that only cover her breasts and a small skirt that covers the top of her legs. She stand’s approximately 5’5 and weighs around 190 lbs.
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Tabitha Anaya

Tabitha Anaya

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PostSubject: Re: Character sheet   Character sheet - Page 2 EmptySat Jan 15, 2011 3:11 am

Name: Tabitha Anya
Age: 21
Clan: Havyn
Background: Tabitha was born into a loving family as an only clild. At the age of 13 she was sent out to complete the Joining. In the woods she almost died. The rain, and wild animals were almost too much for her body to take, however, she survived. Was it because of the gazelle she killed 4 days into her journey? She would never be sure. What she was sure of though, was that she was still alive and had her health back, after a year of being sick constantly. To this day, whenever she links into The Shared, she saw the gazelle. It wasn't upset, it was watching over her. She was protected.
Looks: 5'8" tall. Waist length jet black hair, tan skin, large black eyes. Usually she can be seen wearing a sheer silver top and black pants. She developed the perfect 36-24-36 body.
Personality: Despite her body and choice in clothing, Tabitha wasn't very outspoken. She is honest, and sweet. Her red lips are generally found pulled into a smile, which resonates over her whole face. People often mistake her quiet nature for being shy, but she really just didnt like to make a fuss or have a fuss made over her.
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PostSubject: Re: Character sheet   Character sheet - Page 2 EmptyWed Jan 26, 2011 2:59 am

clan: None, Freelance, former Tenkuu

Name: Chrys

Occupation: Assassin, Merc for hire

Age: 18, almost 19

Back story: Chrys was born on a nice sunny day to the clan of Tenkuu. Both his parents were low commoners, and that was the story of his life until he reached about the age of ten when he manged to talk to a weapons dealer that was travelling through Tenkuu. The man and Chrys talked and the man was persuaded into giving Chrys a good sword and Chrys played with it like it were a toy. As he got older, he learned that he had a natural affinity for wielding this weapon. He had started training himself in the art of swordsmanship after he was done helping his parents. This happened until he was about 16. Once at the raw age of 16, Chrys started to make his own weapons. He learned the art of forging weapons from the wondering blacksmiths. Chrys started forging a pair of weapons that he called 'hidden' blades. He made a locking mechanism, and a switch that made the blade 'flick' out and stay. It took him nearly a year to finally prefect these two separate weapons. But once they were complete, he left the clan of Tenkuu, and started travelling the lands in search for work. As this went on, he noticed that he had a nac for being quiet and for being able to kill people without being detected by other people. He started to make this his way of living, being hired by people to kill another person without any feeling to it. He learned the way nature was, and learned to live off the land when he needed too, when he hadn't the money to replenish his supplies. He had learned that different plants could be combined to create different things, and he eventually started to make different things, and learned that some made poisons and others made a substance that tasted sick, but helped him heal faster. He eventually heard of his homeland being destroyed, but this came as no shock to him, but he heard that his parents did survive, but again, this came as no shock. He had learned to be emotionless when he had to be, He knew this was one of those times. Since then, he had acquired a pair of daggers from Hayvn, and he learned that the sword had come from the Incendia Calx. He had learned as well that he had no place to call home but the nature itself, he didnt know anyone anymore, cause he never stayed in one place for too long, no more then a few days at a time.

Looks: Bout 5'10, 125lb and the normal defining feature of the long nails, he cut off with a dagger. He has a nice tan but no one can ever see it unless they are dying, because he is dressed in all black, but these clothes resemble that of an assassin(the same kind from assassin's creed) he kept the hidden blades inside his sleeves, but the sword and his two daggers were out in the open, so people knew that he wasnt to be messed with. He also has a back pack-type that stores all his food and poisons and whatnot that he carried with him. He has a scar that runs across his cheek from when an animal attacked him in the night time. He has scars running all along his body from being caught in different plants that had BIG thorns on it. He had short black hair that laid flat on his head, thou his hair was enough that he could cover his eyes with them, and he did most of the time, and used his hearing most of the time, But his hearing and sight were equally acute.

Weakness: The only weakness he has is the same as any normal commoner, taking massive amounts of pain, but he learned to have a very high pain tolerance due to the fact that he pretty much lived in the wild for the past few years of his life.He has learned to just deal with pain by pushing it off until after he was alone.

Abilities: None

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PostSubject: Re: Character sheet   Character sheet - Page 2 EmptyFri Feb 04, 2011 7:36 pm

Leonid Vach


An elderly man; not in age, but in appearance nonetheless, with eyes of bright jade, and hair as dark as a moonless night. His body is covered with untold rags and cloths; Fabrics of unbelievable color, down to the most filthy of torn scraps adorning every inch, and he prefers the concealment of his hood above all else. He slouches when he walks; having been bent over a table working for most of his life, and his fingers are as nimble and dexterous as any seamstress or smith. He has long fingernails; trimmed and seemingly pearl white, that he uses to itch his extremities (LOL) and his slender fingers always seem to be twitching or shaking when not at work.

Back Story: Current story
What was once his home: Destroyed. What was once his life: Gone. What was once his family: Dead. What was once his mind: Lost.

Leonid lived as any Alchemist. Giving every waking moment to the creation of more 'grav'stones, and always inventing for the betterment of his kind and others. He lived high above the earth; his weathered skin rarely seeking the sun, and his youth was spent in lecture hall and observatory. Watching, and learning what he could, about the odd stones his people found and created. The stones that... had led to their destruction.

Leonid hated his life to say the least; never wishing to live as a sequestered experiment, being poked and prodded: always being told to get this done, do this, have that ready, and on a single fateful day, he didnt have to worry anymore. He took a simple griffin down to the farmland; trying futilely to get away from his people for but a few hours, and when he returned from his odd voyage, it was gone.

The great dragon had devoured it all; his people, their world, his life whole. and yet.... he w as thankful. No longer would he be told what to do; how he needed to act, when and where he needed to be. He could live a free life, a new life, a better life... Though the crushing weight of losing everything would strike him down later; holding him in the arms of darkness for several hours while he wept, he was absolutely ecstatic when he saw the destruction.

Quickly he went about gathering; retrieving two gauntlets, one short sword, a slender bow with no arrows, and an assortment of other tools. He created a makeshift cart from debris and the remnants of a small grav stone, and piled all he needed inside. He found four water stones, one ether stone (flame), and six or seven small and nearly dead grav stones. As well; searching for nearly an entire week at the site of his crushed home, as several tools and unbroken vials. He set all the stones inside the cart; covering them with fabric to keep them unseen, as he fashioned himself the rag-tag cloak and shirt, and went about vacating the area.

He walked for days on end; turning neither which way on purpose, as he tried desperately to come up with an idea. Something he could do... but it seemed as though:after all those years of being told what to do.. he couldnt function without a master giving him orders. He tried desperately to compress his varied ideas; barely able to sleep with the pounding of his head keeping him on the edge of insanity all the time, and when he finally realized what he had to do, he quite literally sighed a breathe of realization. He had to restart, rebuild, begin again. Not as his people had; not with weapons of war, but with tools. Tools to help. To help the land, to help the people, to help everyone.

He set about creating various mechanisms; at first from wood and downed trees, as he began to construct a small floating platform. As it grew wider; the grav stones holding it inches from the ground as he worked, it grew ever more impressive. Within three weeks of steady work; by himself, hiding from the world, Leonid set the platform out and stepped up onto it. His cart was no more; for all he needed sat upon the one hundred foot circle of stone, wood, and various metals. He had benches outlining a large table at the center; small pillars spaced evenly all the way around the outside, and within a chamber beneath the table, all of the stones sat silently. Doing as they must.

Water flowed from the center of the table; pouring out across it so casually that it seemed still, and as it ran off the edge of the earthen surface, it fell straight back into a pool warmed by the ether stone. It stayed there; circling and circulating; perpetually heating and cooling, cleaning itself, before it patiently made its way back up and out of the small hole at the tables top. It was a work of art, and a work of genius. For if others did sit there; as he would undoubtedly sit many days, they would be completely comfortable. Their feet soaking in warm moving water, and their stress washed away by the casual sound of a man-made waterfall.

Leonids tools were hidden in various compartments around the cylindrical platform; resting invisibly below solid surfaces, or within columns of incredibly detailed stone and metal. The floor was always warm beneath the feet; air constantly circulating from four water born vents at each of the platforms compass points, and without a doubt, it was a creation to behold. But... that wasnt even what Leonid was happy about as he set it into the air, and let it hover above the clans meeting place. Merely resting in the neutral air above. What truly made him happy, was the fact that he alone retained the knowledge of his people, and with enough time and effort, he could help the world as they should have.


Ether stone:

The ether stone; or stone of fire, is an incredibly hot; yet cool to the touch, rock that is formed through a chemical compression of incendian rocks, and sulfuric carbon. Given the right amount of tempered attention; attaining the right consistency, the rock is actually molded by skillful hands into any shape necessary, and will produce heat for untold ages. It can be covered with moisture to create steam; placed inside of an earthen box to create a more stable source, and if ventilated properly, could become an essential tool in warming many aspects of Daratan life.

Hydro stone
Unlike the ether stone; being crafted by chemical compression, the Hydro stone is alchemically altered and formed. It begins as a simple pearl; is wrapped in layer upon layer of hydrogen rich earth, and eventually it is submerged in an electrified tank of freezing cold water. When the rock is removed; the need for haste being very important, an alchemist must rapidly heat and then cool its surface. Giving the stone a few alterations of unknown (to anyone but them) degrees and compounds before it reaches a frigid temperature and takes on the appearance of a large blue pearl. When the surface of the rock itself is cracked; whether a small or large hole depends on the amount of water wanted, it will create and disperse a constant supply of it. It must be kept from breaking; or cracking, because if it does it will explode into a vaporous mist, and nothing will remain.. It is unknown how much water can be produced over time, but it is suspected that the rock must be kept near water to recycle and continue its process.

Grav stone
The most powerful, dangerous, and destructive of the stones produced by the alchemists. The grav stone; or the air stone as it is sometimes called on accident, is created through countless amounts of compressing, temperature change, chemical injections or bathes, and when the stone is reaching its maturity:meaning when it nears its peak of power and is usually put into use, it is a lavish glowing stone of pure crystal color. It warps light and shadow alike around it; allowing for easy lifting and moving of objects. It creates without a doubt, the most scientifically challenging outcomes. It can be used to lift objects of incredible weight with ease. such as below a cart... It can be used to pick up rocks or weapons and hurl them outward.. such as in the gauntlets.. It can be used with the gauntlets to extinguish fire, pull water apart, and it has the ability to do either one of two things. A. Expand gravity, lessening it for an object, or B. Compressing gravity, increasing it for an object... B, is but a weaponized version, and the ability to create such stones is though to be lost completely.

Luminus stone
Simple light stones; solar reactive and recharging rocks that are given their name for the bright emanating light they produce at night. They recharge each day in the rays of the sun, and constantly remain at a neutral level. Their color can be changed while they are being made, and some rare stones have been known to switch through all the hues at random.

Seer stone
This stone is an anomaly. A rare find and an unknown stone. If placed in the hands of a skilled alchemist, it can be used as an outlet for communication. Between another stone of its kind, or in some rare cases, a form of still water. More research is needed, and no such stones exist (for sure)
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PostSubject: Re: Character sheet   Character sheet - Page 2 EmptyMon Feb 07, 2011 6:54 pm

Clan: Septur Kana

Name: Daxter

Background: Ever since he was little, he was pushed aside because he couldnt quite compare to his brothers and sisters in his family. Once he hit 12 he started to leave his home and go to a friend of his, and stay there, then come back a week later, and just went right back in the routine of the house, once in a while he would ask his mom or dad if they knew he was gone, and they always said no. He felt so unworthy to be alive until he hit 16 and he just left his 'home' and started to move around in the desert, finding and using everything he would ever need. He started to use the sand itself to create little personal homes for himself and then moving about the lands as he started to learn different and more effective ways to move the sand, by using a different stance. He started to compress the sand itself, trying to form what he had learned to be called glass, trying to be something that he could go back to his parents and rub in their faces for not giving him a second chance. Now that he was close to being 20, he had become very efficient with moving the sand and making it do anything he wanted, all he needed to do was think of it. He had fought a few people in the desert, who were better then him on bending the sand around them, but even he prevailed against them because he used their tactics against him.

Appearance: He stood a mere 5'9 and looked nothing like other Septur Kanaians. He wore a cloth that seemed big and heavy, yet it was light to him. Not an inch of skin could be seen on his body he had on a pair of leather shoes and a sword on his hip. He always wore the hood on his cloak like thing, to cut the sun from getting to him, and he used the sand to keep himself cool by recycling the sand he had against him, for fresh sand that was buried deep under all the sand on top.

Weakness: just like any other normal person, Pain. But he could take more then others because he could 'seperate' his mind from his body, and allow himself to endure alot more then he could if he didnt do that.

Abilities: the normal as any Septur Kana, thou he was probably more efficient at making it do whatever he wanted.
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Ignis Dominio

Ignis Dominio

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PostSubject: Re: Character sheet   Character sheet - Page 2 EmptyWed Feb 12, 2014 11:27 pm

Ignis Dominio

Previously Incendia Calx:
No longer aligned or affiliated

Occupation: Mercenary;/Dragon Disciple (Rider of Elder Dragon "Rhaz'naval")

Physical appearance:
    -----Ignis stands a lanky six feet, two inches tall; wider at the shoulders and chest, while thinner at the waist and hips. He maintains a muscular and toned build; though taller than some, and his skin is even paler than most of his kind. He is covered in long, burnt scars; reminiscent of blade wounds, but of a far more natural cause. His eyes are of two different colors; the right one a dark blue, and the left a pale green, while his left index finger is completely black and charred. He wears a suit of dragon-plate armor; each piece a gift from his master for progress towards his goal of attaining true understanding, and the red cape of leather-like scale is actually skin shed from the great beasts belly. Purposefully drenched in the blood of the beast to dye it the sanguine color. The armor was crafted by a master smith somewhere outside of the mountain range, and the cape/cloak was specially crafted for an outrageous price by a travelling merchant.

    -----Ignis has no weapon except his father's old sword, and still it retains the bloody imprint of those felled by it. Though he does not use the blade, it accompanies the suit of armor and the blood red cape well. Making Ignis appear more like a warrior or soldier than the monk-like man he is.

    -----This of course is his attire when approaching the holds of the world, or the inner sanctums of civilization. Where he is often tested by way of wits or wandering fools who beg for fights. While in the wilds; out upon his master's back, he wears a thin dragonscale armor underneath a cloak of black leather. With him there is no weapon but a thin wooden staff of fossilized wood, and his armor offers little protection lest it be against his own fire.

    -----Ignis; born to Caeris Dominio, and Aphris Dominio, raised as their son and only family within the confines of a vast volcanic network of tunnels, was but a young boy when his father died. When he too was suspected of death.

    -----While his father was away; in an attempt to rally his own control over the flame within, and tame a large black dragon near their home, Ignis followed suit, and was never heard from again. His father was never found; his body burnt to a crisp by the very fires he loved, as he slipped between the cracks in the large dragons lair, and fell to the molten earth below. Ignis however, survived the trek to the dragons keep; his own curiosity the very reason for his survival, and as he witnessed his fathers demise, he was suddenly found by the dragon his parent sought. A large black dragon with massive wings, and a single ruby colored gem upon its forehead. The massive creature saw Ignis as what he was; a child, and instead of leaving him to die, or barring his way out, the flame-bound beast slowly made way back to its hidden lair, and patiently waited for Ignis to follow.

    -----As the years passed; Ignis learning as any young man would about the dangers of his power, and the world he lived in, the dragon of sable taught him without so much as a word. He learned of the flames forceful nature; its unforgiving power, and its unrelenting consumption of what it could feed upon. He learned as the dragon flew; as it breathed its molten essence into the air, and with each passing day he came to understand it. He never tired of the dragons presence; never tried to tame his 'master', and in every waking hour of his life, he was tested.

    -----He was challenged by the dragon daily; fought for life against claw and tooth, and as he learned to press his physical limits forward, he too learned of what he could do with the flames nearby. At first; though beginning at a much later time than most of his kind, Ignis was able to pull a flame from nearby and increase its size but a fraction of an inch. He could barely sustain the flames life; trying with all his might to secure its perfect fuel source, and yet he would fail. Many many times. Before long though; watching and witnessing the grace of the dragon, He began to understand truly what it was to wield the flame, and manipulate it. He learned of its beauty in the night; of its dominance in the bowels of the planet, and as he grew physically, so too did his ability to hold the fire within him.

    -----He was scarred by the dragons talons; tears across his back and face leaving him disfigured, but he did not care. He knew that with each wound; each brush with death in the womb of fire, he grew closer to understanding. To knowing what it was to truly be strong. What it was to be alive, and feel the very pulse of his home within him. He fought through the struggles; breaking off scales from the dragons foreleg; freeing a talon from its clawed hand, and eventually giving the dragon no reason to challenge him, as the days passed over and over him. He could wield the fire fluidly; draw it from the grip of the earth nearby, and fuel it with the spinning winds ever-present there. He could pull a flame inward; focus its burn and increase its heat, while allowing it to feed more viciously on what ever fuel there was. He truly learned how to be as the flame; move with its grace and ferocity, as the dragon kept him on guard, and when the day came that he was awakened without the sound of growls and approaching fire, he knew he had been accepted. He had been tought. He had been made into a man.

    -----Years passed into decades; the boy no longer fearing the dragons attacks, and upon his twenty seventh birthday: Deep in the bowels of the dragons volcanic home, Ignis was given a simple gift. A gift long since forgotten and never thought to exist. His fathers helm of dragon scale, and his armor of black. The small representation of what had been; the knowledge of what growth had occurred, pushed Ignis from the depths of his secret home, and once more into the open airs beyond. He wore the armor with pride; the helm with dignity, and crafted his own cloak to match the heritage he had thought forgotten, as he stepped from the dragons den. He had learned many things over the years; collecting knowledge of the internal pressure of the earth; the searing heat of the magma, and the very air that the flames did feed upon. He had been shown over time just what was needed to master and control the flaring essence of fire, and even before he set foot out into the world beyond, he knew he was ready.

    -----He had been given what no others had before him; a true knowledge of the flame, from the perspective of one who lived within it, and walked upon it effortlessly. His skin had hardened to its heat; welcoming its caress, and his muscles had been filled with the very tension of the blaze beneath the ground. His eyes always give his inner fire away; seeming to dance and sway as he looked upon the lands, and below his garments, the heart of a dragon pounded out every second he was alive.

Further History (Beyond the time-jump)
    -----Having lived and communed with the Elder Black Dragon for such a time as to fully understand the great beast, Ignis grew comfortable with its ways and its inhuman intelligence. He grew envious and jealous of its power, but rather than seek its destruction, he sought its tutelage more and more. He learned all he could from the great creature, and every day spent in the dark depths of the volcanic abode was one where his curiosity would be sated and again rise up. He learned of man and beast, of the outside world, of the stars in the sky, and of all manner of things fiery and burning. He spent what seemed like a full month nonstop, laying in the pit of smoldering ashes, while the dragon slept, and in that time he waited patiently for the beast to but breath a single word to him. Becoming the only disciple of the dragon; of the dragons teachings and its ways, Ignis began feeling as though others would love the knowledge the creature held... but he would not stretch out the findings, and the lore that his master bestowed upon him: Not without permission, and not without proof that the chosen pupil was deserving.

    -----So, for what would have been a blink to the long-slumbering giant, Ignis scowered the lands and searched out any who might deserve the wisdom of the dark guardian of flame. He found prospects, many in fact, but as each stood before the mighty creature, their fear and their lust tore down their facades, and they were lost to the red-hot, boiling and tumultous sea of ever shifting magma deep within the lair. None survived, for none were worthy, and Ignis knew that somewhere out there another would prove deserving, but he had yet to find them. Yet to seek out their presence in the dwindling life stream of the planet.

    -----It would become his goal to find those worthy and bring them to the elder creature for inspection. He sought another student, another discible, another brother of the dragon's flame.

    -----Ignis is a master of the unconventional flames. He can throw fireballs; though any bender of flame can, but his attacks are far more curvaceous and circuitous. Often spinning outward, changing shape, and then rippling inward towards an enemy like a comet. He has learned much from his volcanic teacher and among them is the use of air-flow in manipulating fire. Created or natural... He has a high tolerance to pain and flame; having lived in the very belly of the earth for so long, and having been scarred so many times. His control over the air is more pronounced than most others of his kind; due to the knowledge and understanding of how the tunnels of magma work, and how his dragon 'master' could create such gouts of flame. Though not impressive in appearance, Ignis is capable of devastating attacks with fire and raw heat. Though he is at a complete loss when near no heat source; surrounded by unsufficient fuel for a fire, or when he is too cold.

    -----Training in the fires of the earth; with the truest master of flame itself, Ignis has come to master the ways of its movement, creation, and its destructive force. He can shift molten earth (Given that it doesnt weight too much and only during solo writing or in storylined fights), superheat the air(When a flame or fire is nearby), rapidly extinguish other fires (Not an attack from another fire clan member or wielder), draw inward the breath of a dragon (Pull in heated air and store it while properly mixing the fuel before his mouth), and when ready... He is capable of releasing a potent blast of fire from within his own lungs.

    -----Increasing his training over the last year, he has thus improved upon all forms of control and mastery, excluding his research into electricity, Ignis has grown accustomed to many facets of fire and its power, but has lost all compatability with the electrical current that once leaped from his body.

    -----His final ability; the one he claims to single-handedly hold due to his pain threshold and the teachings of his dragon master, is the art of 'bursting'. An ability to wrap his body in flames or heat; up to and exceeding the temperature a normal body would begin to melt away in (Thanks to his thick skin and his dragon armor). This allows for defensive and offensive maneuvers, but immediately stops him from being able to release any ranged attacks. He is completely vulnerable to anything capable of passing through the fire-shield; though he is not suddenly incapable of dodging or maneuvering, as he is unable to adjust or manipulate other flames/fire around him until the sheathe of heat is gone.... (Storylined or solo only)

    -----The next step for him; the next leap forward in ability, is one he is far more tediously seeking. The ability to create dragons breath. Not fake, not forged, not a look-a-like. The real thing... Something he believes is impossible at the moment, but never ceases to question his dragon master about.

    -----Having never ventured far from the humble cavernous abode he called home for so many years, Ignis knows nothing of politics, religion, trade, or the guiles and ways of men. He understands instinct, battle, and strategy beyond all other things, but has little knowledge of how to properly speak to those who whould seek him out. He is a lost cause to most; his appearance giving them the feeling of dread as they look upon him, and he is rarely seen without the accompanying shadow of his dragon master high above. This too... leads to very few ever trusting or speaking to him.

    -----His body, his breath, his thoughts. He utilizes every aspect of his form, his mind, and his breathing techniques while in combat, and they are the weapons he fights with. From fists drenched in liquid-like fire, to a searing fireball set free from his lungs, Ignis is gifted beyond words, but none know the true extent of his training to get there... OR the pain he has suffered to reach such a level. His master has seared him and made him a tool for the fire, and forever shall he walk that path.

((Giant Elder Black Dragon - Thats a weapon right? ))

    -----Beyond the borders of the normally travelled land. Deep within the confines of a long dormant and dark volcano. Hidden away beyond the reach and prying eyes of those who seek fortune and glory. The small cavern where Ignis lives, is connected via tunnel and flowing magma canal to various other locations, but the only point of entry into the system of maze-like tunnels is through the smoky and elevated opening in the mouth of the volcano itself. This leads him to stay away from home for extended periods of time unless his master is nearby and can lift him to the opening. Though the dragon does so without complaining, sometimes Ignis believes it a blight on the great beast and claims to one day carve out steps to the peak of the fuming mountain... but for that he would need more than a year, and more than himself.
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