This world is home to the six clans of Daratan: Hayvn, Septur Kana, Arcanthul Saravya, Siram, Zalaes, and Lucenoc.
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 Land of Hayvn

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PostSubject: Land of Hayvn    Land of Hayvn  EmptyMon Feb 10, 2014 1:48 am

A forest of black trees which are made of various metals, outside of one rare tree, which stands at the center of the village, and is made of silver. The trees’ limbs are spiked and can act on a threat, if they deem it so. Newer trees sprout from the bodies of the dead, taking their souls, which add to their personification. They can reason, think, and act. Moving is not likely, obviously. The silver tree produces acorns once every hundred years to be planted and only one will sprout into existence, so it is vital to plant all of the acorns. The forest is known as the Iron Oak Forest. The people that inhabit this area are truly one of a kind. They are Indian type, harnessing the power of the animals they kill by wearing their hides, but only by enchanting them first, which is a vigorous task. They travel to where the acorn of the Silver Oak has sprung up, so they could be considered nomadic. The people control the trees of the Forest. At birth they are infused with an animal’s blood, many of the people choosing wolfs blood. Then when they kill their first animal they are infused with its blood and are required to skin the animal and enchant the hide by themselves. If not, they are slaves to the people of the Forest and the Forests’ trees; however, not many of these are around. The people of Havyn get their power from the magic of living creatures, and their element can be categorized as spirit, itself. Because of this, their manipulation of the trees is held up by their pull over the spirits each tree contains. They are a relatively peaceful clan, however, with a more animalistic side to themselves that the other clans do not contain. The people of this clan have abilities over a broad spectrum of things, but the drawback to this is the fact their elemental control would be less than that of a clan with a more centralized ability (EG: Siram's water would overpower Havyn's).


The Shared- This is the wellspring of Hayvn's spirit power. The Shared is a plane of reality that they can access to use their magic and enchant the hides of animals. It also serves as a bond to everything in the Forest and to the people themselves. The Shared is deep, nearly infinite in its vastness. During the Beginning people had been able to traverse deep into the Shared, but now that ability has diminished to a select few and randomly-- So there can't be any alteration of an individual. It also helps regulate power within the clan.


The Forest of Silver Oaks- As described above, it serves as protection against invading peoples. There are trails that allow one to pass through the Forest without actually getting into the trees themselves, but if they posed a threat it matted not. Once in, they were in a fight for their life constantly, even if they don't know it. There is a gap between the Wilds and the Forest for if the Forest ever comes into contact with the Wilds' trees, they would become apart of the Forest and the Wilds would become apart of the Hayvn clan. The Gap is also dangerous for it harbors both creatures of the Forest and the Wilds. Goblins and hobgoblins, the occassional ogre, troll, and giant are also seen hanging around the Gap. They are killed on sight.


Creatures of the Forest- You have wolves, birds, rabbits, etc. Nothing is different except those animals are a little tougher, harder. Then you have the fantastic creatures; Goblins, trolls, ogres, and the various other things along those lines. There are certain spots scattered around the Forest that serve as a reservation for other animals; The occassional herd of unicorn, griffon's seeking to rest, along with chimera's and other beauitiful creatures. You also have the gangers. Beasts of hideous features. They are easily noticeable by the smell in the air. It lingers long after the beast is gone, so its hard to tell where such a creature may be. But the closer you are the lighter the smell. They hunt in packs up to twenty. This is because of their size. Their eyes glow like Elmo's fire and their fur is matted together with a waxy substance that is highly flammable if one hits the right spot. Spikes protrude from their backs, and each has fangs twelve inches long, claws the size of a mans forearm, but they are no bigger than wolves, perhaps smaller. These are the creatures to watch out for. Females are bigger, and the alpha male is bigger than the rest, but even then the females outmuscle them.


The Joining Ritual- This is the test of all Hayvns' people to undergo. None are excused from it. They must hunt out in the Forest and kill any animal they wish, but only one. They are given enough supplies to last for a week, if it takes any longer they are presumed dead, but parties will go looking for them. After this is done, they are to head into the Wilds for a period of time to make it back to camp. At this time they are blocked off from the Shared, but they can only bring forth their power. This stops them from cheating. They are dropped off at random points in the Wilds and must make it back to camp. Some have died, others have survived. But the real reason is not only that, but to see if they can survive the two brothers that live there (the brothers are apart of Hayvn, but due to some exceptions they are allowed to live there instead). They won't kill the person whom is testing if things go to far, but push them to the best of their abilities and beyond. IN turn the person Testing won't know what it is, but will have to fight it off(e.i. traps, attacks, etc.), along with the animals that live there. The brothers aren't allowed to help, but they can if they deem it necessary. If the Tester dies, then clan will know about it due to this, and no one gets worried about them abd goes off to hunt for the Tester. They are allowed a year in the Wilds for that is as much time as it should take to pass. If they pass then a ceremony will be held at the Silver Oak and their names shall Join the Seers in the Shared (Seers are a guardian angel of a sort).

Is it better to be loved than feared or feared than loved? It may be answered that one should wish to be both, but, because it is difficult to unite them in one person, it is much safer to be feared than loved.

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Land of Hayvn
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