This world is home to the six clans of Daratan: Hayvn, Septur Kana, Arcanthul Saravya, Siram, Zalaes, and Lucenoc.
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 Map of Acanthul Saravya

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Shurik Sidorov

Shurik Sidorov

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PostSubject: Map of Acanthul Saravya   Sun Jan 15, 2012 2:18 am

1: The Royal Grounds
2: The Library
3: Door To Necropolis
4: Fort Fall and the Underwater Pods
5: The Noble Housing District
6: The Common Housing District
7: The Middle Class Housing District
8: The Animal Pens
9: Fort Arcanthul
10: The Outpost, Main Gate, Door To The Caverns
11: The Market District
12: The Trading Roads

Answer our call in desperate hours, Shelter our fall from earthly powers. Temper our souls with flame and furnace, Bear us toward a noble purpose. Heaven hides nothing in its measure, Mortal men blinded by false treasure. Formless and vanquished we shall travel, Shield and sword will guide our battle!

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Map of Acanthul Saravya
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